Krome Tan Review

About Sunless Tanning Mist:

Introducing the Krome Micro Mist Spray Tanning can. This tanning product is streak-free, applies easily and evenly, absorbs quickly, doesn’t stain your clothes, gives a natural-looking golden tan, and fades like a real tan. You will not have to expose yourself to hours of damaging UV rays which can cause burning, premature aging and even skin cancer. Our extensive chemistry research and focus group have produced a scent free solution.

This unique blend is now available in “A Tan in a Can.” The can is a convenient hand-held spray bottle that you can take with you anywhere – anywhere you want a perfect Krome tan.

* Our 7 oz. Micro Mist bottle will give you 3 full body tans that last for 7-10 days.

* There are many Skin Care companies today with self tanning products as an addition to their main product line.

* Krome Skin is the first and only company that has been able to produce “bag in a Can technology” with a Built in Bronzer.

* This process makes our product aerosol free and environmentally friendly. It also keeps the propellant from mixing with the solution which accomplishes two goals: First it avoids possible skin irritation since the propellant does not get on your skin; Second it keeps the propellant from negatively effecting the active ingredients in self tanners.

* Built in Bronzer who gives the immediate tan making easy to apply the solution evenly.

* We have the most efficient actuator and it has been tested thoroughly. It does not drip or leak… it is virtually error proof.

* Our product has the most efficient combination of Erythrulose and DHA. When most of the companies generally have a 3-6% DHA concentration, Krome has a 10% DHA concentration which gives the skin a more intense color and longer tan.

$19.95 + s/h

Anytime you see a picture of me, and I look tan, I owe it to this product!
It is my FAVORITE sunless tanning mist at the moment.
I couldn't believe how long my tan lasted!! For realzzz!
It has absolutely NO horrible scent, it's SOOO natural looking, and the best part it does NOT give you any orange-cast!
Highly Recommended!!


Natalie said...

o0o0o! i would love to try this!

lindah said...

I need this for my tummy and my legs :D

wuzzyangel said...

I should tan my white ass body! LOL!