Luv-Pack from Zoe, & LiLash Review!!

So I've been trying not to post so everyone can see the Gold Digga Contestants.

I'm not going to do a poll because I really don't want the drama lol!!

Oh and I didn't know it was Wuzzy's birthday- I am so sorry babe, I just read it on Izumi's latest blog post. Happy Belated Birffday babe!!!

Also, I just started twittering... I know, took me long enough- Mz.KittyInDaCity asked me if I had a twitter- and it prompted me to start.

So, I contacted the gorgeous-blogger Zoe. I asked her if she could get me a couple of things from Barry M. and exchange she picked out a couple of items from my blog-sale.
I've been lemming so much Barry M. & GOSH cosmetics lately, it's ridiculous!

Zoe's Luv-Pack

Okay so 129 totally reminds me of MAC's Fashion Mews (from the Hello Kitty Collection).

I thought 100 would be a milky-pink... It is milky and it is pink, however it is more white-toned (if that makes any sense) than I expected.

Top: 129
Bottom: 100

Still on the hunt for the MAC Peppermint Patti nail laquer DUPE!!
304 Mint Green is soooo gorgeous!!!

Barry M. Natural Dazzle Compact Bronzer
Since I still haven't taken the plunge to buy NARS Laguna Bronzer, I wanted to try out Barry M.'s because it has similar packaging- although I hear the color is totally different.

little chip on the side (it's okay- nothing else broke- thank GOD)

This bronzer is very sheer, and more PINK-toned than orange-toned, which is definitely more me.
So if you are looking for a NON-ORANGY bronzer, look no further.

LiLash Review
Week 1
This is my first eyelash growth product I have ever used.
I did my research and found that this is the most preferred eyelash growth product out there on the market right now.
So many people have tried this and each article I have read, each video I have watched, everyone has said nothing but good things about this product.
Bottom line, I've heard it REALLY WORKS.
The only thing I have noticed so far, in the first week, is that my eyes are really red- like bloodshot red!
However, I heard that this is common, and about after the first week, your eyes adjust to it and stop turning red.
I have been advised to only apply this once a day (so I apply it at night, before bed).
I will keep you all updated, with picture results and a video review in the near future.

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Maris said...

Yes, LiLash really works. I have used it about month and a week for now and my lashes are amazing. I put the review and couple of pictures on my blog. When I use the eyelash curler it is funny to blink my eyes, because I feel them on my brow bone :D Hope it works on you too! Take some pictures, because maybe it is hard to notice results otherwise.

Catherine said...

Cute swap and oooh, do let us know your results with LiLash! I am really interested in lash growth products but I'm kinda scared to try them out lol.

eki said...

ohh lilash sound like amazing product i cant wait to see your results :D thanks for sharing I want one too now hehe

Zoella. said...

Yay im so glad you like the stuffies! I'm so annoyed it chipped, at least it wasn't the powder, i've seen alot of them broken in international swaps. I even wrote "fragile" on the envelope haha.:)

noone said...

oooh if lilash works then I don't ever have to put on falsies again!! <3 They always come off after a few hours for me lol I'm so bad at putting them on

lindah said...

I need that lilash! lol, was peppermint pattie sold out when you tried to buy it? I wasn't even going to grab it but someone bought it for me as a surprise! LOL! 129 looks like lavender whip too :D

Unknown said...

i'm sooo loving that barry m. 129 right now... esp since i missed out on fashion mews.

Lolita Riot said...

I'd love a review of lilash! I hope it really does work :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Have never heard of Lilash until now. Wow!

Anonymous said...

i doubt i'll find that peppermint pattie polish you're looking for but i'll be on the look out for you :)
but that polish there looks AMAZING ^.^ can't wait to see it on your nails!
& eeek about the whole bloodshot eyes red thing ehhh not a fan of that i have so much eye problems it's nuts -_-;
but i'm most definitely interested in seeing your results! TAKE PICTURES!!!

Edna said...

Wow! Nice swap from the UK!! Dupes are great!

wuzzyangel said...

Great swap Whit!! Thanks for all the swatches! And that one looks just like the Lavender Whip!

Haha!! Don't worry about it woman!! Thank you for the good wishes! You guys are too funny!!

But yea for Whit on Twitter!! I can stalk you somemore now! :)

Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase BarryM products?

fuzkittie said...

Thoss lipstick colors are pretty! :]

Jem said...

that lilash looks promising!

the lipstick looks so pretty!
i heard that barry m nail polish is good & doesn't chip easily

FriendzCentury said...

I've been wanting to try Lilash but have read both positive/negative results. Really hope it works for you, and can't wait to see your video review on it.

izumi said...

ooo i hate orangey bronzers :< nice swap! :D and i hope the lash growth works for you! can't wait to hear your good story xD

Whitney & the full effect said...

yes peppermint patti was sold out when I tried buying it :(

hey adrienne, barry m. products are sold in the U.K.

-Yu- said...

thank you for sharing the product review! The lippies look very lovely but it does tend to look more on the white side...almost remind me of my yogurt. ha ha.. the li lash really works? Oh wait it say you can't put it on the lower eyelid. aw, that's a pity because usually bottom lashes needs some boosting. Thank you showing this!

Camille Santos said...

aaahh nice lipstick!!!Lilash..ive been hearing a lot of raves bout this one i saw a blogger whho uses this one and her lashes..well...LLLLOOONNGG!!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i do wished i tried more M Barry stuff when I was back in UK!

Alexandra said...

I haven't tried LiLash, but when I was researching lash conditioners, I found the most positive reviews on Revitalash. That's what I ended up purchasing and am thrilled with how my lashes look. I didn't know my short-stubbies had it in them!!! What a difference it makes! Who needs lash extensions when you have Revitalash??

LisaMoore said...

I've used Lilash and it was fine but when I found about Revitalash which is less expensive that Lilash, I gave it a try and since then I have been using it until now. It's really amazing from it's reasonable price. Lilash is too expensive. So stick to and expensive one when you can go to for a cheaper one with quality.

the author said...

I am using Revitalash and I am happy with the results. I just adore my lashes now.