Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer Review + Video

Hot For Dots Mini Slant® Tweezer

The perfect "on the go" tweezer, this smaller version of the Tweezerman award-winning Slant fits any tiny purse or tiny budget — now in Special Edition Hot for Dot Prints! The ideal size for make-up and travel bags, our mini features the same perfect precision as its full size version. Stainless steel, available in 3 multi-colored, polka dot print enamel color finishes.

Tips & Tricks

Tweeze in the direction of hair growth, smoothly pulling one hair at a time at the root to avoid breakage.


wuzzyangel said...

That is one cute pair of tweezers!!!!! :)

I love the reviews you do! You always introduce us to the cutest and unique brands. I'd never have known about 95% of the brands you've posted, until you posted it! :) And of course I comment. Hey all those swatches you do are not fast and simple. It takes time to swatch & take pics! And your very thorough with them too!

The COSMEDICINE contest is something I was entertaining on doing, but I'm so uncreative when it comes to the ideas!! I suck I know.... But your vid was high-larious!! I voted 5 stars all the way! LOL! I'll think about doing my own entry more... Maybe! LOL!

I <3 WHIT! :)

lindah said...

$15?!?! for midget tweezers! lol, I really want them so I can take it in my purse but then I'm scared to lose them and I'd be so sad because they were expensive :( but I love your screen shot of the video!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, lol its very cutee...one of those "it cost a ridiculous amount of money for such a small thing but I gotta have it anyway" kind of product. lol