Genie Beauty Products Review

What do you wish for?

Smoother, less-wrinkled skin?

To get back that "glow"?

Stop looking tired?

Genie Beauty products represent natural beauty at its best-- we give you a better version of you! Genie products combine natural ingredients with modern technology to help achieve a smooth, natural and flawless look. You’ll never have to wish for a beautiful complexion again.

Genie combines powerful ingredients like Aloe Vera, collagen, peptides, antioxidants and our exclusive T-One complex to help reduce the signs of aging and restore every woman's natural beauty.

Go ahead, make a wish and open your eyes to a more beautiful you with Genie Beauty products!


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Special Genie Ingredients


Genie Infomercial

Genie Instant Line Smoother
Genie Instant Line Smoother is a clear cosmetic that instantly smoothes away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, bags and puffiness. Your skin will look younger, smoother and firmer within minutes and lasts for hours. Genie Instant Line Smoother can be used on the bags and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, forehead, lips, neck and décolleté – anywhere you want to look younger and smoother.

PROBLEM: Women (and Men) want an instant solution to decrease their fine lines and wrinkles. Even younger women have problems with bags and puffiness under the eyes.

SOLUTION: Genie Instant Line Smoother is a clear cosmetic that in 2-3 minutes will smoothe away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, bags and puffiness.



  1. Allow your skin care products (ie. moisturizer particularly) to COMPLETELY absorb. This means you should not be able to "see" any moisturizer sitting on top of your skin.
  2. Then apply two pumps of Genie into your hand and apply all over your face including your eyelids and down your neck onto your decollete. DO NOT RUB THE PRODUCT IN. This may feel a little odd at first but just let it absorb into your skin. It should look "wet" when you first apply it.
  3. It should be dry in about 2-3 minutes. Then apply your make up as usual.
  4. If you want a greater smoothing effect or need more smoothing in a particular area (ie. under your eyes, etc.) go back and apply an additional layer in that area. Remember to let the product completely dry before applying more product.

Genie has a built-in indicator, if you see a white residue or "halo", it means you have applied too much. Simply blend away with a small amount of moisturizing gel or lotion. Next time, use less product. You may also feel a firming effect as Genie smoothes your skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. This is normal and indicates that the product is working. It should relax after it has completely dried.

So I put this product to the test on my 80 year old Nana (grandma).
Boy does she love this stuff!!
She says it glides on nicely and it is very smooth.
I asked if she felt it smoothed out her fine lines and wrinkles, and she said YES!!
Believe me, Nana wouldn't lie- she is very blunt and honest!

Genie Line Smoothing Foundation

I wish my fine lines and wrinkles would disappear, now. Genie Line Smoothing Foundation works to give you soft, smooth, beautiful skin—instantly. It contains light-refracting particles that help deflect light away from fine lines and wrinkles, for a noticeably younger appearance. And it includes the same Aloe Vera and powerful antioxidants that are in Genie Instant Line Smoother, so you can use both together for amazing results.

I wish for a natural finish—to look like me, only better! Ordinary foundation can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, actually making you look older. Genie Line Smoothing Foundation is different. Its specially coated pigments virtually float over the skin without settling into lines and wrinkles.


This formula combines T-1 Complex (a powerful MMP inhibitor) with the dual peptide Matrixyl 3000 to help reduce free radical damage and improve your skin's tone and texture.

Genie Line Smoothing foundation is especially formulated to instantly provide moisture, firmness, protection and a more youthful-looking you all day long.

Lightweight—you get coverage without feeling like you’re wearing make up.

Provides SPF15 protection

Our super charged formula includes our signature anti-oxidant package of Vitamins A, C & E along with T-One Complex, an MMP-inhibitor and Matrixyl 3000, a dual peptide.

PROBLEM: You don't like to look like you're wearing make up yet you want smooth, even toned, great-looking skin.

ANSWER: Try packing your foundation with hard-working skin care ingredients along with firming, smoothing technology and you get a beautiful finish to your skin with Genie Line-Smoothing Foundation.

Special Note: If you use, Genie Instant Line Smoother make sure it has dried completely before applying Genie Line-Smoothing Foundation.

Start with one pump of foundation and blend from the outer portion of your face towards your nose. (You can use your fingers, a sponge or a foundation brush.) Avoid foundation under your eye area when applying—you don’t want a lot of texture there and you are going to use additional line smoother or concealer there. Also remember to make sure you blend from your jawline down the first third of your neck. Finish and set your foundation with Genie Cashmere Powder.



This is the shade I've been using since I have more color from my self-tanning products.
I will probably switch to Light, when my faux-tan fades.
This is a MEDIUM coverage foundation (Nana says).
I feel like it's more of a sheer-to-medium (definitely buildable).

This is Nana's shade- she has olive undertones and it works well for her!
She LOVES this foundation, she described it as "silky & medium coverage; not at all heavy!"


Genie Vibrant Eyes Concealer Pen

Breakthrough technology of T-1 Complex is clinically proven to reduce dark circles by 28%


This lightweight, creamy texture glides on the skin effortlessly- It will not grab or drag on the skin. It floats on top and will not lay in lines and wrinkles.


