Ebay Haulz & Eki-Luvin'!

I've been lemming to try the Badger Brushes- I just don't want to order from Coastal Scents because shipping is too expensive IMO.
Also, I have the 88 Shimmer Palette- but I wanted the 88 Matte Palette too.
However, some of the shades are shimmery in the 88 Matte Palette.

You can purchase these products HERE.

Badger Brushes
(warning: they smell bad, which is normal- but with a few washes, they are just fine)

I was little bummed out with this brush, because it isn't as soft as I'd hope it would be.
But WOW, you can achieve some great coverage with this brush.
I used it with my MAC MSF Natural and it applied to an almost full coverage.
Love that aspect of it.

This, hands-down, my favorite brush out of the loot!
It's soft too!
I applied this with my cream foundation and it was SO fast and SO easy, with a beautiful coverage. I definitely recommend getting this one!!!
It's a MH! ("Must-Have")

This brush is not soft. I will not use it on my face.
However, I used with bronzer to bronze my neck (my neck is so pale- compared to my face and body)- So if you're looking for a body bronzing/shimmering brush, then definitely check out this one.

This is softer than than the last one.
This is small, therefore it's great for PRECISION angle contouring.
It also makes a great highlighting-cheek-bone brush.

It seriously is amazing- I have two of these now.
You can use it to pack-on the lid color, to blend the crease, as well as highlighting the brow-bone!
A definite MH!

This is a softer rounded crease brush-
great for precision, and "cutting-the-crease."
It's also a wonderful smudge brush for liner.

The Pretty Stuffs
Emma is so nice- please go check out her Ebay Store!
Green Tea Marvel Gel
smells really nice- a soft, powdery, green-tea scent.
-softens the cornified layer to gently remove dead skin cells
-softens & smoothes rough oarse skin
-stimulates skin metabolism, making your skin look younger
-anti-oxidant effect for fairer skin
-balance free radicals & delays aging process
-revitalizes skin cells to lighten aging spots and freckles (THIS IS WHAT I NEED!)
-removes make-up & impurities

Active ingredients are:
green tea, aloe vera, bio-gel, geranium, & herbal extracts.

Obviously this is for your face, but I'm going to demonstrate using the back of my hand.
Squeeze tube with a light green color.
Beginning to flake off that dead skin.
WOW, eeew, I know but it really works & I've tried a couple out there, but none have worked as good as this.

Then Rinse.

Now on to my Eki-Luv LUV PACK!!
Eki, you are seriously the best!
You are so beautiful, you can do makeup, you're down to-earth, and I just LUVZ YA!!!
Thank you so much babe, for everything!
Your card was so sweet :*)

She got me this necklace at ALDO (I didn't even know they had jewelry).
OMG look how gorgeous it is?!

I wanted this forever Eki, you are so sweeeeeet!!
You P&J De-virginized me! lol!

Look at how perfect this shade is????
Matches me to a T.

This is so cute!
Hello Kitty vanilla scented body butter.

The best part...
"Made with Eki-Luv"
She makes the most gorgeous, and cute pieces!
I'm going to be wearing these things like everyday!
I'm obsessed.


justltee said...

Whit, that Green Tea gel looks interesting!

And you're right, that Paul and Joe stick concealer totally matches your skin.

Love the bow and headband.

Too bad about the scratchiness of the brushes but seems like you can put to good use all of them.

Tiff said...

I use that round crease brush all the time...that thing is awesome! That hello kitty body butter is the cutest thing ever :D.

Sara (The Makeup Snob.com) said...

omg. everything is soo pretty! The brushes look fantastic!

amynaree said...

The stuff from Eki are super cute!

izumi said...

uh h, i think i have a few brushes that i want now.. dang you. full coverage ehh? i gotta try it!

and eki's freakin' bomb! hhaha :)

eki said...

babe~ Im glad you like the item and I thought the p&J would match you :D

I wanna see whit babe with the bows <3<3 ^0^

Denysia said...

The stuff from Eki, looks very cute! :)

mszcheysser said...

Aww! I like what Eki gave you, super cute! & She did, such a great job with the bows. =] AND EEEE! Nice C/S Haul. And I agree, the shipping is expensive.

lindah said...

I have the matte palette! I wish I didn't buy it though lol. Too much color for me :P I want the neutral palette and those brushes though! :) and the peel looks interesting, I might try it because I got some money left on my giftcard :D and eki is so sweet! I need to try out some of her pieces :)

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I have not buy any brushes, so need to wash first hehe.. now I know. Hmm... how to wash it?

fuzkittie said...

Love green tea, haha! Eki is sweet~ :]

Shop N' Chomp said...

That P&J concealer does match you perfectly, Whit!

*whispers* I'm still a P&J virgin

wuzzyangel said...

You know what's a good Flat Top Buffer Brush?! The one from Everyday Minerals!! Shit is sooo SOFT and provide maximum coverage!! I love it for loose MMU!

Great haulin Whit!! You always find good Ebay deals!

Ohhh.... Eki love!! Isn't it some of the best kinda of loving?! Straight from her talented pretty self!!


Catherine said...

Nice hauls and wow - so nice of Eki! That IS a perfect match!! :D Thanks so much for the reviews of the badger brushes too - I was considering getting a set of them (don't know why, I already have brushes LOL) and I'm glad I didn't since they're not as soft it seems. I have the small smudger and the angled crease brush and really like them though.

Unknown said...

ooo I love your haul!!! That tea tree product looks like something I need in my life...lol...

Anonymous said...

Oooh I really want that Marvel gel. It looks really fun:) Great haul btw!

DluxEdition.com said...

Thanks for reviewing those brushes! I've been thinking of buying them!

ectini said...

That green tea gel looks so interesting! Interested to see how well it lightens freckles. Ooo can't wait for my order from Eki too hehe :D

Katrina said...

what a nice ebay haul, and eki is so sweet!! Her bows are too cute and the goodies she threw in are to die for.

Edna said...

Nice ebay haul :)

Wow, GINVERA looks amazing. I think I might have to put that on my lemming list. I need to lighten up my freckles. (HAHA an Asian girl with freckles!! ... that's almost unheard of!!)

Eki <3s you. What a sweet love pack!

Crystal said...

love your haul! i want CS brushes too but shipping is expensive.

Make Song Up. said...

I love the badger brushes. I have the 5th and 6th one, and I would agree the 5th one is a must have! I have 2 of them too! I really want to try a flat top bronzer/face brush. Maybe I'll give the one above a try!