CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver review & GIVEAWAY!!!

CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver
I absolutely LOVE this waver iron!!!
It kinda gives me those sexy, beach-hair waves!
The CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Waver lets you crimp, wave and curl with a three barrel design that gives you precise control over smooth, sensual waves. With digital temperature management, auto-shutoff and a comfortable spring grip, the CHI Waver gives you a world of styling possibilities - in the salon or at home!
  • Ceramic coated barrels and plates condition hair while styling, preserving natural moisture and retaining styles all day
  • Unique three barrel design offers ultimate control over crimps, waves and curls
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
  • Digital Temperature precision - digital display can be set to ºF or ºC!
  • Flash quick heats up to a range from 176ºF to 392ºF
  • Auto Shut-off feature for ultimate safety
  • Professional Swivel Cord

The Aftermath:

Want to win one???
Visit Misikko.com, & in the comments give me the following information:
1. What is the percentage that you save when purchasing the Chi Auto Digital Ceramic Waver from Misikko.com?
2. What is your full name and email address?
3. What would you like me to review next from Misikko.com?
4. If you win, will you do a review, along with photos of your hair after using the Chi Auto Digital Ceramic Waver?
5. POST AN ENTRY OF THIS GIVEAWAY and send me the link (those who do not post, will be disqualified)
6. Are you a Follower of my blog?
7. Are you subscribed to my email feed/RSS?
8. Did you vote for my video HERE (you must vote by leaving 5 stars and a comment)?

That's it!!
The contest ends on September 31st!
I will email the winner and Misikko.com will be sending you the Chi Auto Digital Ceramic Waver!!
Good Luck!!


Kiki Xiong said...

1.) 40%
2.) Kiki Xiong - kikixi0ng@hotmail.com
3.) Farouk CHI 2-in-1 Ceramic Digital Curling & Flat Iron
4.) YES.
5.) http://kikixiongyang.blogspot.com/2009/08/win-chi-auto-digital-cermaic-waver.html
6.) Yes
7.) Yes
8.) Yes.

lindah said...

wow great giveaway :) But I don't know how to use one of these so I can't enter xD haha I have one similar but I never understood how you use it o_O?? I wish you were giving away a straightener because my mother's straightener BROKE after 4 long years lol :)

wuzzyangel said...

Wow Whit your beachy waves look great!! And loving the matching FOTD & outfit! :)

What a generous giveaway!! :) I'll come back and do a formal entry later!! And I already gave your vid 5 stars! LOL! It's a great vid sooo funny!

Niika said...

1) 40% saving

2)Janika Sealey- face(dot)graffiti(at)yahoo(dot)com

3)The RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner

4)Yes I would

5) http://vida-dolce.blogspot.com/2009/09/whitz-world-of-makeup-beauty-chi-waver.html

6)Yes I am a follower of your blog


8)Yes (youtube name xotiik20)

YingX said...

1. 40%
2. Ying Xiong
3. Forauk CHI Volumizer Iron 3/4'
4. Yes, Definately
5. http://yixng.blogspot.com/2009/09/whitz-giveaway.html
6. Been following
7. Yes
8. 5 Stars and comment. YT user:Walkingtoclass

Robby Raynebow said...

1. 40%
2. Robby Boyler

3. I'd love a review of the GHD Flat Iron.
4. Of course I will!
5. http://raynebow-d.blogspot.com/2009/09/contest-over-whitzmakeuptipz.html
6. Yes
7. Yes
8. Yes

Unknown said...

1. 40%
2. Eve Damps shopgurl101@gmail.com
3. Farouk CHI Mini Pro Hair Dryer
4. Yes, I always wanted to do a review on my blog. I would love to!
5. http://sweetqt.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/win-the-chi-auto-digital-ceramic-waver/
6. I have been following for a long time
7. Yes
8. I gave you 5 Stars and commented. YT user: schail

Hacer Sayıner said...

1. 40%
2.Hacer Demir - makyajgunlugu@gmail.com
3.CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron 1"
4.Yes I would, for sure

Gabriela said...
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Jenny del Castillo said...

1. You save 40%!
2. Jennifer del Castillo; jennydelcastillo@gmail.com
3. BioSilk Silk Therapy
4. Of course! I would do a review about it in my blog and my YouTube channel and also saying where I get it and from who!
5. Here is my post to your contest: http://maquillajeyotrascosas.blogspot.com/2009/09/mas-concursos.html it´s in spanish but you can translate it to english at the bottom toolbar.
6.Yes, I´m a follower!
7. Of course!
8. Yes! I rated it 5 stars and leave a comment with the username maquillate2009.

Thanks a lot for the contest! By the way, love L.A. Woman by The Doors in your playlist!

Anonymous said...

1. save 40%
2. Jo-An Victorio; embutidomylove(at)yahoo(dot)com
3. CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron 1"
4. yes, i will especially it will be my first time to try it..
5. I posted this awesome giveaway here: http://janeuarymmiv.blogspot.com/2009/09/win-chi-auto-digital-ceramic-waver.html
6.new follower♥
7. yes

8. yes rated 5 star... my username was janeuarymmiv

SweetShuGa said...

1. 40%
2. Name:Jenica Nanit
Email: shugahon@gmail.com
3. FHI Pink Flat Iron 1"-Platform
4.Yes, I will definitely do a review if i win
I post it in the very first top of the right side bar of my blog
6.Yes I am follower
7.Yes ^_~
8.Yes I did, i love it so funny hehe

Thank you for having this great giveaway Whitz!
GoodLuck Everyone ^_~

Raquel said...

1. 40%
2. Racheal Alvarez raquel707marie@yahoo.com
3. Farouk CHI Mini Pro Hair Dryer
4.Yes,I would love to do a review and pic to go with the review.
6. Yes, I sure am.
7. Of course.
8. 5 stars and a comment. : )

Pervaiz said...

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