Surprise Wuz-Luv Package! + FOTD

Wuzzzzzzy! I had no idea you were sending me anything!!!
You are such a sweetheart!!
I was ecstatic when I came home from work, and your luv-pack was laying in the dining-room table!
Thank you so much girl!!!
Luv ya my Hawaiian Bombshell!

Hurricane Popcorn
I cracked this baby open and started making it right away!

Nana loves this Popcorn! Thanks Wuz!!

Hawaii Key Chain/Phone Charm & Dr.Pepper Lip Balm- mmm I love DP!

Hawaiian Hello Kitty Notepad!! So cuttte!

Mini Big Sexy Hair Spray (I needed some new hairspray, girl, thanks!!!)
& a mini lotion- perfect, because I needed a new hand lotion for my purse!

Macadamian Nut Kisses- YUM
theeeez izzz thee sheeeet

& a Mask (can NEVER get enough of these!)

My favorite, the Hawaiian Hair Pin
(I used it in my hair photos below!!) Thanks a million Wuz-Luv!

front of the 'do

side of the 'do

peekaboo skurvy!! i see u.

mum threw this hair together in 5 minutes. she's amazing.


I rarely ever do peachy cheeks because I am more of a "pink-cheek" girl, myself.
However, MAC's Spaced Out blush was yelling, "USE ME, USE ME"!!!

If you don't have MAC's Vanilla e/s, go get it because it's one of the most beautiful matte shadows ever made. Vanilla makes your eyelid look buttery-smooth.

And MAC's Tete-A-Tint e/s is a beautiful warm-toned matte, that is perfect for the crease.

I used NYX Felt Tip Liner in DARK BROWN.
Sometimes it's nice to use a different color, rather than just black.

For my concealer I used MAC Select Cover-Up in NW25- forgot how much I LOVE this concealer- stays put, and the coverage is amazing!

Brows, I used MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering & topped it with MAC e/s in Omega.
For my mascara, I used, *ahem* MM Lash Expander Frame Plus (of course) lol!

For my face, I busted out a long lost friend named MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW25-
oh how I miss thee- no need for powder and the finish is just absolutely beautiful.


Lulu said...

yay Hawaiian love!!! Your hair is so cute, teach us how to do it please :)

KRYSTAL said...

wo0ww lovely package and goodiess! she is so niiicee! love the hairdo! and u have the most prettiest eyesss!! love the fotd!

Anonymous said...

so nice of her to send u some hawaiian love!!! popcorn looks bomb!! Mmmmmm

love the hair too. very sophisticated and makeup looks good like always.

izumi said...

wuzz strikes again!! hahahaha damn she's good with those love packs :D

you're GORG babe :) love itttt. i gotta try that concealer! when i have money, hahaha.

BeautyRx said...

Hi Whit! OMG, you are so photogenic and gorgeous! I gotta contact Ms.Wuzzy about the popcorn that’s been raving on beautyblogs! And I love the hair pin, it’s so cute!

iamgrape1119 said...

AWW, what a cute surprise! I love awesome gifts!

BTW girl, you are SUCH a hot Tamale! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your eyes and skin! They are just perfect! Bookmarked your site!

donnarence said...

that's loads of love!! oohh.. i love your eyes.. perfect., i really love how you make day looks.. so hot! that flower clip is soo cute.. love how you did your hair too...

Karen said...

what a adorable surprise :]
you have such flawless skin & i love the way you did your hair perfect for summertime

Unknown said...

aww look at all ur goodies!

* Jen * said...

I love your FOTD and the hair! Gorgeous! =)

Fantastic goodies. I'm craving for that popcorn now. LOL.

Alina Rodriguez said...

So pretty!!!! I love the hair and the eyes :) That Popcorn looks yummy hahaha.

wuzzyangel said...

Yay! I'm glad it got to you!! Haha!! Whit mah darling, I am only send love BACK! You were soo generous to me! And kindess does not go un-reciprocated in my world! Love ya woman!! Don't forget I put the recipe of how to make the popcorn at home on my blog! All you need is a trip to the Asian market! :)

Love me some MAC Vanilla! I use it everyday! It's gonna be the first e/s from MAC for me to hit pan on for sure! LOL!

You look gorgeous as always! And wow your mom did that great hairstyle in 5min?! Wow!! It looks so much more complicated!! You look so elegant with it! And the flower makes its debut! :)

Crystal said...

nice goodies! i love your FOTDs! seriously, don't make me buy MAC vanilla e/s LOL

Nonners said...

Your eyes are gorgeous, all the pics look great. I am now convinced I need to go buy Tete-A-Tint and Vanilla ASAP... although I'm so pale vanilla might just blend in with my natural skin tone... haha.

Edna said...

Your hair-do is so cute! Esp with the flower! And I can see your Paul Frank Skull tattoo. It's adorable!

Speaking of hurricane popcorn. I found it in Sacramento. It's way expensive, but I had to try it out. I didnt realize I paid 16.99 for a box with 3 packs. The first time I made it I burnt it and left it in the bag on the counter than Daniel ate that bad boy up within an hour, he asks for more so I pop him another bag and it was perfect. One more bag left..... but geezz...5 dollars + for a bag is insane.. he'd kill me if he found out how much I paid ;(

Krasey Beauty said...

Gorgeous look! You have such sweet readers!

Hacer Sayıner said...

Whit !
Really nice hair-do. I love it <3

To be honest,I'm a bit jealous because of the pack. It looks soo cute. I want some too = )))

I love your eyes and you know how to make them look more beautiful. I also think your brows are very nice.

Hope to see new posts and photos.


Stephanie said...

WOW WHIT! You do great hair!! Isn't Wuzzy the best!! She sent me that choc mint lotion too! I LOVE IT, it's my all time fav!!!

miRaCLe said...

awww... so sweet!! surprise love pack!!:D
the hair do is amazing!!! i LOVE it!!! ^^

the vanilla e/s looks really nice on ya!


Anonymous said...

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check it out: http://beautyblogsaledirectory.blogspot.com/

would u like me to add your blog sale link to it?

Marietta said...

Cute things and pretty make up!I love the flower, and any kind of flower on the hair actually!

hairmonic.beauty said...

lovely surprise package. the hair pin is so cute. the up-do your mum created looks just gorgeous with the hawaiian hair pin.

lindah said...

that's one beautiful hairpin! :) you should do bridal makeup, you always create the beautiful-est neutral looks :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

You always look so amazing! <3

noone said...

wow you look awesome! I love your hair do! I wish I was good at hair...

justltee said...

That Hurricane Popcorn looks sooooo goood!!!

I love the FOTD and that hawaiin hair pin is just too cute. I'll have to see if I can snag some when I go to Hawaii.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh that a pretty updo!! your mum did that?! :D cool!

mm popcorn looks yummy :D

pretty fotd, your cheeks look so defined there!

fuzkittie said...

Hey Whit! You look beauuutiful as always, the eyes are really pretty! How nice of Wuz! The popcorn looks soooo good! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

The hair pin looks so cute and you look BEAUTIFUL! :)

em said...

hair and makeup is perfect! spaced out is gorgeous on you.

Anonymous said...

how nice of wuz :)
lovee your hair & make up i reallly do

MizzJ said...

Your mom is amazing, I cannot believe she just threw that together in 5 mins!! That would take me at least 2 hours and much frustration lol. Love your FOTD too, you have very nice looking brows

Anonymous said...

OooOO la la peekaboo tattoo!!

k . . . said...

Wat a very alluring look, gorg!*_*!

Unknown said...

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