My Old Condo/Old Grad. Photos

EDIT: I forgot to mention this my my condo in Fullerton (those of you who don't know where that is, it's in the "OC" lol). After graduating I moved out of the condo, and back down to San Diego. So I was only in Orange County for 5 years- I miss it at times.
My dad is renting the condo out to a professor who works at Cal State Fullerton.

Dad and Ashli are in Michigan right now, so I'm watching the house & the animals.
I found some older pictures on my dad's laptop.
I wanted to post them for you all to see.

These are pictures of my old 1 bedroom condo :(
It was sooo tiny- like 500-600 sq.ft.
But it was the perfect size just for me.
I miss it so much.
My dad completely remodeled the place!
He put in bamboo wooden floors, tore out the entire bathroom and re-did it all, tiled, oh and the best part is the kitchen!

Entering the apartment from my private patio

right when you entered, this was to the left and the living room was to the right

my lil' dining room

see the paint?
it was a metallic peachy color, so unique

i'm only 5'2 so this little stepping stool came in handy!

the kitchen

you should've seen this kitchen before, omg, it was so gross

dad completely gutted the entire kitchen and did the tile-work, cabinets, granite conter-tops, and right under the cabinets are mini-recessed lights- it was friggin rad!

see the mini-recessed lights?

there's my mini refrigerator in the corner
a full sized fridge couldn't fit

walking INTO my room

walking OUT of my room

my room
empty :(

my walk-in closet

the bathroom dad completely refinished

the bath-tub
dad did all of this tile work

2008 graduation pics I found on my dad's computer
Okay I've had about every hair color I can think of
I was actually thinking about posting an entire entry on all of my hair colors/styles
what'dya think?

daddy and I

I literally did a victory dance onstage!
I'm such a dork

outside waiting

mummy and I

Ashli (my step mom), me, & dad

awww I miss Dr.Teven!!!

aww I miss her!  Ashlee and I

We all LOVED Dr.Teven, he was the best!

Jenn and I

Mummy and I at my grad dinner
Olive Garden


izumi said...

wowwww that's an awesome studio :DD i want one like taht! i esp love the peachy metallic color! :)

i'd love to see a post of your different haircuts/styles!

Edna said...

OMG your condo looks amazing! Did your dad decide to sell/rent out your old condo?? Your dad has STYLE!!!

OMG I like you as a brunette! Now I know why you're so beautiful! That's cuz your mom is stunning. Love the grad pictures!

Jem said...

your flat looks great!
i especially love the bathroom tiles

i agree with Abcgrrrl, you're smashing as a brunette!

you look so young!
thought you were just sweet 16..lol

i love looking at grad pics..
everybody is go happy & glowing

congrats on graduating,hun!

Lolita Riot said...

wow your dad is awesome! are you still living there or did you move? The condo is prettttyyy nice!! love the kitchen, bathroom and closet! lol
you look good with any hair colour!

Anonymous said...

I love the tile backsplash

Meri said...

wow, ur mom is so pretty, she looks like in same age with u =p

eki said...

waa you have dark hair!! you look so cute like a different person!! Btut loving the dark hair on you too!! :D

BeautyRx said...

aww.. you're so cute whit! and i love the dark hair on you!! you should do a post of the many hair styles/hair colors you had!

and i love the condo! your dad did an awesome job! it looks so cozy; i'd love to live there! i love, love the bathroom! :)

wuzzyangel said...

Your dad did amazing detail work on all the tile! And a fabulous job redoing the place! I would sooo rent it out and live there! The layout is cool too!! And the kitchen is super modern & nice!!

Great pics Whit! Thanks for sharing! I don't think I ever would've imagined you with black hair! But you rocked it!! Your mum & you look so much alike!! Too cute!!

YingX said...

beautiful condo.

Unknown said...

aww memories. you look great in black hair..I say you do a post just on your hair color/styles. The condo looks soo cute...love it! Wish I had my own place.

Catherine said...

WOW - your dad did an AMAZING JOB! The place looks incredible! & cute grad pics!

Chrissy said...

You have such an amazing dad! My dad probably wouldn't be able to do any of that, lol!

You look amazing with black hair!!

Jasmin said...

Awesome hair color! HAHA. I know what you mean, I've had so many different colors in my hair too. Wow, I would never expect the black hair though; it looks great on you!

sindylicious said...

awesome condo, love the style!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

lovely grad pics, you and your mother look so alike. she looks v young!!

Jo said...

you're so lucky to have had that apartment. it is so nice! and your mum is a hottie. she looks so young!