MMP inhibitor (T-1 Complex) helps stop free radical damage that contributes to the formation of dark under eye circles.


With continued use—may help prevent the formation of dark circles


T-1 Complex technology is so advanced that is has been granted three U.S. patents.

Instantly improve the look of your dark under eye circles– by covering them with this lightweight, CREASE-PROOF formula.


Infused with light reflective pigments- give an instant brightening effect.


A special blend of jojoba, sunflower, sesame and wheat germ oil gives you incredible blendability and smoothness.

Three shades available- Neutral, Light and Medium


T-1 complex is a super-charged antioxidant that inhibits MMP activity. T-1 Complex helps diminish the harmful activity of MMPs .MMPs are skin-destroying enzymes that diminish key processes responsible for skin tone, texture and volume. T-1 complex blocks the effects of existing MMPs and helps inhibit the formation of new ones. T-1 Complex is the underlying base for almost all products in the Genie beauty products line.


Easily blends—can be used over or under make up.

PROBLEM: Dark Circles make you look tired and many concealers are too thick; crease and make your wrinkles more prominent. You may improve the darkness problem but create a wrinkle problem. As you age, the breakdown of collagen and the integrity of your skin's internal strength diminishes. This can result in wrinkled skin, loss of tone and dark circles resulting from weak capillaries.

SOLUTION: Genie Vibrant Eyes Concealer is lightweight and CREASE-PROOF. It actually floats on your skin while light-refracting particles make the area look brighter. The T-1 Complex in the formulation diminishes the actual dark circle over time by stopping free radicals from breaking down your collagen.


Be sure to prime the pen. This means when you first get your pen, you may need to click it 10-20 times the first time you use it to get the flow of product going. Using your ring finger, gently tap or press the concealer into the hollow of your eye nearest your nose and in the corners. You want to keep the concealer on top of where your dark circle is. Be sure not to drag the concealer all the way from nose to corner of eye – this will definitely give you a “raccoon” look.

Remember, you are using concealer to cover dark circles and brighten any shadows. Sometimes shadows are unrelated to dark circles and may just be related to the bone structure of your face or shadows may be occurring because of puffiness under your eye. You may use several light layers to achieve the brightness you want.




The shade Medium is best for me. If you are fair, with yellow undertones, then Light is perfect for you. And if you are fair with pink undertones, then Neutral is best for you.
Actually I like to use the Neutral as a color-corrector under my eyes before applying Medium. It helps fade the dark circles even more!
This is a medium to full coverage. It dries quickly and it is truly creaseproof and it lasts alllll day!

Genie Cashmere Powder
$38 (introductory compact kit w/brush)
  • Perfect for use with Genie Line-Smoothing Foundation and Genie Instant Line Smoother
  • Triple milled-- so you get one of the softest, most lightweight powders you will experience. It has been ground down three times to get the smallest particles possible.
  • Contains T-1 Complex, a super MMP-inhibitor, to help tone and revitalize your complexion while reducing free-radical damage.
  • Non-drying formula will not cake or settle into fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Infused with our signature T-One complex, vitamin E, soy protein and aloe vera, Genie Cashmere powder helps to protect and condition the skin against free radical damage and helps to reduce the signs of aging.
  • Contains aloe vera for increased hydration and moisture.
  • Translucent/Transparent/Clear- imparts no color, just luminance.
  • Pressed for portability but acts like a loose powder.
  • Helps set your foundation enabling it to last longer. Soft, luminous youthful appearance
  • Good for your skin ingredients-- Also contains aloe vera, vitamin C and soybean oil

PROBLEM: Many women stop using powder as they age because it can make you look older and further define lines and wrinkles you might want to hide. Finishing powder can emphasize lines and wrinkles, can look "chalky", too matte; yet we still want our foundation to "set", dampen down any overt shine and have glowing youthful looking skin.

SOLUTION: A Radiant pressed powder that sets your foundation, is good for your skin and imparts a luminous finish. Genie Cashmere powder is so fine (micro-milled three times!) that it gives you a luminous look while "floating" on your skin not settling into lines.


Using your kabuki brush, swirl powder onto your brush. Then take the base of the brush (the gold flat part) and bang it down on your countertop. This is called "loading" your brush with the powder. It's a make up artist technique and it loads your brush with powder rather than the powder just sitting on the very tips of the brushes and falling all over your countertop or making a blotch on your face.

Then buff the powder into your skin from the center of yor face to the outside edge. One of Patty's most important tips on creating a natural look is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!!! This is the product (powder) and tool (kabuki brush) you use to BLEND!


So this translucent powder definitely adds a glow to the skin, but I would recommend using a bronzer over it to contour. It is not heavy, nor is it chalky.
It soft and silky.

Genie Make Me Blush
$20 (w/mini brush)


Genie Make Me Blush Buildable Color is a compact of micronized minerals that transform from cream into a powdery finish that can instantly add radiance to your skin.

The first time you touch the creamy, smooth color, you’ll know this is something different! This blush is incredibly creamy and smooth.

Buildable color is the hottest new trend in color cosmetics and Genie Make Me Blush is the easiest way to give your skin a fresh, radiant glow.

