Philip B. Review

Botanical Products


Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo
2 fl. oz. $10.00

A Gentle Daily Cleanser For All Hair Types

10% Pure Plant Extracts
Piñon, Sage & Juniper Berry

NEW! Now Available in 4 Sizes! Soothe, nourish, and cleanse hair and body with PHILIP B® Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo, an herbaceous blend of Shea Butter and Panthenol (Vitamin B5) infused with 10% pure plant extracts of Piñon, Sage and Juniper Berry. The spiritually-enriching scent of the formula is evocative of the Sangrê de Cristo Mountains of Santa Fe. PHILIP B® Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo is a gentle, daily shampoo that is exceptionally wonderful for normalizing an oily scalp or soothing a dry scalp, in addition to silkening, softening, and conditioning your hair. Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo may be used from head-to-toe as an anti-bacterial wash. Safe for color-treated hair.



Lovin' Leave-In Hair Condition Creme
2 fl. oz. $8.00

A leave-in hair conditioning creme that revitalizes hair from roots to ends. Restorative Soy and Wheat Proteins together with strengthening Amino Acids rejuvenate your hair with every application. Protects your hair color from fading without weighing it down.

Available Sizes:
2.0 fl oz / 60 ml

6.5 fl oz/192 ml

Philip B® Lovin' Leave-in Hair Conditioning Creme moisturizes and soothes dry brittle ends, adds lustrous shine, and supple smoothness. With nurturing extracts of Aloe, Nettle, Chamomile, Horsetail and Henna Lovin' Leave-in is ideal for all hair textures and types.



Drop Dead Straightening Baume
2 fl. oz. $8.00

Maintains Straight Hair Style & Eradicates Frizz

With Matricaria & Althaea Extracts

Never again have slick hands and styling issues with PHILIP B®Drop Dead Straightening Baume, a non-greasy, silicone-free water-soluble styling aid that gives curly or wavy hair a straight, tangle-free, and sleek finish. Extracts of Matricaria, Althaea and Horseradish gently relax curls & waves making a perfectly straight finished blow-dry more easily attainable. PHILIP B® Drop Dead Straightening Baume works to maintain straight hair styles and helps to eradicate frizz while shortening blow-drying time. Best to be used for thermal styling as this is a heat-activated product. Absolutely fragrance-free.



Cucumber & Blue Orchid Hand & Body Creme
2 fl. oz. $12.50

Tightening & Strengthening Skin Energizing Crème

Cucumber & Blue Orchid, Enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E

A limited-edition release in 1994, our original Cucumber & Blue Orchid Hand & Body Crème is back by popular demand. (Women were still writing to request it, 14 years on!) What we kept: The luxurious blend of pure, soothing-yet-refreshing cucumber extract, cooling menthol and an airy dose of blue orchid essence. What's new: A generous dose of cutting-edge oligopeptide chains (anti-aging ingredients proven to firm and tighten skin), plus pure hydrating Aloe and antioxidant Vitamins B5 and E. The moisturizing equivalent of a Bentley GT (that’s how our chemists refer to it in the lab), the crème’s botanical, green-floral scent is just as gorgeous and sexy as ever.

Serious and sophisticated, easily absorbed, and non-greasy moisturizing hand and body crème that refreshes and firms your skin with Extracts of Cucumber and Blue Orchid. Cucumber & Blue Orchid Hand & Body Crème is enriched with Vitamins A, E and Panthenol (Vitamin B5), to normalize cell turnover restoring your youthful glow. A combination of Peptides (lipoproteins) that penetrate the skin's surface to help rebuild collagen, tightening and strengthening your skin's integral texture and elasticity. With Cucumber & Blue Orchid Hand & Body Crème, together, we can turn back the hands of time.



Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath
2 fl. oz. $8.00

Playful & Magical

A Nurturing Blend

Cocoa Butter, Oat Protein & Wheat Amino Acids With Moisturizing Aloe

A playful and magical experience that revives the spirit of your inner child - as well as your actual child! Nurturing and skin-conditioning with the rich scent of Chocolate and Milk, Philip B®Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath is formulated to give you a spiritual youth jolt. Oat Proteins, Cocoa butter, Aloe and a combination of Wheat Amino Acids make anyone feel alive and 100% delicious! Welcome back to your Youth!




wuzzyangel said...

The Chocolate Milk sounds mmmmm....!!

lindah said...

leave in conditioner sounds like it'd be a good product :)

sternchenslove said...

I hear a lot of great things about Philip B. Everything sounds good.