Asian Brand Makeup Haul...Yet again...

Ebay Haul #1
Ebay name: OhMyAlice
Ebay store name: Asian Beauty by Alice
She is such a sweetheart!
Very kind and generous, I'm definitely shopping in her store again.
Not to mention, she has some really great prices!


I've been lemming this brush for quite some time.
I am sooo happy with it!
Think of it as a size that's IN BETWEEN MAC's 187 & 188.
Nice and dense, perfect for liquid foundation.

Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Mild Pact
#2 Natural Beige
When I fell in love with my Lime Secret Glow Pact, I wanted to get another skinfood powder.
I'm still liking my other one better.
But, I guess, this one is supposed to be good for oily skin??

Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher
#1 & #2
I had such high hopes for this blush!
While the packaging is so cute, the product is the worst I have ever seen!
It is so sheer- absolutely NO pigmentation whatsoever!
This makes me mad.
I don't know why, but it does. lol!
I had to RUB and dig my fingers soooo hard in the blush, just to get this much to show up!

Etude House
Ultra Shine Lips
#11, #12, & #14
Oooo I am so in love with these!
They're super hydrating, and they smell so nice.
But the best part is the color-pay-off!
#11 Bubble Shine, #12 Peach Milk, & #14 Strawberry Milk

#11 Bubble Shine
a true, semi-frosty bubble-gum-pink

#12 Peach Milk
My fav!
a light, milky pinky-peach

#14 Strawberry Milk
a sheer, light, milky-pink

all 3 swatched next to each other

Etude House
Dual Change Eyeliner
#1 Russian Black
I love pen-type eyeliners.
I had to swipe a few time to get the blackest pigmentation.
This really does stay on for 1 day (even over 1 day) lol!
I tried makeup removers, and it wouldn't come off!

Etude House
Peach Water Gloss
#2 Strawberry Milk
I'm in love with this gloss.
It's non-sticky, moisturizing formula somewhat tingles (more of a cooling sensation) on my lips!

Ebay Haul #2
Ebay name: koreacreed26
Ebay store name: Fantastic Wonderland

Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base

#2 Gold
This is my favorite out of the two!
I wouldn't necessarily use these as a base, maybe I could mix it in w/a primer.
However, these make excellent liquid highlighters!

#1 Pink
Pink is definitely more frosty.
Left: GOLD
Right: PINK

Bottom: PINK

The Style Lucid Shine Rouge
Umm...this is LOVE!
My favorite is BE01.
Everyone MUST have this shade- sooo gorgeous!

The perfect peachy summer shade!

Err- Hello "Big Bow" Dupe!!!
pink w/violet-blue shimmer

The Style Light Touch Concealer
I bought both shades.
#1 Natural Beige
#2 Light Beige
Sorry I don't know which one is #1& #2 :(
This is the lightest one (I think #2)
The dry down to a matte finish.
This is #1 (I think).

See, on the left it's the lighter shade and on the right is the darker.

Top: lighter shade
Bottom: darker shade

A'pieu Nature Mineral Blusher
I really like this blush.
It can be more of a highlighter w/a lighter touch.
However, the pictures do NOT show the vibrancy.
It's like the Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek, BUT, it has more shine and shimmer.

Etude House
VIP Dear Darling Lipsticks
PKoo8 & PK009
(round 2!!)
To see my review on PK006 & PK007, CLICK HERE!

ahhh... love the cute packaging!

You cannot tell in the pictures, but OMG this reminds me alot of MAC's Lavender Whip!
More purple undertones

This is definitely more of a "hot barbie pink."
Again, the pictures/flash makes it look lighter.

Thanks koreacreed26!
How cute is this mini VIP lippie?!

VIP Lipstick Base

VIP Gloss


courtney said...

OOOH what prettty lippes! I love all baby pink ones and all of yours are gorgeous!! How exciting :)
You should check out my blog :)

Unknown said...

OMG...The lippies look so gorgeous. I love them all!!!

GiGi said...

It's ok to be jealous right? Oh & the packaging!!

noone said...

woww I love the lippies that you got, the pinks look beautiful! Great haul, I'm totally jealous ;)

Bijin Blair said...

