MAC Colour Craft Swatches

Did anyone see the movie, Bruno?
Oh my gosh, Joe (the bf) and I saw it on Saturday night and I was thoroughly grossed out (and I have a pretty open mind).
It was way worse than Borat. I can't shake some of the images out my my head ahhh!

Oh, and a shout out to my girl Linda!
You shocked me with my luv-pack- thank you thank you thank you babe!!
You know me too well, I swear... If you lived closer to me, we'd be hauling and shopping together all day, every day!

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers & followers (especially to those who comment), I really appreciate you!
I'm going to be doing another giveaway soon!! YAY!!
I am trying to figure out how to do it though- any suggestions?
I might do a giveaway for the top 3 commentators (is that a word? lol).
Or I might do a random-draw...hmm...
I think it will be my favorite products for summer- some things that I've reviewed and would like to pass on to all of you. What do you think?

Moving on, Joe got me some MAC- woo hoo!
Love you baby!!
So here's my MAC Colour Craft haulage!

I label myself as a true MAC MSF collector- however, I did not get all of the shades.
Therefore, I cannot claim that title anymore- lol!
The MSF trios were gorgeous, but they remind me so much of the BBR (Brunette, Blonde, Redhead) trios. So, why get close to the same shades, you know?
I have Light Flush & Petticoat, so I felt no need to get Porcelain Pink.
Instead, I picked up SUNNY BY NATURE (left) & CHEEKY BRONZE (right).

Such a gorgeous bronzer!!

Looks great layered over a bronzer- It's kind of like a highlight/bronzer in one.

Top: Sunny By Nature
Bottom: Cheeky Bronze

Left: Sunny By Nature
Right: Cheeky Bronze

Top: Sunny By Nature
Bottom: Cheeky Bronze

It was so funny, when I was looking at the new Mineralize Blushes, Joe said, "Don't you already have all of those colors?"- and I thought, gosh he's right. So many are similar to other shades I already have! He said, "Seems like they just use the same shades and call it something else." Which is so true... This really helped me decide which shades to get.
I always veer towards the pinks- so I changed it up this time.
Plus, many of these blushes looked like highlighters and not blushes!
I got Fad-Dabulous (right) & Improvise (left).



Top: Fad-Dabulous
Bottom: Improvise

Left: Fad-Dabulous
Right: Improvise

Yes, I have way too many brushes- well, IMO, I don't think a girl can have enough makeup brushes.
I am a sucker for high-end, high quality brushes- and MAC is my favorite.
Investing in quality brushes is a must!
131 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush.
This is my new, favorite blush/highlighter brush!
It applies the color superbly.

MAC Lippies.
I was a little, tiny bit disappointed in Colour Crafted lipstick; I wish it wasn't a frost- maybe my lips are too dry right now.
Milky-Pink lippies are my HG- for realzzz!
If you are a lover of lavender/lilac/purple lippies, then you NEED Eclectic Edge marbelized lipglass!
& I found my new, favorite dazzleglass (too bad it's limited edition)... Via Veneto- this is the only thing I got from Euristocrats II.

Colour Crafted Lipstick.

Eclectic Edge Marbelized Lipglass.

Via Veneto Dazzleglass.


Caramel Diva said...

Very beautiful haul...The colors look lovely on you.

mszcheysser said...

Wow @ all the beautiful MAC. Joe is so nice to give you all of that =]

And I watch Bruno, twice! LMAO! I was expecting it, since Borat was so 2006! lol!

Carlinn said...

Stunning! the lippies look fab!

Rai said...

I heard Bruno was nasty!!

Loooove the haul! I couldn't make my mind up about that collection and didn't get anything... I may go back. =/

Maybe you should giveaway your Summer Favorites and to enter we have to say what are Top 5(or whatever) Favorites are?

Edna said...

Thanks for the swatches :)

I picked up Sunny by nature too. I was originally eyeing the Cheeky bronze but when I tried it on, it was too pinkish/red on me. My friend said it looked like I was blushing!!!

Aww, I should pick up the 131 brush. Do you like that more than the 188?

A. Rose said...

Thanks for the swatches! I think I need to go back and pick up a blush or an MSF at least!

