Graftobian 8 Color Palette & Lipstick Review

Graftobian Review #1

Get ready to be introduced to the world of Graftobian.
I have a 5-Part series of reviews.
Amazing products!!!

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8 Color Palette #1
Bold Fantasy eye shadows for intense eye effects. Use with Magic Set (TM) Mixing & Lining Liquid to increase intensity and durability. These high impact colors may be used as fantasy eye shadows or as a palette of high brilliance face paint as your needs dictate. These top requested shades are in very high demand across the globe as bright and bold colors are a frequent need in today's avant garde high fashion world. Each color in the palette may be easily replaced by ordering just the refill color you need and inserting it into this magnetic palette.

Purple Power

Fuchsia Fervor

Blue Powder

Blue Agua

Red Crimson

Orange Geuse

Yellow Ray

Green Flash

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Lip Sticks
These cream lipsticks are smooth and rich and full of color. With plenty of slip, these colors glide on for beautiful coverage and yet have long lasting, professional wearability. You'll not find this level of quality in a drug store, yet look at the VERY affordable price! Currently in our line are the top Trend colors as well as the most asked for Theatrical and Glamour shades. See the shade chart by clicking on the thumbnail of the lipsticks and cups.
We are now carrying 6 new Lip Colors available in lipstick only inspired by some of your favorite colors. Mahogany is inspired by Blasco's Earth Pencil. Spice is inspired by MAC's Spice Pencil. Kiss Me is inspired by MAC's Hug Me Lipcolor. Couture is inspired by Revlon's Toast of NY Lipcolor, (Ideal for Redheads). Fashionista is inspired by MAC's Twig Lipcolor. Runway is inspired by MAC's Hopscotch Lipcolor.

Purple & Nude


Unknown said...

OMG These look great!! The colors, the pigmentation, everything!!! It's a bit pricey but I might be investing in this awesome palette. Once again, thanks for the info hun!!!

Dila said...

1 word gorgeous!

Edna said...

The lipsticks are gorgeous! How does the purple compare to MAC's lavender whip and fashion mews?

izumi said...

WOW! those eyeshadows are suuuuper pigmented! that yellow is awesome xD

lindah said...

nude is def. not nude! It's pink!! lol I think this brand is really worth purchasing :)

Madame B Fatale said...

Looks great!!! Can't wait for the other reviews:)

Shen said...

your reviews are just making me want to haul! :) its so addicting! :)

wuzzyangel said...

Wowo!! Talk about bright & pigmented!! The green is gorgeous!! Well they all are, but I'm partial to green! LOL!

And the Nude lippie seems like a sweet everyday lip color!!

THanks for ALL the swatchies Whit!!