Etsy Review: Pinque Chocolat

...soft and romantic mineral makeup...

She makes the prettiest shades, and she creates the cutest names!!
These are gorgeous- I love purples, and her shades definitely have depth and dimension.

Feed Me Some Grapes

The Fair Maiden

Luscious Lavender Shimmer

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner


Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
Mineral Lipgloss
ahhh- Gorgeous milky-pink!!


Zoella. said...

Wow. Those colours look amazing! I love both the "nobody puts baby in the corner!" products. Soo pretty! xxx

Ida said...

oh my goodness. so many great etsy finds! :D

Catherine said...

Those *are* such cute finds hehehe. Gonna have to check out her glosses =)

justltee said...

How do you find these shops Whit?!

That lipgloss looks uber cute.

izumi said...

another pretty milky pink! haha :)

love the marooned and feed me grapes xD

lindah said...

pretty shimmers & colors! The lippie looks so fluid :)

Zoe said...

You always get to know the prettiest stuff^^I love the colors*

Shizznizzle said...

Gorgeous! I'm always at the new find of new MMU, Whit =) that lippy must look super pretty on you ^^

wuzzyangel said...

Whoa check out the SHIMMER in those piggies!! O_O

And that gloss is sooo YOU Whit!! :) Hope alls well! :)

Edna said...

How pretty! I like the lipgloss color :)