Becker Eshaya Fragrance Review

Becker-Eshaya fragrances represent the collaboration of two long-time friends and colleagues of the fashion world, Kristen Becker and John Eshaya. The partnership was inspired by their desire to create fresh and modern designer fragrances as ideal complements to current fashions. The pair's ongoing mission is to develop a sophisticated fragrance wardrobe that appeals to the most discerning and discriminating of noses. Becker-Eshaya signature fragrance products are available as eau de parfums, scented candles, and fragrant body products.

Becker-Eshaya's original signature fragrance is a blend of Italian mandarin, pink peony, lily of the valley, and rose damascena with a touch of white sensual musk. Subtle yet distinctive, it is a fragrance that you wear...rather than a fragrance that wears you. This was a core mission in creating b.e. becker.eshaya. While there are floral notes, it would not be classed as a floral fragrance. Instead, the citrus nose from the Italian mandarin presents a fantastic top note, while, layered beneath it, one discovers the softer, floral undertones embodied in the rose, pink peony, and lily of the valley. Finally one is left with a trace of white sensual musk...with an emphasis on the sensual.

golden amber
Becker-Eshaya created its second, signature fragrance as a counterpoint to b.e. becker.eshaya, its first. According to perfumer Clement Gavarry, "golden amber is a sensual blend of fresh mandarin and Calabrian bergamot sparkling with juicy lychee and Moroccan jasmine, wrapped in golden amber and sandalwood India oil and finished with a warm cashmere wood and sultry musk." Whereas b.e. becker.eshaya is a soft and summery citrus-floral blend, golden amber is bold, confident, and sexual- qualities expressed through the notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and its golden amber namesake.

body lotion
Body Lotion- This latest addition to the line adds a fresh and convenient way to wear the Becker-Eshaya's first signature fragrance. Offered in an 8.1 ounce bottle that's designed for both home or travel, the new body lotion can be worn on its own as a scented moisturizer, or it can be layered with the eau de parfum spray and fragrance pen for a more complete b.e. becker.eshaya experience.

There are no words to say how much I love b.e. becker.eshaya fragrance!
The first moment I smelt this, it somewhat reminded me of Clinique's Happy.
The reason I say that is to display how many different noses are attracted to Clinique's Happy fragrance, and the same goes for b.e.!!
It is, in my opinion, much more luxurious and desirable than Clinique's Happy.
It is one of those fragrances I could never get tired of using.
I use it day in and day out, all day long lol!
I LOVE layering it with the body lotion; it lasts so much longer that way.
As far as golden amber goes, I do like it- I am in love with sexy notes of sandalwood and patchouli! Plus it has Calabrian bergamot! My family is from Calabria, Italy- so I must represent! haha!
These are safe purchases, even for gifts- I know it's hard to purchase a fragrance over the internet- but wow! I am so happy I have these, not at all disappointed.

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wuzzyangel said...

Clinique Happy & Happy Heart are my HG fragrances! Hrmmm.... interesting! LOL!