DOOP Hair Product Review

very cool styling products!
It's actually pronounced "DOPE."

The Switcher
Hold: 3
Shine: 6
Type: Pliable Fibre Mud
Effect: That 'sleezy surf' look
Special Features:
Curl emphasizing. Makes your hair feel a little dirty, kind of a wet look.
Your hair stays soft but has a good hold. "Wanna do some hairflips??"
Specially Made for: Medium to longer lengths and curly hair as well.

Unfortunately this was a little on the greasy side.
I have fine, thin hair so it would probably work better for thicker hair types.

The Outsider
Hold: 9
Shine: 1
Type: Shaping Mud
Effect: “The matte natural look”
Special Features:
Matte power mud, extra strong hold. It looks like there is no product in your hair at all.
Easy to restyle & wash out. "Escape from hairanoia!!"
Specially Made for: Short hair

The Sinner
Hold: 5
Shine: 3
Type: Pliable Paste
Effect: That ‘grungy dirty’ effect
Special Features:
Easy to use cream, gives medium to long hair the firmness it needs to create a messy and dirty look.
Non greasy and easy to wash out. For a matte effect; mold product for a longer time.."Wanna experience a hairgasm??"
Specially Made for: Medium to longer lengths


lindah said...

where do you buy this at? :) I want to get the outsider for my mannn lol!

wuzzyangel said...

LOL I thought this said something else at first!

thanks for the reviews Whit!! :)

Unknown said...

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