Bubba Got Groomed + MAC Haul

Bubba looks so fancy and fluffy!
I could not stop laughing after I picked him up from the Dapper Doggery.
They usually give him a scarf, because he is a boy.
But this time, he came home with a BOW!!
It's really cute though, actually!
Thought I'd share...

Bubba is a Bichon Frise/Cocker Spaniel mix.

My little girl, Dolce, always climbs-up on Nana's lap!

Onto my mini MAC haul.
Okay, I didn't get the new tinted moisturizers:
1. Because I have enough!
2. I prefer fuller coverage
3. They are reeaaallly sheer IMO
So from the Baby Blooms Collection, I only got Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm in Just a Smudge.
From Love That Look, I had all of the original ones that came out last year form Starflash (except for Smoke & Diamonds).
So I picked up Smoke & Diamonds, Style Snob, Rated R & Rave Pearlglide Liner.
I have Fly-By-Blue somewhere, I have to find it- it's one of my favs!

Smoke & Diamonds

Style Snob

Rated "R"
(this was a freebie for B2M)

I absolutely adore this lip balm.
It stays on longer than most lip balms, and I LOVE the gold reflecting glitters!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hahaha! Well, Bubba's still cute either way! :)

Unknown said...

awwww.... you dig is adorable.

great haul by the way. The lip balm look so pretty.

Kimmy said...

Your dog is too cute, my daughter would be laughing like crazy if she saw these pictures of him. She would try to grab him out the computer...lol
Terrific haul, the Rated R is such a nice green.

Lolita Riot said...

lol he looks too happy! ugh ok I neeeeeeed smoke & diamonds!!

Unknown said...

the liner looks so pretty

Julienne said...

Aww your doggies are so cute :) If you're looking for something to help Dolce's tear stains, you should try using Angel's Eyes. It really worked wonders on my maltipoo. :D

Denysia said...

hehe. your dogs look cute! :)

wuzzyangel said...

Awwww Bubba and Dolce are sooo cute!! LOL! We used to get our Maltese/Shih Tzus groomed, but bcuz we have soo many, the BFs mom just grooms them herself! LOL!

And YAY for MAC! LOL! Oooo Smoke & Diamonds is sooo pretty!! And Rave is just gorgeous!

cavogue said...

Bubba look so adorable.

btw, nice MAC hauls!


Melissa Ann said...

Cute dog!
I have been on the fence about Rated R.
What do you think about it?

LipGlossGossip said...

Aww so cute! :-)

Chiara said...

I like how glittery the lipbalm is, I didn't know they were, I thought they were just lightly colored.
Your dog is adorable btw :)

lindah said...

bubba is so adorable! Makes me miss my jacki :)

and I got all those eyeshadows too! Aren't they gorgeous? :) I don't know what to wear my style snob with? Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

awww your dog is sooo cute!!! Great haul...I should go back and get one of those tinted balms.