New Banner + YSL Rouge Volupte #1

Hey look at my new banner!!
I love it sooo much!
The sweet Catherine did this for me.
If you want her to create one for you too, just shoot her an email:
Also, Catherine wanted me to post these links for anyone who is interested:

I'm in love with YSL's Rouge Volupte!
Well, who isn't?!
This is my second one that I now own.
#1 Nude Beige (creamy neutral beige)

It's just a gorgeous, everyday shade!


Unknown said...

man, this lippie is just too pretty from its packaging to its color.

I love the new banner whit!! You look so pretty.

Sara (The Makeup Snob.com) said...

These are my favorite lippies and your banner is fab ulous!!

izumi said...

gorgeous banner :D man i hope to be baller enough one day to afford a YSL lipstick!

lindah said...

your banner looks really good :D I need to make one for myself but I'm too lazy.. lol :) and I'm thinking about ordering some ysl off of this website but I'm not sure if I'll put them to use to I'm on the fence right now XD

Vanessa M. said...


wuzzyangel said...

Sweet new banner Whit! :) She did an awesome job!

And the YSL packaging is soo cute!! And that IS a perfect everyday lip color!

Tina A. said...

The new banner is lovely! :)