Jonathan Product: Greeen Rootine Review

Who Loves Jonathan Product?

So this is a review for his new collection, Green Rootine.

"Great hair. Natural products. I created Green Rootine so that my clients could have both. A simple recipe for healthy hair." -Jonathan

Green Rootine Nourishing Shampoo

Green Rootine Nourishing Shampoo (5.1 fl oz)

A mild, sulfate-free cleanser formulated with only the highest quality natural ingredients. Coconut, jojoba and rosemary extract combine with olive, spearmint, orange and avocado oils to rid the hair and scalp of impurities. Hair is left thoroughly clean.

Synthetic Free | Paraben Free | Sulfate Free | Silicone Free | Petrochemical Free | Vegan

Scent: Spearmint

To Use: Shake well before using, apply onto wet hair, lather and rinse well. Hair will feel squeaky clean. Follow with Green Rootine Conditioner.

Natural Note: Green Rootine is 100% Natural, which may feel different from what you’re accustomed to. The products work best when used together and regularly. Go ahead, change your Rootine!


I've never used a foaming shampoo before.
It's different, takes some getting used to.
But it totally left my hair squeaky clean.
And the Spearmint scent of the entire collection smells so good!
I've smelled mint hair products before, but never SPEARMINT- yummy.
I have to wash my hair twice with this shampoo (I usually do that anyway).

Green Rootine Nourishing Conditioner

Green Rootine Nourishing Conditioner (5.1 fl oz)

Formulated to provide maximum conditioning benefits. Contains black cumin, wheat germ, rosemary, avocado, spearmint and orange oils to give the scalp a cooling sensation while simultaneously feeding hair with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Synthetic Free | Paraben Free | Silicone Free | Petrochemical Free | Vegan

Scent: Spearmint

To Use: After cleansing with Green Rootine Shampoo, apply to wet hair and comb through. Rinse well.


After my hair feels squeaky clean, this conditioner truly does NOURISH.
My hair feels so soft afterwards- this is one of my favorite daily conditioners I have ever used!

Green Rootine Silkening Creme

Green Rootine Silkening Creme (3.4 fl oz)

Contains shea butter, aloe vera, black cumin as well as clary sage, rosemary and orange oils to moisturize and condition hair while providing light control and shine. Perfect for creating beautiful, silky hair.

Synthetic Free | Paraben Free | Silicone Free | Petrochemical Free | Vegan


To Use: Apply a small amount to damp hair. Allow hair to dry naturally or blow dry as desired. Also great when used on dry hair to tame flyaways.


So I did what the back said: I applied it to my damp hair, and just let it air-dry.
OMG, I love how it made my hair feel and look!
It was shiny, and it didn't get frizzy.
It seriously felt like I had the most HEALTHY hair!!
Which is amazing, because I have color-treated, damaged hair.

Green Rootine Pure Paste

Green Rootine Pure Paste (3.35 oz)

A lightweight, non-greasy paste formulated to add texture, control flyaways and enhance shine. All natural ingredients including avocado and orange oils, shea butter and lemongrass extract create an innovative styling product that is guaranteed to condition and nourish the hair.

  • Great for shaping and adding definition
  • Texturizes and separates hair
  • Provides amazing shine
  • Controls flyaways
  • Will not make hair greasy or weigh hair down
  • The soothing spearmint & orange scent will stimulate the senses
  • All natural ingredients
  • Free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates and silicone
  • Vegan: No animal-derived ingredients. No animal testing.
  • For all hair types

“Create texture & definition with this pure and natural paste.” –Jonathan


Green Rootine Dry Shampoo Brush On Hair Powder
For Light Hair, BUY IT HERE
For Dark Hair, BUY IT HERE

Green Rootine Dry Shampoo Brush On Hair Powder (.3 oz)

A hair powder that cleanses and refreshes the hair and scalp without the use of water. Talc and aluminum hydroxide absorb oil, dirt pollutants and product build-up. Rids the scalp of impurities and will create volume at the root. The portable brush makes applying powder simple and convenient. What better way to extend the life of a blowout!

  • Absorbs oil, dirt, product build-up & pollutants from hair and scalp
  • Increases volume at the root
  • Cleanses and refreshes hair and scalp
  • Extends the life of a blowout. Great for in between washings.
  • All natural ingredients
  • Fragrance free
  • Free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates and silicone
  • Vegan: No animal-derived ingredients. No animal testing.
  • For all hair types

“All natural and easy to use - Green Rootine Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil and product build-up.” –Jonathan


So this is my first experience using a dry shampoo, which seems to be all the rage now!
These tubes are SOOOO convenient.
You can travel with them, pop it in your purse- touch-up when you have an oily scalp!
I highly recommend these.
See the gradation? You can adjust how much powder will flow out of the brush, just by turning/clicking the tube!
For light hair
For dark hair
(Sorry about my roots, mum's out of town in Oregon lol!)

Anyway, you just dab and brush the product directly onto the scalp...
and on the hairline...
Then I just tease my hair afterward! That easy!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, didn't know he came out with this new line. I'm still using his Dirt product...lol! :)

Unknown said...

OMG I never heard of this line but everything looks great...I need that for my hair cuz it's so dry and coarse and nasty...lol. Thanks for the review, hun!

Catherine said...

Oh how cool! The powder with brush looks so much easier to use than my Pronto mini w/ the squeeze tip applicator. I will have to go check this out. :D

izumi said...

wow.. this line sounds super promising :3

lindah said...

that dry shampoo looks promising! That's the only thing that catches my eye in this post. I'm not too big of a fan of minty hair :P

wuzzyangel said...

Woman you've been hauling and reviewing like MAD lately!! And we love you for sharing all these new products with us!!

Oooh... the Dry Shampoo sound great!! So does that Green Rootine lotion!! Hrm... Whit you ENABLER!!!! :)

Edna said...

Thanks for the review and introduction to the hair care line. It's always nice to read what others think about hair products, I'm still looking for my HG hair producfts

Isamaur said...

I would like to live in America to be able to do at least half of your purchases, that beautiful! kisses

Zoe said...

Wow, this is an amazing review, wish I could purchase their stuff too^^ Thanks so much for sharing~