My first picture tutorial- Visee Blackish Forming Eyes

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Moving on...

As you can see, on the poll to your right, ppl. voted for more swatches and PICTURE tutorials- Making videos are much easier than pic tutes! lol

Anyway, I'd love to hear your feedback- was this helpful? And what type of tutorial would you like to see next time?

Visee Blackish Forming Eyes

start off with a base all over the eye
I used: MAC Soft Ochre paint pot

Take the shimmery highlight color

Apply the shimmery highlight color in the inner-third, tear-duct, and brow-bone highlight

take the next dark color (a bronzy-color)

apply the bronzy color on the outer two-thirds of the eyelid

blend (doesn't have to be perfect)

use a color to prime the eye, and contour the crease with a fluffy brush
I used: MAC Cork eyeshadow

blending this lighter crease color and the bronzy color helps to make it seamless and smooth, without any harsh lines

so far, it should look like this

use the next darker color to deepen the crease (I'm using a different fluffy brush- it's more narrow and precise)

start blending

keep blending

and blending...

only take it about this far into the crease

you don't want to over-do it with this darker shade

should look like this
excuse my broken-out forehead

for ever MORE dimension...

take the black color, with the same narrow/precise fluffy brush

and start deepening the crease

don't take it too high up, start low and blend

should look like this
minus the acne forehead lol!

take a black liner to the waterline
I used: Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero

should look like this

now this is a step I ALWAYS do, everyday...
take the black eyeshadow

and go over the waterline (go over the liner you just applied)
this helps to SET and INTENSE the liner

see? much more intense than just the liner by itself

use the black shade on the outer corners, under the lashes

should look like this

this step is optional
I am using Majolica Majorca MM Neo-Automatic Liner in Brown to apply under the black waterline liner

this is going to help with the smoky effect

instead of using a black liner ontop of the upper lashline, I am using the MM Neo-Automatic Liner in Brown

see how the upper liner is uneven and lumpy?

I took the 2nd darkest shade

and I went over the MM Neo-Automatic Liner in Brown

Especially going over the top to smooth it out

remove any fall out with a fan brush

curl your lashes (I'm using the foldable Koji curler that Mel gave me)

I am using Loreal's Double Extend Mascara

First, the lash primer

sweep the primer on

should look like this

next, use the mascara

look at the difference between both eyes!
this mascara rocks.

haha, see the difference? crazy beans.

should look like this

something is missing...
oh yeah! BROWS!

I always start at the outer edge of my brows, and fill them in with a pencil
I used: MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering

so the outer part is done

then I fill in the rest of my brows with a shadow
I used: MAC Omega eyeshadow


The finished look!

Hope this was somewhat helpful :)


Sherry said...

very pretty :) be patient as me doing the entry :) lol.. need time.. to put in blog

eki said...

beautiful really detailed tutorial!! great JOB that must been lots of work! XD

looks amazing! I want that palette too now LOL :D

Karen said...

i think you should do more post like this :] they are sooo HELPFUL HUN!!

i am going to use this look; tomorrow night, cant wait to try it out i suck at doing makeup but i just have to keep practicing.

great post gorgeous <333

aichaku-愛着 said...

thanks for the great tutorial!! your lashes are gorgeous btw. :D

cavogue said...

weeee...im loving the look! this is smtg tat i wore daily now. I mean to works. Brown & a lil bit of smokey!

tks for the tutorial, babe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictorial, Whit! I think I prefer picture tutorials over videos cos you can always refer back to a specific step instead of scanning through a video and always get the, ah, did you catch that? xD It's like being in class, it's easier that the prof spoon feeds you the notes than you having to take it down yourself lol We're lazy ppl! This tut is very thorough, thanks again Whit! And oh, I'm planning to join your contest, but I'm still practicing with the makeup! I just wnat to let you know :D I have a theme (or an idea), but I hope it goes well ^^

Anonymous said...

Great tute!! Such p[retty clours, I love the MM autoliner as well ♥

FriendzCentury said...

Fab picture tutorial Whit, it's so detailed and much easier to follow.

Thank You for posting this!!

Anonymous said...

wow im liking the picture tutorial! its so detailed :D

Catherine said...

Great picture tutorial! Love the colors & your technique!

Anonymous said...

=*( i suck at this. lol!

you are wonderful!

great great great tut!

i never can really line my undereyes. it seems like when i blink, it all smudges.

Anonymous said...

The tutorial went out great!
Must have been quite time intensive... :)

I'm so envious of how white your eyes are. :p

Edna said...

Beautiful look :)

Do you stop and snap a picture every step? I've been wondering this everytime I read a tutorial on blogggerr

♥sormui♥ said...

that was super duper helpful!!! and ur lashes r soooo long!!!

Distinque said...

thanks for the great tutorial!

wuzzyangel said...

Gorgeous Whit!! I loved this step by step!! My blending skills suck ass though! That's why I hardly do the black on the outers! LOL! Hey I line my eyeliner with shadow too! :) Better staying power! :)

I procrastinate and join contests really late. Thus ending up in me missing Eki's deadline! I tend to do my entries the day of the deadline! LOL! I'm soo bad!

Kiki Xiong said...

ur eye is amazingggg !!! love the makeup !

Bijin Blair said...

OMG!!! This wasn't somewhat helpful, it was VERY useful!

I'd like to request for more picture tutorials!!!

Mama Bee Simple said...

Simply amazing!

Monika ♥

~Mel said...

aww girl! i always wonder how you do ur makeup bc i love every look and yay pic tutorial! maybe you should do a vid tutorial sometime too. =)

noone said...

wow what a helpful tutorial, thank you for taking the time to put together something like this!!

Eleganteve said...

You are so thorough with your tutorials! I love it! Very gorgeous look and you are so pretty =)

justltee said...

Whit, I loved this picture tutorial and much prefer picture tutorials over videos.

I love your lashes and am envious that your lashes stay curled even after applying mascara. Mine always go back to stick straight after applying mascara.

Unknown said...

"..nothing i can tell you, you look good when you wear it well" :)

love it!

dodo said...

Luv your tutorial, very detailed and fun!

KRYSTAL said...

goodjob on your first tutorial! i love it!

Anonymous said...

wow so DETAILED! & yes---picture tutorials are so much harder than video ones haha i wouldn't mind seeing a video tutorial though :)

Meagan said...

Great picture tutorial! What do you do/use to take your pictures?

Joyce said...

That is one awesome mascara! I can never line the waterline myself....It makes me uncomfortable :(

Unknown said...

so pretty!!!! pls...more pic tutorials!!!! you did a great job.

Crystal said...

this is so pretty whit! i love your blending.

Unknown said...

Fab look. You look beautiful. Thanks for following my blog - returning the favour girl x

Natalie said...

Love it!

I must know what foundation/powder/blush you are using!?? Your face looks amazing!!

Thanks, love!!