PS. I really wanted to see Bruno until I started reading how high the gross-factor was...

KillaCamilla said...

i'm offended a little too easily and borat wasn't my fave so I'm gonna wait for bruno to go to dvd. my fiance really wants to see it but i told him he can go with the boys on that one! lol.

nice haul girl! joe is right about all the same things coming out. i got COCKney lippie cuz i thought it would be great for the wedding. i really want to wear a fabulous red lip and the name of it was too great to pass up.

justltee said...

Hubs wants to go see Bruno but we'll probably see it when it goes on DVD. Ha!

I've seen Borat and after watching it the Hubs always likes to say "A-noose" now. *rolls eyes* LOL

As for the Giveaway, please no contests where you have to submit photos of yourself or I'll never get to win. LOL j/k

I appreciate all the swatches you do Whit and thank you so much for commenting on my blog! ^_^ it gets lonely sometimes. Haha!

Lush19 said...

Hey Whit

Great Haul, Joe is so sweet to get you all those lovely Mac goodies!

I really like the look of Sunny by Nature, Cheeky bronze and Improvise.

I heart Colour Crafted, I got it today! xx

anitaaaC said...

Thanks for the swatches. im going to pick up some blush from MAC next time :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely MAC haulie, Whitz! <3
Yay, Improvise is such a pretty color! I got it too last week, andn ow I'm still waiting to get Hand-finish.

Is the MAC #131 a LE brush? Or is it a new release to add to the

izumi said...

oooo very nice :D i love how your lipgloss swatch looks like it's a heart-shape.. haha. too easily amused :P that's funny that your bf knows what colors you have! mine totally doesn't pay attention as long as i don't look like a drag queen or something, lol.

Chrissy said...

That dazzleglass is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow via vento looks SO great on you! I agree on the color crafted lipstick, I hate the fact that it's a frost because it goes on a little bit bumpy. Its funny though because I have Angel and it's a frost too but it glides on smoother =\

courtney said...

so sunny by nature isnt too orangey or glittery to use as just a bronzer? i wanna get it!

lindah said...

ehh color crafted looked too common for me! I didn't even bother swatching anything from this collection! I just got my assemblage & a lipgloss (just to collect) and LEFT! :) I'm proud of myself hehe, but I need to go back for the brushes though lol. Where in california do you live? I want to go on a vaca over there next summer with my sister. I'm going to save, save, save and do some MAJOR shopping! LOLL

Gianie said...

Wow, Sunny by Nature looks incrreedible! Perfectly glowy and warm :)

Haha, I've been backtracking beauty posts like mad, so you might see some retroactive comments from me soon hehe :)

Unknown said...

Wow you got some great stuff....Now I want to go back to MAC and purchase another MSF and that dazzleglass...I wubz it!!!

Sherry said...

wow colors are great!

Zoe said...

Great haul,I really love M.A.C but too bad I can't afford buying as mush as u did T T

wuzzyangel said...

After Borat, I didn't really want to see Bruno... Even though Sasha Baron is funny as hell, those two movies aren't the best work for him! LOL!

Awww how sweet of Joe!!! Thanks for all the swatches!! I never know how those Mineralized ones will turn out! LOL! I don't even own one!! Just the MSF NATURAL! LOL!

And ooh.. more pink lippies for Whitz sexy lips!! :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow, omg so much MAC!! I"m like so jealous - green with envy~! & my first dazzleglass Via Veneto and I love it :)

&& yay for a giveaway :D
but hmm,... how to do it?
Maybe you can go through you comments & pick like the top 10 "commentators" (haha) and then do a random draw from there. *shrugs* Just an idea.

But reguardless I love your blog <3

Jo said...

the msfs looks so nice! if only i had a big enough wallet.

and i agree, bruno was disturbing. i cringed throughout the movie and it didnt even go for that long haha

Katrina said...

Amazing haul and beautiful swatches!

Yen said...

OMG you have a lot of makeups. I'm so jealous.

yummy411 said...

thanks so much for the swatches!

Natalie said...

awesome haul!!

I saw Bruno the other day too, and I also have an open mind, lol but oh my gosh. After a half hour.. I was like "I can't stand to see another c*ck or d*ldo!!!!" I thought it was over the top.