Yaby Cosmetics: Pearl Paints Review

...colors that don't lie...

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About Pearl Paints:
pearl paint eyeshadow = fun eyes + wow colors(15.5mm refill)
» a creamy eyeshadow that is actually a powder!
» extremely pigmented colors that translates true in photography and video.
» waterproof (on bare skin, or any other waterproof products).
» heavy duty metal pans are designed to be sturdy and not easily warped.
» reusable pan - sanitize empty pans with alcohol and keep some in your kit for special mixing needs.

World of Pearl Paints
Pre-made Palette w/40 shadows!

top left corner

top right corner

bottom left corner

bottom right corner

Rows are going horizontally from left to right.
There are 5 horizontal rows.






I am very very impressed with these shadows- you don't even need a base (they were all swatched dry).
They feels so creamy and smooth!
High quality for sure... and the compact is nice and sturdy.
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Jem said...

i think this is really great, but then i think its pretty expensive

Catherine said...

Wow, those look absolutely gorgeous!

Kaur of Style said...

they look so pigmented! i rmr another youtuber talking about them, but they're real expensive saying that they're only dime sized :( great haul thoo!


Joyce said...

Wow! I want it! All the colors look so nice!

justltee said...

What beautiful colors!

I was going to say they're a bit over my budget but then I thought about all the pigments that I've bought individually and I've probably spent that much and maybe more...so yeah...Haha.

izumi said...

WOW.. those swatches are really amazing! wish it wasn't so expensive though o__O

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, those are so pearly.... =)

Jasmin said...

Love the choices! They look fab! The colors look very pretty!

fuzkittie said...

Very pearly shades! :D

lindah said...

I've been wanting this for like EVERRR but dang the frickin price tag is so much O_O

Zoe said...

How I wish I had sucha palette one day^;Thanks for sharing~

Anonymous said...

wow that's a beautiful palette.
=/ but cant afford it

CHARRY said...

I love the colors! wow! nice blog. Im a new follower!

Christel said...

I love this palette, hoping to order it soon. :D Cool to see some more swatches of it!
Everyone keeps saying this is expensive.. but you have to keep in mind that this is a makeup product designed for professional makeup artists. With high definition products like this, you use less than you normally would because of the high pigmentation. :)
So in my personal opinion, this is worth every cent. :P

wuzzyangel said...

Wow it looks like a box of Crayolas!! Cool!! Thanks for all the swatchies!!! The pigment on these are awesome!!! So bright & colorful!!


Chrissy said...

That's amazing, but WHOA expensive!!

Anonymous said...


Crystal said...

these look really great! i envy all the stuff you can buy in the US.

Edna said...

Wow! So shiny :)

Dona Brown said...

Oh seems to a box of Crayolas!! Refresh!! Thanks for all the swatchies!!! The pigment in these is impressive!!! Then brilliant & red!!
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