Reviews: Smashbox Lid Primer, Laura Mercier Concealer & FOTD

Le Sigh... mini Sephora Haul.
So when I went to go work at one of my Sephora's yesterday, I brought my MUFE Full Coverage Concealer with me (I was having tube malfunctions just trying to squeeze the product out). One of my Sephora Ladies suggested Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer OVER the MUFE Lift concealer and Full Coverage concealer. Oh, and btw, I guess MUFE's Full Coverage concealer isn't meant to be used around the eyes, it's a concealer for your face! Since there was an $8 price difference (MUFE= $30 & LM=$22) I decided to get myself the new Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer (thanks to Wuzzy!).
Also, by being a beauty insider, I got 2 MUFE HD Primers to try out before I commit to purchasing a full tube. Anyone used this stuff? Let me know how you like it!
And I got a sample of the new Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Medium Beige.


Secret Concealer
Developed specifically for use under and around the eye area. Secret Concealer's moisture-rich, emollient formula is specially designed for the dry, sensitive skin under the eye to conceal discoloration and dark circles.

Size: 0.08 oz

I bought shade #2

Love this stuff! It is slightly peachy-toned (not too yellow, not too pink).
It's creamy, so I would recommend setting it with a light powder so it doesn't crease under the eyes.
Staying power is amazing!
Coverage= Medium to Full to Very Full
Decent price point.


Photo Finish Lid Primer
What it is:
An ultra-luxurious lid primer.

What it does:
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer creates the perfect canvas for eyeshadow application. Wear this universal shade under shadow to increase longevity, or create the perfect nude eye by applying over the lid for an even tone.

What Else You Need To Know:
The exclusive formula contains Phytomoist, a plant-based hyaluronic acid for ultimate moisturization and amino acids for skin-smoothing benefits. Soft focus pearls help diminish the appearance of fine lines on the lids while the patented Qusome® delivery system ensures all ingredients penetrate the skin to deliver effective results.

Size: 0.1 oz

MOVE OVER UDPP, say HELLO to Smashbox PFLP (photo finish lid primer)
This stuff totally mattes out my lid, unlike TFSI and UDPP (which are more sheer).
The only downside is, it dries pretty quickly so you should apply it to each eye at separate times while doing your eye-makeup.
Dries down to a creaseless-mattified finish
Thanks Wuz for the recommendation!

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #2 Demo
very creamy consistency
this is way too much in my hand
a little goes a long way

get ready... scariness ahead!!!
See the hyper-pigmentation around my eyes?
I obviously have under-eye circles and discoloration all around.
I am only 24 and I have AGE/DARK Spots! :(
I'm on the lookout for a lightening product, like ASAP (any rec's?)

LM concealer applied
see? I applied way too much!

concealer blended in (i always take it over the bridge of my nose as well)

damn good coverage!

now applying my Smashbox PFLP (photo finish lid primer)

look at the difference b/w my left and right eye

see the difference b/w both eyelids?
The Smashbox PFLP totally mattes it out and covers imperfections!

Okay, so I HATE HATE HATE BareMinerals!
With a passion!
The large amounts of Bismuth Oxychloride makes my face ITCH like mad.
Since I haven't tried it in years, I thought I'd give this new formula a shot (since it was a free gwp anyway)
the mini brush is worthless
shade: medium beige

Before applying it, I used my sample of MUFE's HD Primer
It's like a light-liquid lotion

I busted out my MAC 109 since I look fuller coverage

So I did one side only, guess which side it's on?

Not on my left

I applied it on my right
(and I even applied it with my DENSE 109 brush!)

Then I applied it to my entire face.
One thing I must say, it's

What I used:
Revlon ColorStay Foundation
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus
MAC MSF Duo in Dark/Shimmer (as bronzer & highlight)
MAC Blushcreme in Maidenchant
MAC Lingering Brow Pencil
KATE Dark Diamond Palette
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Zero
Revitalash Mascara
Barry M. Lip Paint in #129 (just like MAC Fashion Mews Lipstick!)


izumi said...

very niceee :) that lm looks very promising. have you tried the kevin beautymaker one? you should :D

as for lightening.. NARS is really good but it's almost $100. kevin beautymaker has one but i'm not sure how it is, but it's cheap :D anddd.. paul and joe have one, i heard it's really good :)

izumi said...

oh and i tried bare minerals too.. from an infomercial.. MAN they lie when they say it gives you coverage. it gives you coverage when you use all of their other products.. which.. is BLEGH. blegh to bm!! i'm glad i'm not the only one who doesn't like 'em xD

Sugar Bunnie said...

love how detailed you are♥

Sherry said...

very nice and detail :)

eki said...

