Sorme Cosmetics Review

...treatment cosmetics...

Just so you know, their website is undergoing some maintenance, but be sure to check back!

Fresh Start
Under Foundation
Makeup Enhancer

Believable Finish
Wet/Dry Foundation
Shade: 401 natural buff

I love the coverage of this, but the shade is way to light for me...

Kabuki Brush

This brush isn't as soft as I was hoping it to be..

Believable Bronzer
Shade: 802 Goddess

This bronzer is great for light to medium skin-tones!

Sorme Minerals Blush
Shade: 533 Excitement

I love this blush! It's somewhat like NARS orgasm!

Long Lasting/Wet-Dry Eyeshadow

Sorme eyeshadows are super silky and smooth. The color payoff is excellent!

607 Seashells

503 Natural Earth
(this is actually a blush!)

616 Glow

611 Taupe

603 Cocoa

Under Shadow

I used this primer the other day, and it really helps the color stay on all day!
It also intensifies the eye shadows you put on, and it doesn't crease.

Jet Liquid Liner
I don't have a blue shade of eyeliner, like this and I really like it.

Ultra Lash Mascara

This mascara is great for that "clean," non-clumpy, natural lash.

Shade: 56 Soft Blonde

I really like this brow kit.
It's so portable and the shades are perfect for me.

301 Light Concealer

This color is way too light for me, but I love the moisturizing consistency.

Shades: 239 Perhaps & 116 Venus



Smearproof Lipliner
Shade: 22 Pure Rose

I love Sorme lip liners, they really last a long time.

Smearproof Eyeliner
Shade: 2 Black Brown

Shade: 65 Chiffon

Lip Thick Lip Gloss
Shades: 96 Barely & 1004 Meltdown
These are somewhat "minty" and I don't see them plump, but the consistency is really nice.

96 Barely

1004 Meltdown


Rai said...

I'm loving this brand!
And the prices are GREAT! lol

The glosses are lovely.

Lydia said...

Wow that's a huge haul! Looks nice :)

wuzzyangel said...

What a haul!! But very pretty colors! thanks for all the swatchies Whit!! That blue liner is DIVINE!

lindah said...

I think this is one of the cheapest brands you've reviewed! LOL :P I think the brow thingy is what really catches my eyes, they look so big and nicely coordinated!

Connie De Alwis said...

oh, the blush does look like Orgasm! thanks for the pictures :D great haul!