Woot, nice haul!!! Whit babe, my finger actually got tired from scrolling all those pictures hahaha ;p Those lippies are so pretty!

Denysia said...

wow, wonderful beautiful stuff! what do you do for a living? because everytime you update you have a ton of stuff that you purchased! Wow! :)

Lolita Riot said...

nice stuff!! those lipsticks are seriously gorgeous!

izumi said...

so sad about that blush!! :( maybe it's better for fairer skintones? like.. nc10? hah hah.

i'm really loving peach milk :D but they're all really pretty!

strawberry milk is gorgeous!

be01.. gorgeouuusssss!!

i LOVE the mini lipstick.. hahaha! it's freakin' adorable :)

Make Song Up. said...

Great haul!! The VIP packaging are so cute=D I used to try to find sellers/stores on ebay that sold asian makeup, but now I don't need to search anymore! Thanks for sharing!

lindah said...

thanks for the ebay finds :D Now I can use my giftcard! ^_^ I loveeee the packaging!

Yoselin said...

Whit I love love love the Strawberry Milk lippy, the PK008 lippy and The Style Light Touch Concealer! I just love when you do Asian brand makeup hauls. Let me know how everything works for you & in case you want to see any of those lippys I'll buy them from you.

jooLee said...

that stipping brush looks amazing! and that lipstick DOES look like lavender whip!

Anonymous said...

Hi there~:)

I do love your blog, but first time posting >_<

re: Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher
the blushes are really for VERY fair skin people :T The purple is apparently very popular in Korea for giving a very natural kiddish flush to the cheeks. It actually does look great, but...not for us darker skinned individuals. (it sucks cause you aren't that dark either! lol, but some girls are WHITE in Korea...I mean they do the whole skin whitening too, at least some of them :P)
Anyway thanks for the mini reviews on everything you got^^ I did love it, with such wonderful swatches too :)

Unknown said...

omg this is a big haul. the pink lippies are soo cute, i mean all of them. the packaging are so pretty too. wow i cant relaly see anything with the cute blushes. the colors seems so pretty an dpigmented in the package.

You should do a video of your makeup collection. its just a suggestion :)

Zoe said...

I love Asian hauls most, soooo pretty^^

wuzzyangel said...

Damn Whit! When you haul the Asian MU you don't mess around! LOL!

Great picks!! And the packaging on all of it is soo cute!! That's one think about Asian MU they suck you in with the packaging! LOL!

OOhhh.. You know how much I love the Lioele BB Cream!! Don't use much for a highlighter, but yay for Lioele none the less! LOL!

For those Skinfood Blushes, maybe you should just crush it up. And then maybe it'll have a better color payoff as a loose powder shadow?

I knew you had a think for pink lippies, but dang! LOL! They all look sexy on them lips of yours! ;)

PLOWHYY said...

wow! I really like Etude House
Ultra Shine Lips #14. you ask me in my blog that did I make those bow? I don't make those, I bought.
{I can't see your cbox.}

I'm follow ur blog ;D

Jem said...

lots of stuff!
you do like asian cosmetics,huh?
can't blame you..with the cute packaging & nice selection..who wouldn't?lol

thanks for the swatches

hope you'll have a nice day,hun!

Tina A. said...

Etude House make brushes as well...?

Girl, I'm loving those lippies, especially the Missha BE01, I 've been eyeing it for a while now...;)))

Great great haul! :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

If I died and went to haul heaven, my guess is it'd look like this :)

stellarvixen said...

princessy haul~~shades of pink soo dreamy yummy
you hav beautiful lips hehe

thanks for the swatches~~

Jo said...

i swear you have the best hauls. I haven't even heard of more than half of these brands/products but they look good! i love drooling over them haha. those lippies are so pretty even though i'm not big on lipcolor hehe

Chiara said...

Whoa, those asian products are so cute! I especially like the VIP lipstick colors.

Edna said...

Wow Whit! Thats a big ebay haul!!

sokpoprocks said...

all those lipsticks are so pretty!!!

BeautyRx said...

Whao!!! Thanks for sharing Whit! I love your blog! I'm going to have to get some of those lippies!

justltee said...

Whoa, you massively hauled huh? Thanks for the ebay recs. I love your haul.