Luv-Pack from Ann*!!

My beauty-blogger friend, Ann (aka Ann's Vanity) and I go way back from my vox-blogging days.
She is sooo sweet, I won one of her giveaways, and we decided to do a swap as well :)
Luv you Ann!
Thanks for all of the goodies, especially my favorite Strawberry-Banana Hi-Chew!
Can't get enough of it! lol!

I haven't used these yet, but what brand is this?
I want more! lol!

Right away, I ripped into my strawberry banana Hi-Chew!

yay for masks!!

Cheek Gradation
3C Cheek & 1 Highlight
Shade: 03

This actually makes a really great bronzer!!

Cheek Gradation
3C Cheek & 1 Highlight
Shade: 04

really gorgeous rosy blusher! love!

Yayy! I have been lemming this for a while!
The Face Shop
Baked Triple Color
Shade: 02 Gold Brown

My first product ever from Elianto!
Baked Blusher

Sooo gorgeous!

Again, Ann, thanks so much babe, you are the BEST!


lindah said...

the face shop thing looks so cute. It's suppose to look like a conch right?? :)

xLovelyMakeupx said...

thats awesom, i like the Elianto blush its a very cute color.

MizzJ said...

Ooh what pretty products all of them! I love how warm and summery they all are.

K said...

Those lashes are from Daiso, which is a 100 yen (=$1) store from Japan. You can find Daiso stores in many countries in Asia.

Yup, those lashes are $1! Pretty damn good for a buck!

wuzzyangel said...

Great swap!! Lovin all the Asian products! thanks for all the swatchies!! You always do so much with your reviews! :)

Zoe said...

Those are really pretty products^^

Anonymous said...

I never tried Benefits products. I might go ahead and try them out.

im going to follow you, please subscribe and follow me.