SexyHair: Smooth & Protect and Soy Renewal Review

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Soy Renewal
Nourishing Styling Treatment
This is kind of similar to the Moroccan Oil.
However, I feel more of a difference with the Moroccan Oil, than I do with this one.
This one definitely makes my hair feel smooth and healthy.
Maybe the Moroccan Oil is thicker?
I really want to try this as a moisture treatment- I'll let you know how it goes!
What was great, is my hair DID NOT AT ALL FEEL greasy or overly shiny!
So no need to hesitate with this one.

What it does:
Just a small amount of Soy Renewal provides deep moisture, restoring natural luster without adding extra weight or leaving behind any oily residue.
Also speeds up drying time.
Easily absorbs into wet or dry hair.
Smoothes and adds shine while controlling frizz.
Protects against heat, humidity and environmental stresses.
Special Ingredients: Argan Oil, Sunflower Seed oil.
Tips: Use a small amount on damp hair before styling and add an even smaller amount to your finished style for extra polish. Can also be used as a deep moisture treatment--apply to damp hair and wrap with a cello cap, leave in for 20 minutes, then rinse.

Smooth & Protect
Flat Iron Hairspray
I've never thought to even use a protecting spray, before flat ironing my hair.
Seriously, this stuff helps protect your hair from the damage caused by flat irons.
I will never go without using this stuff again!

What it does:
Conditions hair and provides advanced thermal protection during straight iron use, creating effortlessly smooth, shiny and ultra-moisturized hair.
Waterless formula works on damp or dry hair.
Imparts a moveable, soft finish.
Speeds up drying time while sealing hair with Vitamin B5.
Tips: Spray lightly from top to bottom of each section before flat ironing. Adds extra humidity protection when used as a finishing spray.

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nude lace turns to colour said...

I've got the big sexy hair spray (red one) i think its amazing it makes your hair full and volumized i love it!

I managed to get it in TK Max for like half the proce.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Cool I want it!

izumi said...

verryyy nice :) i was tempted to get their "darn straight" one.. a. at least i think that's what it was called.

Unknown said...

love the review hun!!! I'm always on the hunt for some good hair products.

M. Uson said...

ooh i love this review.... i have been looking for a heat protector for flat ironing... thanks hun! And i love the pic at the right hand side. You are just amazingly beauitful hun!

wuzzyangel said...

I got a travel bottle of the Soy Renewal in my MyPrettyPinkBox before!! LOVE IT!! It's soo great!!

Thanks for the reviews Whit!! The smooth and protect sounds good too!! And how neat that it's in a spray form! :)