BDB- Billion Dollar Brows Review & Tutorial

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Today I present Billion Dollar Brows!
I'm always trying to achieve the perfect brows, because they are anything FAR from it! lol

I like this Brow brush, especially because it's two-in-one.
It's a very thin and fine angled brow brush, it's great for precision.
Gotta love the spoolie end- the really helps to groom the brows.

Universal Brow Pencil
Another spoolie on the other end.
The consistency is really nice- it's not too hard and waxy, yet you can feel that it's water resistant and won't smudge off.

The top row was ONE stroke.
Middle row was TWO strokes.
And the bottom row was THREE strokes.
I like how it's adjustable, hence "universal," to any hair shade.

Brow Gel

Brow Powder (Blonde)

It's so hard to find a nice blonde, neutral shade.
Most "blonde" brow powders are too yellow and orangey.
This one is perfect and it's super silky!

The Brow Buddy
The Brow Buddy is a really cool tool, that helps shape your brows without using brow stencils (I can never get those things to work for me). Haha!
It's really cool- check it out HERE, they also have a video about it.

BDB Brow Tutorial

My natural brows without anything on them.

I start off using BDB's Universal Brow Pencil.

I always start at the outer edges of the brows.

See? Lookin' kind of goofy, I know.

Use the BDB spoolie to brush/groom the brows.

Using the same Universal Brow Pencil, I define where the natural point of my arch is.

Getting there...

The outer edge of my brows are thinning.
But this pencil obviously helps correct this problem.
See how only the outer-part is completed?

Now it's time to fill-in the rest.

I always begin using the brow powder at my arch.

Then whatever product is left on the brush, I use to fill in the rest of my brow- using short strokes, moving towards my inner-eye/nose.

See the difference between the two brows?
My left isn't finished, but my right one is.

I finished by setting my brows in place with BDB's clear brow gel.



fuzkittie said...

O I looove the winging Whit!!

Unknown said...

Awww, your eyes are beautiful and the look is amazing!!

Dila said...

I LOVE ur eye make up looks gorgeous

izumi said...

very nice :D i love your reviews! more more! and i agree w/ fuz, the winging looks awesome!

Unknown said...

awesome awesome brows!! i love all your photos too, great visuals are the key to a good blog IMHO haha!

Catherine said...

This looks so cool - I love the idea of the brow buddy too - I can't use stencils for my life either lol!

Joyce said...

wow i didn't know it takes so much work to get nice brows!

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

I loveee it!

dee said...

dude, i have like no eyebrows, it's like balding, i'm afraid to pluck it bc it takes forever to grow back, lol. i'm always on the look out for new brow products, these look great. u have to let us kno the staying power thru a whole day of sweat and grime!!

KRYSTAL said...

verrry niice! love the review, whit!

Whitney & the full effect said...

DEE! this stuff literally stayed on ALLLLL friggin day! I am in love with these products now! lol!

lindah said...

you are the queen on wings & neutrals! lol, I do mine the same too but I don't use an eyebrow pencil because I don't have any :P Well, I did but it's mia o_O I finally used brow gel today and I have mixed emotions about it *sighh*

and I'm sending your package out tomorrow or thursday :) I hope you like it xD Could you send me your addy again to my email? :D

wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for the review & tut Whit!! Looks like a great kit!!

And I thought your brows were fine before! :) But the after is nice too! ;)

Tina A. said...

You did a great job with these products, but your natural brows look great and well taken care of anyways... ;)


em said...

looks great, thanks for the thorough review & tutorial xo


thanks sooooo much for the eyebrow tutorial! your eyebrows look GORGEOUS. i love how that pencil is universal too cause i sooo know what you mean when you say its soo hard to find a blonde brow pencil!

Anonymous said...

Damn lashes for days! I love itt!!!!! and I love the liner and the brows!! Good job! Seriously.

sindylicious said...