It gives you that fresh color in your cheeks as if you just blushed!

Great for eyes, lips and cheeks. Ideal for busy women-- this one compact perks up your whole face. It's one of those all purpose products that you would want with you on a desert island.

Buildable Color means that the color is formulated to be layered on top of itself. One application will give you a sheer wash of color. Two applications give you a more definite pop of color. Three applications definitely deepen the intensity of and is great for evenings out.

These color-infused reflective pigments create a beautiful glow instantly. This is not your daughters highlighting wand-- no gloss, glitter or metallics.

Infused with light reflective pigments--It adds a natural, rosy glow to the cheeks, and a conditioning kiss of color to the eyes and lips. This color is wearable for virtually any skin tone.

This lightweight, creamy texture glides on the skin effortlessly-- It will not grab or drag on the skin and will not lay in lines and wrinkles and will not clog pores.

You control the color – from a sheer wash of color to a more dramatic look in seconds. Its up to you!

Instant, more youthful-looking skin-- Instantly adds natural radiance to lips, cheeks and eyes. No more looking washed out.

All Natural-- Micronized minerals gives you a natural glow. New Cosmetic Technology--Allows easy, creamy application that transforms into a matte, powdery, radiant finish. Goof Proof—you’ll never again put on too much color. Wash of color allows you to build up to the coverage you desire. And if you apply it in the wrong place you have a couple of minutes to adjust it before it dries down to a powdery, matte finish. Natural Effect-- Color-infused reflective pigments create a beautiful glow instantly without gloss, glitter or metallics. Universal shade—this amazing shade works with almost all skin types.

PROBLEM: As women age, we lose the natural freshness, pinkness to our cheeks and overall skin tone. We tend to look washed-out, faded.

SOLUTION: Reclaim your fresh, healthy glow with Genie Make Me Blush


For Fresh, Healthy Cheeks:

Apply Make Me Blush over foundation or onto clean skin. Use your fingers as the warmth of your fingers transforms the creamy formulation into a silky wash of color. Dot the apple of your cheek and blend it out onto your cheekbone. Use sparingly at first and build the depth of color desired by adding layers.

To Use as Blush:

Apply Make Me Blush, build the layers to create the depth of color you desire.

For Wide-Open Eyes:

Using your fingertips or eyeshadow brush, blend color over your entire eye area. You can create a variety of looks. Apply over whole eye area when you are on the go! Blend with your favorite powdered eye shadows mixing textures gives you a more modern look! Apply Make Me blush over your eyelid and use a lighter powder shade under your brow. For a more dramatic look, build another layer over Make Me Blush color.

For Natural-Looking Lips:

Apply with fingertips or lip brush. Apply to the center of each lip and work your way out to the corners. Create a different look by applying over your favorite lip color or apply your favorite lip gloss over Make Me Blush.

Sheer, but buildable.
Feels "hydrating" on the cheeks!
Seems like this color would look good on anyone, because it's not too pink and not to orange.

Genie TLC Mascara
TLC= Thicken, Lengthen, Condition

The secret to gorgeous lashes is more than great mascara; it’s the brush used to apply it.

Each end of Genie’s unique wand is designed specifically to achieve the desired look for top and bottom lashes. The larger brush adds volume, thickness and length to your top lashes, while the shorter brush helps add color and definition to the small, hard-to-reach bottom lashes


Top lash brush- super fat brush is exclusively engineered to deliver the mascara to your lashes to create a flawless length and to create a plump appearance to the lash.

Bottom lash brush- delicate hollow fibers were engineered specifically to target your tiny bottom lashes for brilliant definition adhering to the minute, almost impossible, hard to reach corner lashes.


The soft, velvet silica fibers are included in the rich formula to visually expand as well as lengthen your lashes. Add width and volume to your lashes as well as thicken lashes from the base all the way to the tips. Your lashes will dramatically transform and resemble professional lash extensions.


The supple, conditioning aloe vera hydrates your lashes and helps prevent flaking and clumping.Conditioners such as beeswax and aloe vera keep your lashes soft,--- never crunchy.


The reflective pigments in this color-adjusting formula change with your personal coloring. (Example: If you have dark hair the shade of the mascara will appear darker, etc.)

· Genie TLC Mascara is long lasting, water resistant, smudge and flake proof.

· Adds volume by coating each individual lash

· Helps add weightless definition to eyes

· Helps lashes appear plumped and instantly fuller

PROBLEM: As we age, our hair (including our eyelashes) tend to thin.

SOLUTION: Genie TLC Mascara visibly PLUMPS the diameter of your lashes as well as making them long and luxurious. The patented double-brush system gives you a separate brush for the top and the bottom lashes -- each specifically designed to give you the best looking lashes

How to use:

Start by placing the TOP LASH applicator (the big, fat one) against the base of your lashes. Wiggle and Twirl . . . these two actions will give you colossal lashes as well as brilliant definition.

Use the BOTTOM LASH applicator (the shorter, skinnier one) on your bottom lashes. Carefully wiggle the bottom lash brush and softly brush it across the lash.

Top Lash Applicator

Bottom Lash Applicator


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