Benefit Summer Must Haves

I used to work for Benefit back in the day.
Love the products- I am and always will be a true fan of Benefit Cosmetics!
Here are some summer must have items!

Hello Flawless
custom powder cover up with SPF 15
Shade: 03 "I'm Cute as a Bunny HONEY!"
(natural honey for paler beige complexions)
why we love it:This silky powder cover-up glides on naturally sheer and layers beautifully for customized coverage with SPF protection. Complete with brush and sponge and dual application lesson.
how to apply:
For spot cover-up, dab directly on blemishes or discoloration with sponge. For allover sheer finish, sweep on with brush. Use quick, light strokes to blend from the center of your face outward. To cover it all (& then some!), apply evenly over entire complexion with sponge.

Erase Paste
brightening camouflage for eyes & face
Shade: No.2 Medium
why we love it:This concentrated, creamy concealer brightens and camouflages in one easy step! Targets dark circles, discoloration and imperfections.what else you need to know:Three shades with brightening melon undertones to suit every complexion. Comes complete with a fully illustrated, step-by-step lesson and mini-spatula for easy application.

Lip Gloss
love your... lip gloss
Shade: I'm with the Band
(golden pink shimmer)
why we love it:Our luscious new lip glosses glide on the perfect payoff, dazzling shine and would never dream of being sticky! They're the glosses you've been waiting for!what else you need to know:he soft cushion paddle smoothes on easily for glimmering, shimmering lips. With 8 "pinch me, I'm dreaming" shades, you'll be fantasizing about 'em all! You'll love the delicate apricot-lychee scent!

Instant Brow Pencil
pencil for natural looking brows
Shade: light to medium
why we love it:
This is your perfect brow pencil for soft, subtle, long-wearing definition in an instant. It glides on easily and leaves a natural powder-like finish. Where you go, your brow pencil should follow!what else you need to know:The spoolie tip makes blending a breeze. Comes in two shades to compliment every brow color.
how to apply:
Lightly draw pencil on your brow, filling in sparse areas. Brush brows in place with the spoolie.

BADgal Liner Waterproof
extra black waterproof eye pencil
why we love it:Our extra black slimline BADgal liner waterproof eye pencil stays put rain or shine.what else you need to know:Comes with a blending tip for creating sexy, smoky eyes.

bronzing powder
why we love it:Dust this soft bronze powder over your complexion for a healthy, natural looking "tan" year-round. No tanning bed necessary!what else you need to know:Complete with soft, natural-bristle cheek brush.
how to apply:
Sweep across chin, cheeks, and forehead with accompanying brush. For lighter bronze coverage, use with our fantail brush.

coral blush for a tropical flush
why we love it:Our warm coral-pink cheek powder is your "coral blush for a tropical flush"! This shade cheers up every skin tone in seconds.what else you need to know:Complete with soft, natural-bristle blush brush.
how to apply:
Swirl brush in the box & blow off excess. Smile & brush lightly across the apples of your cheeks, starting from the hairline and working in.

Here's a look I did using:
Benefit's Summer Must Haves

Benefit products that I used:
eyes: badgal waterproof liner
brows: instant brow pencil
concealer/face: erase paste
face: hello flawless powder
bronzer/contour: hoola
blush & highlight: coralista


Zoe said...

I really wanna try all their products but they are pricey here^^;
Pretty pictures^^

Jasmin said...

beautiful look! love benefit!

KillaCamilla said...

i want to try that eye brightener now! it looks amazing.

Kalmo said...

Hi Whit!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. You have such a such blog and you update frequently, I love it. ohh, thanks for this post, I'm always on the lookout for new concealers.

Unknown said...

dang the lip gloss is perfect, i want i want!

lindah said...

I love benefit, I've been lemming on that foundation..! I feel so TANNED trying to color match myself with their line LOL, I think I'm the second darkest or third darkest one :D I'm going to pick it up soon and if I ever find coralista, I'm gonna scoop that up too even if I'm broke because it's always sold out!!!!

Laura L said...

lol.... that is a huge haul...

Melissa Ann said...

I have been loving me some Benefit myself this summer! Love that gloss!

Rhania E. said...

dear, i love the lipgloss and the blush =) but they were too pricey =(

Shopaholicgirl said...

im also a fan of Benefit products. i already own coralista and erase paste anf love them, but i really wanna try hello flawless so ill prob get that soon. great post :)

wuzzyangel said...

AHH BENEFIT!! I used to use their stuff in HS well some of their stuff... I wasn't too much into MU in HS! LOL! But I hear good things about HELLO FLAWLESS! And I know that everyone raves about the cheek colors! WHOA that gloss is super shimmery!

SEXY WHIT ALERT!! WHOoooo!!! Gorgeous in the purples!! Ahhhh... SEXY LADY!!! TOO SEXY TOO SEXY!! (know what that's from? lol)

Anonymous said...

My friends raved about Benefit cosmetics, and the packaging/products looked so nice. I purchased from the U.S.A website and couldn't wait to try them. I used the Dr Feelgood and Erase paste and my skin reacted badly. The Dr Feelgood balm, it made my skin weep and the Erase paste left a big welt where I had applied it and then it turned into a big red mark that took ages to disappear. (tho my friend has no problems using this concealer)

I was so disappointed that my skin reacted badly and so wanted these products to work for me. Darn my sensitive skin! I guess not everything works for everyone?

Czel said...

hi whit!
My sis told me that she'll be sending me coralista and benetint soon, and this blog post realy made me excited to receive them. i really can't wait!!