Etsy Review: Michelle Chang Jewelry

I don't know what it is about Michelle's jewelry, but it appeals to me SOOO much!
I could wear her pieces EVERY SINGLE DAY and never get bored of them!
They are so small and tiny, yet, elegant and classic (yes, even the mini skull).

Baby Skull Necklace in Silver
Small, tiny miniature baby skull pendant on a fine chain. Delicate and infinitely adorable. The skull is approx. 1/4" long on a 16" chain. In sterling silver. Also offered with diamonds, gold vermeil, and in 14k gold in separate listings.

(please let her know I sent you!)


Latinminx79 said...

OMG this is too cute!!!

Unknown said...

im thinking about getting the bunny one or the cat one! i love it!

Sofie said...

Cute! You have been ordering so much beautiful jewelry! :)

Momoberry said...

Hi Whit, I'm Monica a new blogger :) I found out about Michelle Chang's jewelery on Fuz's blog. I ordered the Baby Kitten necklace and the Baby shark tooth necklace from her. Both are super cute! I ordered them in two different longer lengths and look great layered. Looking forward to ordering the baby skull too! Love your blog, have a great weekend!

Edna said...

Way too cute :)

May said...

so cute!

izumi said...

yet another thing for me to want to get, hahaha. wantd it after seeing it on fuz's blog.. then steph/dsk.. now yours! aahh! must get!