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Brow Beauty Brow Kit

Enhance and emphasize your eyes with this three-step brow kit from Mally Beauty.

The double-ended brow pencil shapes and shades brows with one end and adds color with the other.

Highlight the results with the light-infused brow gel, which brightens the eye area.

Available in: Blonde includes taupe and brown shades. Brunette features medium brown hues. Sable offers deep black and brown colors.


Did you know that, for most women, the eyebrows are the most neglected aspect of their makeup routine?

But the thing is, gorgeous brows can literally make your entire face. In fact, well shaped brows are one of the most powerful beauty weapons around – they frame the face, add character – even make us look younger!!! So why is it that so many of us leave the house everyday with an incomplete look? I mean, you wouldn’t just charge off to work in your bra and pants, without your blouse!

But, I get it. Eyebrows aren’t necessarily the most fun…

Like most girls, I’ve really been through it with my brows – I’ve had every shape, color, and texture imaginable. I even went thought a…regrettable, you could say, stage where I would shave them off totally so that I could draw then where I thought that they should go! And I know a lot of you out there have done the same…if I had a dime for every “over-plucking” story I’ve heard, I’d be sharing these with you from my island in the Pacific!

So it’s obvious that most women could use some help in this area. That’s why I’ve put together all you need for the perfect brow! You get: a double ended brow pencil (One end is used for the precision work and the other used to fill in where you need it.) And an amazing brow gel that holds those brows and (here’s the trick!) has tiny little light reflecting particles that help those brows appear fuller, lighter, and overall just more gorgeous!!! Finally, you get my custom designed brush comb, which is also great for lashes.

Here’s how it works: first, use the brush comb to smooth your brows and see where they need “help”. Then, take the Define end of your pencil. Use that hard point to draw in brow hairs, lengthen your brow, anywhere you need to simulate some growth with a precise line.

Next, take the Softcolor end and use that silky formula to fill in anywhere that looks sparse. Remember, keep your brows as soft and natural as you can…that keeps us looking fresh and young.

Finally, take your Brow Beauty Gel and lock those babies right into place for all day hold!!! And brush them up, my Loves!!! Instant eye lift!!

So, don’t forget to give those brows the love they deserve. I promise, you’ll be glad you did. It may not be as dramatic as leaving your house without your top, but they certainly so complete your look and help to make you even more beautiful that you already are!!!

This is the perfect brow kit for traveling!!
Love the metallic pink packaging!

Brow Beauty Brow Gel
Shade: Clearly Gold
You can purchase this separately HERE for $20.

Add a pretty golden highlight to the brows!
I love this brow gel.

Brow Beauty Brow Pencil
Shade: Blonde
you can buy this separately HERE for $15.

I love the double ended brow brush this kit comes with!
This side is my favorite, I've been using it after I apply mascara (to comb through the clumps).

Ultimate Performance Professional Foundation
Ultimate Performance is the professional quality foundation that delivers lasting, perfect coverage that looks natural and real. This luxurious cream foundation smooths on for poreless, satiny coverage, that still looks like your skin. Never masky, it conceals fine lines, evens skintone and wears and wears. It has just the right texture and finish to help you give the ultimate performance. . . Yourself! Comes with a unique, hand-tufted foundation brush that melts the product into skin beautifully.
Before I made this, it literally took me several (okay, eight... yes, EIGHT!) products that I had to mix together to get the results that I wanted. I wanted glowy, dewy skin but not shiny. I wanted poreless, porcelain finish but not doll-like. I wanted full coverage but not TOO full; still need to see the skin! I wanted it to be long lasting but never cakey or artificial looking and certainly not falling into fine lines and wrinkles. I wanted the Ultimate Performance. This was after all what my A-List clientele demand and expect from me! Well, I made it and now all of those products are in one sexy compact! The secret is also in the application. The brush that I made for you is unlike any other foundation brush that you have ever tried.
This is how you do it:
-Take that professional brush and swirl it into the creme foundation
-Softly begin to buff that creme into your skin in a circular motion.
-What you will see emerge before you is just perfection!!!
You will see photoshopped skin that will make you look like you just stepped off the cover of a magazine... smooth, poreless, satiny coverage but still your skin!
So go on, get ready for your close up...
with my Ultimate Performance professional foundation, Honey, you are READY!!!

Look at that pretty sheen!

Bronze Genius
Self-Tanning Bronzer Powder
$45 (comes with a brush)

My Mother, Pilar, had the most gorgeous skin tone. Beautiful, caramel, even, glowing. I am proud to say that I got many of her traits, but her skin tone was not one of them. I am a bit more pale…a little more, well, green. As you can see, I am a huge fan of warming my skin with self tanner, so I can look more like Pilar! Let’s be honest though, as much as I need to self tan and I do it religiously, it can be a bit of a pain in the butt. I needed to create something a little easier for my crazy lifestyle. Introducing Bronze Genius Self Tanning Bronzing Powder! This is truly a state of the art amazing product to gradually give you a warm “tan” just by applying this powder bronzer! Just apply it as you would your typical powder bronzer, but the difference is that you are actually being self tanned in the process!

