Pet Head Review

Pet Head™ by Bed Head®, a new line of grooming products, apparel and accessories licensed to Skaffles LLC, is now available for cool dogs! The edgy fashion forward line will perfect every doggie’s ‘do and style! Man’s best friend will be living the lifestyle of the leashed and famous in no time!

Pet Head’s line of grooming products includes shampoos, crème rinses and sprays that suite every type of furry situation. Whether it’s a stinky mutt who needs “Dirty Talk” shampoo or a purebred you want to indulge with “So Spoiled” conditioning crème rinse, Pet Head will have them smellin’ and lookin’ fabulous!

Once you’ve perfected your pet’s furry do, Pet Head completes the total look with four rockin’ collections of K-9 clothing, trendy accessories, fun toys and fashionable carriers. The “City Soul,” “Punk Princess,” “Biker” and “Grungy Pop” collections will have your four-legged friend stylin’ from head to paws!

Dirty Talk- deodorizing shampoo to make mutts smell sweet

I used this shampoo on Bubba the other day, OMG it's the best smelling pet shampoo I have ever used on my dogs!!

Dolce modeling for PetHead!!

Undercoat Rake
this seriously get outs all of the matting and knots!!

Bubba loves it!
Look at him, he's in awe!!

Click HERE to find out where to buy PetHead!


KillaCamilla said...

your dog is toooo cute! what a pampered pooch.

xLovelyMakeupx said...

this is awesome, i have seen them at petsmart but havent tried it yet, i think i will now. uber cute post. feel free to check me out

Doma-Nikki said...

Hahaa this is cool!! Your dog is so cute too x

LipGlossGossip said...

Aww your dog is so cute! I've seen this at the pet store. I'll give this a try when we run out of the one we just bought. :-)

lindah said...

aww... so cute! I want to get some for jack because he LOVES to shower! haha, but he hates getting combed... STUPID DOG! :D

Anonymous said...

please check out my jewelry

much love !!!!! <3

wuzzyangel said...

Awww Dolce & Bubba!! I love those smelly sprays for dogs. You know the ones you spray on them after they bathe? They Pina Colada one smells good! :)

Bubba reminds me of our Brian, but waaaaay skinnier! :)