Hi babe that concealer looks really rich and smooth :D

I heard Paul and Joe whitening emulsion works great, I wanted to try it too ^__^
I tanned alot living in FL for most of my life so I have sun spot too >_<

you looks gorgeous babe! love your winged eye~ sexy

Jem said...

the smashbox is good!
thanks for the great review!

love the lips...
looks like lavender is hot these days!

wuzzyangel said...

I do love the Smashbox Lid Primer, too bad it costs $$$ though! LOL!

Thanks for the review on the concealers!! Your bare face is soo not scary! When you guys see mine, then you'll be scarred! LOL!

Love the FOTD!! Your lining & blending is always so spot on! :) Sigh...

I used to use BM for 2 yrs when it first came out. Did the whole auto shipping thing. In the beginning it was cool, then like 1 1/2 yrs in I started breaking out from it, and it made me oilier! Another MU Artist told me that it was all the crap in it that my face was rejecting or something. So I moved on to Sheer Cover which worked good for me too. But then I started learning more about the Bismuth and crap so I switched to Silk Naturals & Everyday Minerals. If I go back to full on mineral MU (as in I stop using BB Cream) It'd be one of those last two brands.

Narita said...

Hi, hun! Beautiful as always! Me likey the concealer and lid primer!!!! Wanna try it so badly. I have lot's of sun spots since I live in Cali too.

stellarvixen said...

whit! OMG OMG you worked in sephora? oh you lucky dog hehehe

am falling inlove with LM secret concealer...thanks to you! under its magic spell ** uuuuuu wanna get it too!

oh tryout out DiorSnow range!
effective and their lab is in Japan..since asia culture is forever chasing fairness hehe

lastly, your makeup skill is amazing!

cya pretty!

em said...

nice haul! thanks for the detailed reviews & pics! The MUFE primers look great.

Edna said...

The Barry M aka Fashion Mews lippie looks so pretty on you

Crystal said...

thanks for doing the review! i want to try the smashbox too.

Unknown said...

wow the concealer and lid primer's really good! thanks for sharing <3

Alicia Herraiz said...

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See you soon!


HT said...

I love your FOTD! Your eyeliner looks awesome. :)

C. said...

great reviews! you looks super gorgeous and the winged eyeliner is to die for!

k . . . said...

Wow, really sultry look Whit! Great review as well.

Chiara said...

Nice haul!
I love your fotd, great look, I love the color you used on the lips.

Unknown said...

very good review as always. the lid primer and the concealer looks amazing. you can really see the difference.

btw i love you fotd. you look gorgeous as always.

Sassy J'adore said...

wow~I'm luvin the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. Thanks for the swatch. =)

You look gorgeous in the FOTD photos. ^___^

Tammy said...

No fair..I want everything you just bought now!! I have to go to Sephora to pick up a giftie for the Pow Wow..I hope I get that MUFE primer sample too!!

I hate Bare Minerals...itchy!! You left us hanging.. "Then I applied it to my entire face.
One thing I must say, it's" It's what..??? Tell me! Tell me!! LOL

BTW--Pam (Pink) has her face brightening/whitening routine on her blog that might be helpful.

lindah said...

how's the concealer work for fine lines? like you I was stupid but mines a whole wild story lol I think I want to try it, maybe it's a good alternative for bobbie brown's peach one :D

and how'd you get all those samples?!?! they never give me them and I used to probably get a deluxe thing everytime I went in there!

and pretty look today! I don't like wearing eyeliner on my waterline for some reason.. I think it's because I'm always trying to scratch my eyeball lol

Catherine said...

Yeaaaaa, I HATE BE too. I haven't tried the HD primer but I'm trying a bunch of others. I like MAC's Select MoistureCover concealer best for undereyes actually. And for a lightening/brightening treatment, try Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum or Enlighten Me Serum. I think the Englighten Me is more designed for lightening spots, but the Truth Serum is doing a FABULOUS job on my acne marks right now. It may not work as fast as Caudalie's gold standard one (vinoperfect or something in the light yellow bottle) but it's not nearly as expensive and works well enough for me.

fuzkittie said...

Woo HD primer! It looks good on you~

Unknown said...

Hey love, tnx for the review on the products...I really need a new eye primer and I'm def getting that smashbox one...u look lovely as always!!!

Lush19 said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog! xx Please check it out

Stephanie said...

Love this post! Helpful photos. I agree, I HATE BareMinerals too! Thanks for reviewing the smashbox and lm concealer, I've been wondering about those. And I love the HD primer! I got a little one like that too!