LUSH Review

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This is my first time using LUSH, and I am completely obsessed!

Think Pink Bath Bomb

Vanilla, lavender and tonka bean soak turns you into a glamour puss

Transform into a glamour girl with this little sweetener of a bath bomb. So girlie, Think Pink's bright water leaves you feeling distinctly feminine. Enhance your charms with vanilla, lavender and tonka bean. Put on your red lips, let your hair down and soak in the pink flowers. So fun, so girlie, so glamorous!
How pretty is this? Makes the perfect gift!
I didn't want to use it because it's so pretty, but I did anyway haha!
My first time using a bath bomb- pretty cool!
I'd like to try out a more relaxing bath bomb next time.
You know? Maybe lavender or chamomile scented.

MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

Musky marshmallow body oils for the bath comforts without the calories

It looks like strawberry ice cream (or maybe a raspberry fairy cake) but it's really a sweetly scented, relaxing bath oil melt to place in a warm tub. Lie there languidly as you watch it slowly dissolve, sweetly scenting your body with marshmallow and marigold, and softening your skin with cocoa butter and almond oil. Mmmm...
Gosh, taking baths can actually be fun!!
I usually take them to relax, but playing with all of my LUSH goodies makes me want to take more and more baths! lol!
I did not smell the "marshmallow" in this product- but hey, it still smelt fantastic!
It also turned my tub-water pink!! How girly and fun!!

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

Sweet honey heaven cleanses and moisturizes sensitive skin

Imagine pulling the comb straight out of the hive, slathering that divine honey all over, then being showered by a delicate spring rain. Honey I Washed The Kids handmade soap calms sore, sensitive epidermis with a rich aloe vera lather and leaves skin silky smooth and deliciously satiated. Slight hints of bergamot and orange lift your spirit and lull you into an intoxicating honey bliss.
I've heard ravings beyond ravings about HIWTK soap!
I LOVE this scent!!!
Mine ran out so fast, I need a new one ASAP!
Many soaps leave my skin dry, but this one didn't!!
I also want the HYWTK solid perfume!!

Marilyn Hair Treatment

Moisturizing treatment to soften and brighten blonde hair

Chamomile, lemon and saffron brighten blonde hair. Use it regularly and get fairer hair. Linseed mucilage results in softer tresses and fresh, organic lemon juice adds a ton of shine. If you always wanted to be a "natural" blonde, here's how to go about it.

I have used this twice already and I like it alot!
Blondes tend to have some crazy split-ends and this product definitely helps.
I literally lather this one my entire mane and let is soak in for 20 minutes.
When I rinse it out, I can still feel the moisture-residue left behind, but once I shampoo my hair, it's gone.
I like this product alot.

BIG Shampoo

Lemon-lime margarita shampoo adds shine and body to fine hair

The difference between a hefty, healthy hairdo and a lot of limp, lackluster locks? It's this saucy, sassy, salty shampoo! BIG combines shine-enhancing citrus juices with the beautifying, hair-buffing impact of sea salt and genuine sea water for a body-building regimen your fine hair won't sweat over. Good things can come in small packages, but for body-boosting boom you can't beat BIG!

I've never seen, heard of, let alone USED this type of shampoo.
It definitely took me a minute to get used to the feel.
A granulated shampoo? How does it foam?
Well it DOES foam and it DOES work- really well.
This is such a fun product!


Connie De Alwis said...

Oooh, the shampoo does look funny! I'm thinking if i should get the HIWTK soap since everyone's raving about it! I only have the porridge and I am crazy in love with it. But I'll probably get Buffy next cuz I like scrubby stuff

jenna said...

I second the Marilyn treatment, I had hard water and blonde (after much highlighting) hair a while back and I loved it. It was the only thing that worked I highly recommend it. I have also heard it is great for blonde swimmers ;D I wish Big shampoo didn't have Sodium Laurel Sulfate in it... poo. I really love lush tho! You must try their Gorgeous moisturizer - it's my HG moisturizer and I am picky hah. Oh, and their toner Breath of Fresh air is awesome as well. ahh lush...

lindah said...

the bath bomb is super cute looking, and the bath melt thingy looks like a pink cupcake :) LOL, I want to eat one now! ^_^ & I used to be a blonde on the bottom half of my hair and I got split ends like crazy!!! that marilyn would've really come in handy :D

and that BIG shampoo looks really funky.. I'd probably end up dropping it in the shower trying to take the lid off so I should steer clear of that >_>

wuzzyangel said...

HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS IS THE SHIT!! I love love love that soap!! I just wish LUSH wasn't soo expensive sometimes! Their products always smell soo good!! The BF's mum loves the foot lotion!

That granulated shampoo sounds cool!! Makes me want to try it! LOL!