Neoderma Review

The Essence of Natural Beauty
Plants and herbs have extraordinary beautifying properties and have been empirically utilized to treat mankind for thousands of years. At the advanced Neoderma Research Laboratories we select the finest and most effective herbal extracts to formulate exceptional beauty products, unifying the highest scientific practices along with traditional knowledge.
As the skin is fragile and sensitive, disclosing our inner beauty, our philosophy is to care for it with natural, skin-friendly products. Therefore it is a primary concern for us to introduce safe, pure beauty products. Neoderma is free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), mineral oil and parabens. Animal testing free.
We firmly believe that the best place to treat your skin is the beauty salon. The trained, experienced beauty specialist will take time to diagnose your skin and suggest the best treatment and products based on the nature of your skin, your personal sensitivities and beauty objectives.
Accordingly, Neoderma is first and foremost a Professional brand. It is based on a series of exclusive salon treatments, for the face and body. These treatments are supported by a full range of retail products for at-home, after treatment use.

Intensive Matifying Serum
oily & combination skin
An intensive treatment serum enriched with plant extracts. Acts intensively on the causes of skin imbalance, bacteria, oiliness, free radicals, spots and comedos.
Reduce and balance sebum production
Minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections
Keep skin clear and matt
Directions of Use:
Use as an intensive treatment or regularly throughout the year. Apply morning and evening prior to your cream

This product is truly amazing.
It reallllllly DOES mattify my skin and my pores appear smaller!

Silky Eye Mask
Moisurizing- Smoothing- Relaxing
A silky gel type mask formulated for the delicate eye contour.
Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates and relaxes signs of fatigue.
Moisturize the delicate eye contour
Eliminate signs of fatigue
Relax and decongest the eyes
Soothe and refresh
Directions of Use:
After removing make-up, apply a thin layer to the eye contour area. Leave for 10 minutes and remove with damp cotton pads. Use twice a week.

Clear Solution Perfecting Topical Gel
all skin types
A strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial serum for use locally on acne and pustules. It's anti-bacterial complex has a triple action: drying, healing, soothing. It acts directly on imperfections and has an instant action to help control bacteria growth.
Control bacteria growth and inflammation
Eliminates impurities and purify the skin
Soothe and dry imperfections
Directions of Use:
Use locally after cleansing the skin as and when required on pimples and pustules.

Blue Blood Gel
Cellular Treatment
all skin types
This unique cellular treatment, improves cell metabolism, activates collagen and elastin synthesis and prevents premature skin ageing. Applied prior to other skin care products, it intensifies the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.
Increase cell renewal and regeneration
Soothe feelings of irritation and discomfort
Revitalize the skin
Protect against free radical damage
Relieve unpleasant effects of sunburn
Directions of Use:
Ideal for face, eyes, neck and body. Apply morning and evening by itself or prior to your cream. Provides efficient treatment after sunburn and irritation.

Blue Blood Sun Cream Beige
SPF 30
all skin types
A strong, protective tinted sun cream enriched with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active ingredients that soothe and protect the skin against environmental aggressions. Available in 4 colours (white, neutral, beige and dark).
Protect the skin against environmental aggressions
Protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays
Moisturize and soothe the skin
Directions of Use:
Apply to face half an hour before exposure to the sun. Reapply every four hours.

In this picture below, it looks thick but it's the most lightweight sun cream I have ever used.
This product reminds me so much of Korean BB Creams.
Except it's much lighter and has a sheer coverage.
See how sheer it is?

Rebalancing Matifying Cream Mask
oily & combination skin
This creamy mask has been specifically formulated with natural clay and plant extracts to absorb and eliminate excess secretions. Minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections, leaving the skin soothed and soft.
Reduce sebum production
Absorb and eliminate excess secretions
Minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections
Soothe and soften the skin
Directions of Use:
Apply to face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Use twice a week.

I love this mask!
It definitely helps to mattify over time, because it reduces the sebum production in the skin.

Clear Solution Purifying Mask
oily & problem skin
A soft clay mask with purifying properties, which deeply cleanses the skin and absorbs excess sebum leaving the complexion instantly radiant and healthy.
Eliminate impurities and reduce excess sebum production
Minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections
Refresh and purify the skin
Calm and soothe skin's irritation
Preserve the skin's moisture level
Directions of Use:
Apply to face and neck avoiding the eye contour area. Leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Use twice a week.

Neo-White Brightening Mask
all skin types
Enhances the brightness and appearance of the complexion, reduces skin pigmentation marks and age spots. Helps lighten the skin tone, reduces inflammation, calms and soothes the skin. With regular use the skin glows, is lighter and looks more radiant.
Cleanse the skin
Reduce skin pigmentation marks
Lighten the skin
Restore skin radiance
Directions of Use:
Apply to face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Use twice a week.

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lindah said...

hmm.. how do you even find the price for this?!?! lol, I went to the website and I don't even know where to start to look into ordering o_O!!! haha, oh well :P Sounds like a nice product though. Reminds me of "neosporin" and "mederma" when I think of the name XD

wuzzyangel said...

Blue Blood?! What a name! :)