This is the perfect double action solution to healthy, glowing skin. The smooth, beautiful bronzing powder gives a healthy glow instantly as you apply, bringing the healthy, natural looking tan you always wanted. This powder has a brilliant secret, though, as self-tanning ingredients gradually build a lasting glow as you use the product day in and day out. Available in two shades, Tan (light-medium) and Bronze (medium to deep).

What’s the best way to apply? The most natural looking way is to actually begin on the jaw line, just behind your ear. Gently smooth and swirl that gorgeous product all the way across your jaw line and all around the perimeter of the face. Don’t forget your hairline, your temples and even the hallow of your cheeks. Then you can do a light dusting across the forehead, nose, and chin. This will give you a natural glow…and the more you do it, the deeper tan you get!!! Pure Genius!!!

This is a great bronzer for medium-to-dark skintones.
It has a high pigmentation payoff!
I have to apply it lightly with a fan brush, and it is very natural looking!
This is matte, with no shimmer.

Pro Natural Lip & Cheek Rouge
Shade: Peach

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Mally Beauty Pro Natural Lip & Cheek Rouge is a naturally based formula that provides the perfectly matched shade for lips and cheeks. The natural ingredients give three perfect shades (Berry, Peach and Pink) all give a soft natural look that matches nature’s flush, while Shea butter, jojoba and natural waxes are good to skin. Finish it off wit a soft hint of lavender and you have a multi-purpose product.

All natural good for you ingredients BUT also makeup that lasts, stays where you put it, and looks like a dream come true... feels great, smells like Heaven, performs better than anything! Feel free to put it anywhere you like... anywhere you want to look healthy and glowy! Just tap your finger or a brush into the product and softly blend it on your cheeks, lips, wherever! Naturally Fierce!

Love how creamy and smooth this is!
I absolutely LOVE cream blushers, and this one is truly awesome!
It's the perfect peachy shade- great for summer.

Evercolor Shadow Stick
Shade: Bronze
Evercolor shadow stick is the perfect solution for a quick, long wearing eye that looks incredible all day. It won’t come off until you take it off! You can use it to line and define or create a quick smokey eye. The creamy texture helps to smooth out fine lines. You have complete control with this easy to use stick, so have fun and experiment! Once your beautiful eye look is complete you can be sure it will stay fresh all day long!
What Mally Says;
Evercolor Shadow Sticks are so special because not only do they define your gorgeous eyes like a liner, soften your eyes like a beautiful shadow, but last all day, even in the rain! They won't smudge, won't crease, and they stand up ti the worst! They keep your eyes looking fresh, like you just finished making them gorgeous. It's sort of like a one-step smokey eye. It's creamy texture blurs the tiny fine lines on the lid or under the eyes, so it's great for days when you are not feeling so fresh (like for me, every day lately!) And, it couldn't be any easier: Basically, all you have to do is line your eyes. Next, fill in your lid. Finally, smudge with a brush or your finger. That's it! Now of course, because you have the control and precision of a "liner" you are free to design any look that you want. Try a fun thing and just concentrate on the outer "v" of your eye and blend out. Sexy!!! Just remember, little things can make a big difference. A swipe of a liner with a little smudge can make a good day a great day... just take a second because you deserve it!

Facets Gemlight Lipgloss
Shade: Garnet
Facets Gemlight Lipgloss is the perfect way to highlight lips and indulge in an irresistible shimmer. Three gorgeous shade choices bring the rich, multi-faceted shine of a gemstone to lips, all in a base that feels great, as it moisturizes and refreshes lips. A precise brush applicator gives professional application, available in Garnet (rich ruby tone), Citrine (a shimmering gold) and Pink Sapphire (a sophisticated shimmer pink).
What Mally Says:
Anyone who knows me knows that one of my biggest weakness is lipgloss! Nothing can transform a look, a mood, a feeling faster than a swipe of a super shiny gloss. I work with many celebrities and the best part of our makeup regime is when we finish off with that final brush of gloss. I wanted to create a gloss for you that truly made you feel like the star that you are. I always like to say that women are like diamonds, we have so many facets, so many sides. This lip gloss represents all the different layers and facets that we have and it gives you the ULTIMATE in shine to boot. Also, I felt very strongly about giving you a professional tool to apply it with right in the tube. With this brush you are able to get a super thin line to define as well as a lot of product when you need to lay the gloss over a large area of the lip. A beautiful super shiny celebrity gloss and the perfect tool to apply. . . only the best for you!

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