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Jewelry Boutique

Sandra's Shop Announcement:
Hi, welcome to my glamorous girl website! Have you ever seen beautiful gemstones in a jewelry store and thought they were out of reach to purchase because of the price? Well, they are for most people because jewelry stores have a 300% mark up. You can eliminate high priced gemstones and jewelry stores who charge those prices to pay the rent and staff. The majority of my items are one of a kind designs that only you will have. I have always loved real gemstones and is so much fun to personally shop for and design unique one of a kind pieces for women and men. (check out my Greek pendants for men). I'm also having fun with glass tile pendants. Do you have something or someone special you'd like on the pendant? Just let me know. Life is stressful and jewelry makes us feel great. I always add a little sparkle to make you feel special and glamorous. My jewelery is for you if you like to stand out and get noticed. My goal is to design boutique quality items that are affordably priced. Your satisfaction is my goal and I'll work hard to make you happy. Every item comes in a gift box or pretty organza bag. Happy shopping and I hope you find something that fits you and your personality perfectly! Visit me on my blog at http://sggjewelryboutique.blogspot.com/

Sandra's Glitz 'n Glamour Jewelry Boutique

I really like this necklace- it's so elegant!!

OMG I flipped out when I saw these, because those who read my blog know how much I love my dogs!
Click HERE to buy your customized pet photo pendent!!

Dolce Pendent!

Bubba Pendent!
(this is my mum's b-day gift)


wuzzyangel said...

I was all like wow her tins look like Bubba & Dolche! LOL! Great pieces!! ANd what a great personalized gift!!

Liza! said...

Lovely and quirky pieces. :-)

lindah said...

aww, the doggies are so cute :D I think Jack would get along great with them because they're white FLUFFY dogs! ^_^ haha, he doesn't like regular dogs for some reason.. haha