Erno Laszlo Review

This is my first time trying out Erno Laszlo's products.
I am happy to report that these are very impressive products.
Guess who used to use his products?
Greto Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, & Marilyn Monroe!
Read more about his background HERE.
I actually feel kind of honored to be using his products, if that makes any sense. lol!

Multi-pHase Blusher
Facial blusher
Multi-pHase Blusher looks natural and blends easily with any skin tone to give your skin the most naturally-blushed look. Apply to brow bones, cheek bones and down the middle of the nose to accentuate the planes of your face. Works with any skin tone.

Multi-pHase Bronzer
Facial bronzer
Multi-pHase Bronzer looks natural and blends in beautifully with any skin tone. Five hues in various shades create the look of sun-kissed skin without sitting in the sun. Apply to brow bones, cheek bones and down the middle of the nose to accentuate the planes of your face.

Ahhhh! SCARY!
I love the Erno Laszlo Beta Mask!!
Beta Mask
Blemish treatment for normal to oily skin
This targeted treatment is a multi-faced approach to combating acne. It contains one percent salicylic acid for mild exfoliation, willow bark extract to reduce sebum secretion and kaolin to absorb excess shine. Because blemished skin is sensitive, calendula, arnica and sage are added to tone and moisturize, while peppermint and eucalyptus provide antibacterial benefits.

Using my Erno Laszlo Multi-Phase Blush & Bronzer
(I used the bronzer in my crease too)
Lips: Saint Pink, & Pink Lipliner (Lipstick Queen)
Week 4 of Lilash- no huge improvement...


Zoe said...

Gosh, u get to use the coolest stuff^^, how I wish I could try the ERNO LASZLO Beta Mask ^^;
Ur skin looks so beautiful and I love ur make up^^

Natalie said...

I use erno laszlo concealer and it rocks!

You have amazing skin, btw! :)

lindah said...

aww pretty :) and I think there's no improvement because your lashes are already great! :D

R.C. said...

Erno Laszlo is THA SHIT! I use it like it's my freakin' religion... you should seriously try the C-Peel scrub... it's a citrus orange smelling (ssoooo fresh) scrub and then you put a liquid over for a mask like effect (they come together)... seriously amazing skincare... I have the most problematic skin ever and this guy nursed it back to health (improving every day) ;) Great review!

izumi said...

oooo, i love mosaic blushers and bronzers :D very pretty look! i think the most improvement in your lashes are the bottom ones.. they look FAKE!

Jem said...

i have seen that before & i was thinking that if ever i get the extra money ill be getting that instead of the guerlain meteorites compact..

thanks for the swatch

you look really pretty
i love how simple it looks..
it shows your eyes!

wuzzyangel said...

That's an impressive list of clientele! Dang Whit you really are on a roll with the reviews!! Thank you soo much again for the swatches and for sharing this brand with us!!

Oooh the blusher looks purdy!! And this is a great natural looking FOTD!! hehe... loving the Skull Scarf! :)

I LOVE WHIT!! <3!!

Chrissy said...

Wow, those products look really interesting. And I love that FOTD! You are so amazing at this. :)