Erno Laszlo Transphuse Lip Phixative

TranspHuse Lip pHixative
Lip plumper for all skin types
This treatment softens fine lip lines with dermaxyl peptide complex and plumps your pout with marine filling spheres. Optical diffusers create a smooth look.
Apply one or twice a day to lip area. Let dry before applying lip color.

This is my first time trying a lip plumper with a roller-ball applicator.
The formula is amazing! I really love it...
I'm just not so sure about the applicator.
But the nice part about this applicator, is that the product doesn't seep through and get all messy.


wuzzyangel said...

I should prob use a lip plumper cuz of my skinny lips.. but some are TOO "tingly" for me! LOL!

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i really dont like how plumpers make ur lips burn plus thank god and my daddy i dont need to use them. so just imagine what my lips looked like when i did plump lol