My (first) Pretty Pink Box!

I finally got my first pretty pink box!
Wuz's reviews have finally persuaded me to try one out!

What is my pretty pink box?

My Pretty Pink Box is a pretty, little box filled with beauty samples! This gives shoppers a chance to try girly products from a number of wonderful companies.Enjoy samples, products, and special discounts from our awesome retailers and e-tailers! Each box contains handpicked beauty items from both up & coming and well known brands. Plus, it is a great way to spoil yourself rotten - Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Not only will you receive great samples, but we are determined to provide at least 1 to 2 full size products each month. Nothing is better than full size products at sample pricing!

My Pretty Pink Box varies in pricing from month to month, and will be announced a few days before each release. Why does it vary? Because monthly contents vary. Each month, different retailers will contribute to the box causing the flux in pricing. It's not fair to charge you the same price per month when the contents of one box can be greater than the contents of another. We want you to be happy and will charge accordingly.

Click HERE to order for September!!

Organic Apoteke Samples

Sekkisei Samples

Appellation Samples

Skin Free Body Butter

Mineralicious "amethyst" sample

Revlon Nails!

Adorned With Grace Minerals Samples!!

You Lips But Better Lip Balm


♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I can't believe that's your 1st BOX!!!! I'm patiently waiting for my September box to arrive!!!

Jem said...

how cool!

what's great about MPPB is that the contents are a surprise.
its great for those who love surprises!

i don't think linda is accepting international orders though
sad for me

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

you got great stuff in there!

wuzzyangel said...


I think it's known how much I LOVE MPPB!! So I'm soo excited when others order for the first time!! Isn't the coolest?! Samples of skincare, makeup, Bath & Body, and even coupons!! I love it so!!

Whit you got a great box!! I hope you liked it! :)

Jasmin said...

Awesome!!! I need my fix! haha. Haven't tried it yet.

lindah said...

Never bought a box before! I just think it's a good deal, but I don't think it's for me :) *totally gonna get jumped by bloggers* hahaha xD