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If you believe that your fragrance should tell a story, unfolding with your chemistry to paint a scented portrait of who you are, look no further to find your perfect perfume. It's not about smelling like everyone else, but a love story between our art and your skin that can begin as soon as you enter here.

Discover the many ways you can remember yourself, and be remembered...

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Beauty Comes From Within (Soul)
Purse Pen
Beauty Comes From Within™ is a voluptuous and inviting fragrance designed to evoke the powerful, life-giving beauty that exists within us all. Top notes of sweet lychee, pineapple leaf and tangerine suggest both the vitality of springtime and nurturing, abundant female energy. Bold, regal middle notes of creamy gardenia and alluring stargazer lily inspire recognition, and are ignited by a tender yet captivating accent of white rose that electrifies the aura like a first kiss. The fragrance's base note accord of succulent vanilla flower, meditative sandalwood and warm tonka bean compellingly conveys both the serene and smoldering facets of a woman's nature.





Perfect Perfumes
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Peace, Love, & Joy

Perfect Bliss, Perfect Nectar, Perfect Veil, & Perfect Vanilla.

Perfect Bliss:
Euphoric and sexy
Perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran created Perfect Bliss to mirror the intoxicating scent of the floral arrangements at her November 2002 wedding. Find your bliss with this fragrance featuring luscious top notes of blood orange, mango, and papaya; a romantic middle accord of gardenia; and warm, sexy base notes of vanilla, patchouli, cedar and musk.

Perfect Nectar:
Joyful, tropical and almost edible
Luscious and ex
otic, this succulent fragrance features top notes of tangerine and blood orange, followed by middle notes of papaya, mango, ylang ylang and green tea. Perfect Nectar's base accord is a bed of soft, white flowers.

Perfect Veil:
Clean, subtle and provocative
The concept behind this scent was to recreate the smell of clean, naked skin ... only better. Exquisite and subtle when worn alone, it may also be layered to increase any fragrance's warmth and staying power. This scent captured an immediate following upon its release as well as the attention of the national press. Perfect Veil is enjoyed by both men and women.

Perfect Vanilla:
Warm, mouthwatering and inviting
Vanilla is a scent that, for many, evokes a sense of home and comfort. Due to its popularity in perfumery, our challenge was to create a vanilla fragrance that is unique. This was achieved through the use of such unusual complementary notes as blood orange and tobacco. Perfect Vanilla is enjoyed by both men and women.

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wuzzyangel said...

The bottle is super pretty for a roll on!! And I love the saying on the box!! Beauty comes from within the soul for reals!! :)

Mmm... that Perfect Veil sounds good!