Senna Cosmetics Review, FOTD & Video

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Lip Laquers

Sparkling Lip Laquer
Shade: Rock Candy (mega-sparkling pink)
Sparkling light reflective pigments make lips look extra full and sugar coated

Sparkling Lip Laquer
Shade: Bling Bling (golden)
Sparkling light reflective pigments make lips look extra full and sugar coated

Pearl Glow Lip Laquer
Shade: Zest (opalescent peachy pink)
Pearly metallics give lips a mega-watt dreamy glow

Pearl Glow Lip Laquer
Shade: Sunkiss (peachy rose)
Pearly metallics give lips a mega-watt dreamy glow

Sparkling Lip Laquer
Shade: Lush (gold flecked berry)
Sparkling light reflective pigments make lips look extra full and sugar coated


Sheer Lipstick SPF 15
Shade: Glint Sheer (warm pink)
Sheer, ultra-glistening colors are fresh and lively while conditioning lips and hydrating with Jojoba and Avocado. SPF 15 protects from damaging UV rays.

Sheer Lipstick SPF 15
Shade: Passion Flower (candy coated coral pink)
Sheer, ultra-glistening colors are fresh and lively while conditioning lips and hydrating with Jojoba and Avocado. SPF 15 protects from damaging UV rays.

Cream Glow Lipstick
Shade: Venus (metallic champagne)
Powerfully pigmented colors with vibrant pearl, metallic or bio-reflective finishes give lips a moist, sumptuous three-dimensional glow.

Shade: A La Mode
(lipstick: glowing soft rose peach)
(gloss: sparkling peach)
Polishing, Plumping, Playing
A true lip-loving dream team. Long-lasting, delicious biscotti flavored and moisturizing lipstick and a complementary lipgloss in one elegant package. You’ll be plumping your pout too with collagen stimulating Maxi-Lip®. It’s not only that you have three different looks to play with, you’re going to save so much grief not having to dig for that lipgloss! Paraben-free.

top: lipstick
bottom: gloss

Lip Liner
Shade: Purr (neutral rose pink)
Give your lips long lasting definition and add staying power and fullness to lip colors by lining and filling lips in with Lip Liner. A truly superb texture gives the right balance of softness for easy application and firmness for precise definition and bleed / smudge resistance. Mineral-oil free formula.

Totally Transforming Eye Shadow Primer
This amazing anti-aging smoother is a must for anyone over 30!
This anti-aging neutral cream eye shadow primer contains a potent vegetable ogliopeptide from natural hibiscus that functions in much the same way that Botox injections do, but without the pain and loss of facial expression!

Helps firm and smooth the eyelid while minimizing lines and wrinkles.
Helps cover discolorations such as redness, darkness, or irregular pigmentation.
Prepares the eyes for eye shadow application.
Eye colors look richer and more true, and they last longer.

To Use: Apply after eye cream and before eye color. Smooth over the entire eyelid. May be used under and around the eyes also, but use sparingly.

Under Eye Cream Concealer
Shade: Cameo (light peach)
Makes you look bright and rested
Dark shadows under the eyes need a concealer that is peach toned to counteract natural gray and blue in the skin tone. This creamy textured moisturizing formula is superb for the delicate under eye area, especially on normal to dry and mature skin. Gives full coverage and a fresh, rested look.Apply with Concealer 12 Brush orHi-Lite 13 Brush.


• Cameo Concealer
This works on light to medium skin tones and conceals even the most difficult gray/blue shadows by neutralizing the darkness. Apply only to dark areas, then use highlighter in other areas. Set with light powder.

Love this concealer!
Great coverage!!

Totally Transforming Concealer
Shade: Warm Light
(peach undertone for light to medium skin tones)
This will transform your face
So silky and light textured yet it covers dark under eye circles, blemishes and redness like nothing else. It fills and lifts to help visibly diminish forehead furrows, nose to mouth folds, and age signs near mouth and chin. Non-budge, crease-proof formula contains an exclusive botanical extract that soothes skin and helps reduce puffiness. Creates a beautifully smooth finish. Use wand to apply and then blend with fingertips or brush. Finish with foundation.

In all honest, I wasn't too fond of this concealer.
It didn't have the coverage I needed.
I definitely prefer to under eye cream concealer in cameo!

