Randomness & My June Beauty Favorites

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So this is just a random post of some of my favorite products I've been using (for the month of June)

Ultra-Rich Body Lotion
Apricots & Cream

Since, my mum's a hair stylist, I get to try tons of different hair care products.
Also, the good and the bad is that I color my hair alot!
I am really enjoying ENJOY (haha)
The shampoo is the thickest/creamiest shampoo I have ever used.
My hair is color-treated so I need tons of moisture.
These definitely make my hair soft and shiny.

I shower with this everyday!
I use it as a shaving gel.
And I use this to clean my brushes (they smell sooo good afterward)

After I wash my face with Healthy Cleanse, I use Cosmedicine's Speedy Recovery Exfoliating Cleanser.
It has DEFINITELY been helping fight my breakouts!!

I LOVE using makeup wipes, and lately I've been using these to remove my makeup before using my Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse.
I bought these at Mitsuwa.

I use a Deep Conditioner a couple times a week.
This is my favorite lately.
If you like Pink Sugar by Aquolina- you'll love this even more- because of the coconut cream scent in it. Plus it's only $6 and a little goes a LONG way!!

Trying to save money on my starbucks, so I've been using my Nespresso machine alot lately! lol

So, you know how it gets so hot and sweaty in the summer?
Sometimes, if you sweat-off your sunscreen, it will burn your eyes (if the sweat get in them).
Well, with Cosmedicine's Global Health SPF30, this won't happen.
And many people are allergic to sunscreen, but this is for super sensitive skin-types, so practically anyone can use this.
What I like most about it is the BALM-feeling texture- it isn't liquidy and this STAYS ON, no matter how much you sweat!
Also, it feels just like a primer and it makes an amazing primer as well!
Highly recommended.

So, I rarely EVER buy drugstore brand cosmetics.
But, IZUMI (sarah) says she uses the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, and I've heard from others that it's pretty friggin awesome.
So I decided to give it a shot.
It also came with a dream matte mousse foundie (that is WAY to dark for me)- let me know if anyone wants to buy/swap this- I only swatched it once.
I bought this at Walmart.

let me know if you think this color will match you!
i just won't use it.
hey, it might make a good bronzer too!

Oh and I did my nails!
MAC's Violet Fire Nail Lacquer from Style Warriors.
The lighting was off because I took this with no flash as the sun was setting, outside.
Oh, and I topped it with MAC reflects blue glitter.

See? I told you I wash my brushes with Philosophy's Amazing Grace...

Ahhh clean, fresh brushes- there's nothing like it! lol


Dana Yoshimizu said...

WOAH, Omg, you have so many makeup brushes!!! OMG!

& what brand of flip flops are those? I have a pair that look exactly like yours. Black with glitter on the straps.

Anonymous said...

Woooow...I agree with Dana---those are a TON of brushes!!!

Catherine said...

WOW - and I thought I had a lot LOL. Love your NOTD too! Such a pretty color!

And ahhhh, so jealous of everyone who can use regular sunscreens. I'm allergic to all the chem ss ingredients so unfortunately I can't try the Cosmed one. =/ I definitely hate how my sunscreen doesn't stay in place when I get sweaty.

Edna said...

Thanks for your June favorites. I used Enjoy shampoo a couple years ago, then stopped cuz I think my hair got immune to the products. I'd love to try it again one day :) Smells super good!

WOW, you have a lot of brushes!! How often do you deep clean all your brushes??

wuzzyangel said...

You got some great entries!! Have fun trying to decide the winner!! It's gonna be hard!!

And yay for dying your hair a lot!! I did it like every month when I was younger! LOL!

Great product recommendations! I like the MANDOM for MU removal! LOL!

I think that Dream Mousse Foundation would make a great bronzer or contour cream for you!

That is a cute espresso machine! LOL! THe cup is even cuter!!

MY GAWD woman! That is a lot of brushes! LOL!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

love your foot pedi!! i need to sort my feet out xD

Chomfifi said...

i cleaned my brushes yesterday and i thought it was a pain in the butt but when i saw your brushes, i was like god damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Unknown said...

yes bob marley!! and i love ur toenails.

ohemgeeitspaige said...

holy crap you have a lot of brushes! lol.

i'm jealous!


Unknown said...

whit!! this is sucha a cool post. I dont even know where to begin with my comments lol. The bottle of ENJOY is really cute and its funny how its called ENJOY!

Ive never tried any philosophy products. Ive seen it at Sephora but i never care to stop and look at them. Thanks for the photos.

Anonymous said...

OMG your make up brush collection is HUGE!! Hmm, the hair conditioner sounds good, I might have to check that out. I need to take good care of my hair since summer is coming up!

BeautyRx said...

OMG!!! do you have a lot of brushes?! LOL. :)

✿Ji✿ said...

Craaazy! That's like enough make up brushes for 10 girls?xDD
I really like the lilac nailpolishes, it looks adorable!♥

Lolita Riot said...

pls do a review on the powder! I heard good things as well!
also whoaaaaaaa on your brushes! I have maybe 1/6 of all that, share the wealth lol

Shop N' Chomp said...

That violet nail lacquer is gor-geous!

Anonymous said...

wow @O@!! whit you have LOTS of brushes cant imagine how long it took you to clean them lol. btw u have cute fit and nails hihi

Iyah Love said...

Hello!! I absolutely love your Nespresso machine because I drink lots of coffee and buying starbucks everyday will make me broke! :P

I love your nail polish as well! I rarely paint my toes :P

I am so jealous of your brush collection!! I see lots of MAC Brushes!!! :)I wish to acquire more brush collection someday! They're just freakin expensive!! :(

Anonymous said...

Am i in makeup brush heaven? GEEZ i am so jealous!!

BTW, thanks for the advice and sharing your personal experience with me! I use to tan a lot during high school but never my face that much, only sometimes! lol. NO more of course.

noone said...

wow great prizes and WHOAAA you got SOO MANY BRUSHES! I only have 4 (heh I know it's sad but I'm getting a few more in the mail soon lol)!!

noone said...

P.S I know, I know that you're way hotter than Paris that if you join others might complain hehehe I love reading your blog and you're awesome if you decide or not to join! <3

fuzkittie said...

That purple polish is very pretty!!

DanDanNoodles said...

omg, i cant believe how many brushes you use! i have 3... you make me feel so... amateur; gotta collect more brushes.

izumi said...

yayy! dream matte :D it's pretty awesome, i say! especially for a drugstore brand. i wanna see wht you think of it!

M. Uson said...

OH GOOD LORD!!! YOUR BRUSHES!!!! I LOVE ITTTT!!!!! Mine is like only a small portion of that lol.. and you are sooo lucky your mom is a hairstylist. I would so invade my mom's products lol... I'm following too!!! =]

Marylynn said...

I've been wanting to get some Philosophy products. Thanks [:

HT said...

Whitney-- I bought the Korres Guava set from Sephora that you reviewed. I love it! Another great rec. from you... your site is so bad for me! hahahah :)

RCaitlin said...

Love your blog!

Sofia said...

wow those are a ton of brushes :D

iamgrape1119 said...

HOLY BRUSHES BATMAN! Girl you've got a lot of them!! I'm loving your blog btw, I bookmarked it!! I'm off to explore the rest of the blog!