"Fashion at a Fraction"
"Affordably Priced Handmade Jewelry Sets"

She makes Custom Initial Pendant Necklaces!!

Warm Neutrals:
MAC: Samoa Silk, Texture, & Motif eyeshadows

How's everybody doin? It's been dreadfully hot, here in San Diego!
Oh good news, my mum's back from Oregon and she did my roots today!


Zoe said...

Wow..I love love ur necklace^^ and ofcourse ur beautiful make up^^

izumi said...

wow talk about bling ;) haha!

i love the look! absolutely love it :) what was your full face? andd i wanna see your hair :D

wuzzyangel said...

Ahh!! Whitz been branded!!! :) Great Esty find again!!

And I'm loving the pinky neutral EOTD!!

Gah it's been so HOT down here too!! I'm sure you guys have it even worse, but still.... I feel like I'm melting everyday & NITE now!! LOL!

Edna said...

Yay :) Pretty necklace and I like your eye of the day. cant wait to see your hair :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

More stuff from Etsy! :)

& YAY for your mom being back in town!! ^__^

AskMeWhats said...

your eye shot is super pretty! crystal clear and looks wonderful! :)

none said...
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Rai said...

You're always hauling from Etsy and find such the cutest things!!

It's dreadfully hot here as well. It's been in the 100's a lot. =[

MEVISH said...

awww thi is so cute!