Cream to Powder Foundation Duo
Shade: Medium Duo (neutral warm)
Gives you beautiful coverage that lasts
‘Slipcover’ applies as a cream for perfectly smooth finish, and then sets to a soft powder for all day durability. The oil-free formula works for all skin types and the two shades let you customize the color to match your skin tone. Works especially well on mature and dry skin. Apply with the Senna Foundation Brush 20 for a flawless finish. Touch-up sponge included in mirrored compact.

I am iffy on this product.
I used my fingers to blend it onto my skin.
Maybe I'll try a brush next time.

Mineral Mix Pressed Foundation
Shade: Medium
(golden beige for neutral medium skin tones)
Get flawless skin
Best seller Mineral Mix Cover & Finish is now in a travel friendly pressed formula for flawless glamour anywhere. Covers everything, minimizes wrinkles and gives that age-defying glow. Soft puff included makes for smooth, quick application and is hygienically stored below.

Glisten Shimmering Powder
Shade: Glisten Beach
(shimmering medium bronze)
Gives the ‘nude look’ invisible polish
This sheer, softly sparkling face powder is so lightweight you won’t know you have it on except that your skin looks so good. It’s the powder of choice for naturalists. Wear Glisten Nude instead of foundation for a seamless, flawless finish on any skin color. Wear Glisten tints over makeup for a subtle radiant glow.

This is my favorite bronzer at the moment!!
Sooo pretty :)

Cheeky Blush
Shade: Geranium (fresh coral pink)
If powders act dry and creams too short-lived, you’ll love this combination blush. You’ll have the lively glow of a cream with the lasting power of a powder. Dab it on and forget it all day.

I love this blush!
It's like NARS Orgasm in a cream formula.

Blush & Bronze Duo
Year round bronzer and blush duo
A radiant sheer rose blush combines with a sheer mineral bronzer for a year round healthy glow. Sheer formulas let your skin glow through for a natural look. Apply bronzer with Deluxe Powder 610 Brush focusing on top of forehead, cheeks, chin and nose where the sun would kiss your face. Layer blush over apple of cheeks.

Silky Primer
Under Makeup Smoothing Serum
This silky, sheer, oil free formula makes your skin smooth like a baby’s so liquids, creams, and even powder foundations slip on and blend easily. While antioxidants and vitamins treat your skin, this magic tool diminishes imperfections and helps fill in lines and wrinkles. Helps stop ‘disappearing makeup’ syndrome and saves you many touch-up trips.

Lash Fortifier X
Instantly pumps up lash thickness
Lash Fortifier X is the lash primer must-have. Wear under your mascara to instantly double lash thickness and make lashes shiny, full and voluptuous. Natural Glycerin hydrates and Vitamins A, C and Green Tea Extract nourish and protect from breakage.

Brow Fix 'X'
Shade: Golden Brown
X-rated brows can be yours too
This brow gel plumps up brow hairs with a hint of invisible fiber for the thickest looking and ‘fixed-est’ brows ever. Apply after pencil or powder color to lock in color and shape. Use alone on brows to keep unruly hairs at bay and give a polished, full look.

Lash TLC
Thicken, Lengthen & Curl
Everything you want in a mascara, without the clumps and globs. This light-textured formula feels and looks natural because it separates each lash. Vitamin E and Panthenol pamper and strengthen lashes too. Water-resistant and smudgeproof.
Try it yourself and see the difference!

Mineral Eyes Shadow Trio
Shade: Cocoa Nudes
Three perfect gems
Mineral formulas have a real 3D effect and such silky texture. These sumptuous metallic and softly matte colors give a hypnotic jeweled or muted, polished finish and amazing dimension. Highlight, contour and line in one easy compact. Healthy mineral formulas are paraben-free.

Spot Lites Highlight Pencil
Double ended highlighter
A soft pearly champagne and pearly pinked cream brightens eyes, cheekbones, upper lip, brow bone and eyelids.

Concealer 12 Brush
Synthetic hair for the firmness you need to lay concealer over flaws, blemishes, and dark under-eye circles. Pinpoints dark areas and is more precise for covering deep shadows

Airbrush Face 25
Softly shagged brush is ultra soft for swirling in powders and blending color over the face

Senna Cosmetics Summertime Look

Lipsync in A La Mode

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