RMS Beauty Review

Shade: Smile
lip2cheek is a unique formula that combines hydration and protection with abundant mineral color for a beautiful, natural finish on both lips or cheeks.
The 6 colors of lip2cheek are the result of over 20 years experience applying makeup to some of the world's most beautiful faces.
Apply sparingly with fingers or brush. Repeat application for more intense color on lips or cheek. After applying Lip2Cheek, blend remaining product from your finger to your cheeks for an extra kiss of color. For more lip shimmer or a slightly softer color, apply Living Luminizer over the chosen Lip2Cheek color.

Living Luminizer
A must have product and our best seller. This formula is the ultimate illuminator to create a healthy, sheer, glowing look to the skin.
Best of all, it enhances the skin's natural youthfulness without being sticky, greasy, or glittery. This product instantly adds life to the face. Nothing compares in magically highlighting the skin than this product.
Add sparingly with fingers. Blend over the cheek bones, brow bones, down the bridge of the nose and at the bow of the lips (to give the illusion of a sexy, pouty mouth). Great as a lip gloss on its own...
Try it on your shoulder blades for a sexy evening look- in fact anywhere you want gorgeous, glowing skin. My favorite for adding a glimmer to the eye, apply very lightly only over eye lid.
Color Description:
An ultra sheer glowing luminizer with a translucent satin pearl hue.


lindah said...

ohh the pinky/peachy shade looks yummy ^_^

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh noice...like how this brand is organic. Is there a website to look at to purchase?

wuzzyangel said...

Organic and pretty! :) Thanks for the swatchies!