MAC Naked Honey Haul, Nee's Luv-Pack & FOTD.

Hello everybody!
TGTF (thank god tomorrow's friday).

I went, after work today, to MAC so I could pick up part of my Nana's birthday present (I already ordered her Cosmedicine goodies- she loves the Megadose serum and eye specialist eye cream).
Nana LOVES MAC orange lipsticks, and their Blushcreme's.
I got her Ravishing Lipstick (cremesheen) & Ladyblush (blushcreme)- they no longer carry her favorite shade: Blossoming :(

Well, I just COULDN'T help myself, because today was MAC's release of Naked Honey!
I wasn't too fond of the "amazing" skin salve- I don't like salves because of the greasy texture- I'd rather stick to body creams.

When I first tried on the Naked Honey Hand and Body Cream- I was slightly turned-off by the scent of honey and honeysuckle (at first it was too sweet). So I passed it up. While driving home in my car, I couldn't stop smelling my hand (where I layered the body cream)- it settled in to a beautiful scent on my skin- now I need to definitely go back and get this.

So, here is what I picked up!

BOTH High-Light Powders
I am bummed about the overspray of shimmer- I wish it would be this shimmery all of the way through- but I think MAC is trying to step away from so much shimmer- and go towards more of a satin/silky finish. That is why I am still impressed with these High-Light Powders- the texture underneath the shimmery overspray is very smooth/satiny/velvety...

(from the MAC website):
Naked Honeycolon High-Light Powder
A High-Light Powder specially created for the Naked Honey collection. Features an embossed honeycomb pattern. Superfine, impeccably pearlized, it creates soft highlights on cheek, brow, shoulders – anywhere on the body. Limited edition.

Honey Light (is the lightest shade): a light peachy gold w/shimmer

Top: powder w/shimmery overspray
Bottom: powder underneath the shimmery overspray

Left: powder w/shimmery overspray
Right: powder underneath the shimmery overspray

Left: powder w/shimmery overspray
Right: powder underneath the shimmery overspray

The other High-Light Powder didn't come with a label on the bottom- did this happen to anyone else?? Weird.

Golden Nectar (the darker of the two): muted golden tan w/gold

Left: powder w/shimmery overspray
Right: powder underneath the shimmery overspray

buh-bye shimmery overspray :(

I couldn't resist not taking all 3 shadows of this collection, as I loved them alllll sooooo much!!!
Creme de Miel: Frosty light yellow gold (veluxe pearl)
Pollinator: Mid-tone warm reddened peach w/pearl (frost)
Buckwheat: Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
Creme de Miel, Pollinator, & Buckwheat

Creme de Miel, Pollinator, & Buckwheat

Creme de Miel, Pollinator, & Buckwheat

Creme de Miel, Pollinator, & Buckwheat

I am a HUGE fan of MAC Fragrances!
I've owned them all!
I only bought one (Africanimal) because the other scent (Naked Honey) smelled of FLOWERS and it was wayyyy too sweet.
Africanimal (love this name) is sexy and spicy! I love spicy fragrances.
If you are more of a floral person, who loves honeysuckle, then try Naked Honey fragrance.
Oh, btw, I picked up Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass because I forgot to get it last time, when I got my Style Warriors haul.

MAC Creations Hue: Africanimal
Naked Honeycolon Creations Hue: Africanimal
A scent that starts with a honey-ness that’s seductive and given its dash of pepper, not without spice. Add a dark kiss of bergamot and wood, and an aromatic orgy breaks out to create a scent that’s all-honey but far from sweet. Limited edition.
20 ml / .68 us fl oz

Fierce & Fabulous

I won Mz.Nee's HK giveaway-
remember, where everyone took a picture of their favorite HK item?
I came in second- and I got some great prizes!
Thanks Nee- you are such a sweetie!

My fav, the HK frame!!

HK Notepad (w/3 different pictures)
1st pic
2nd pic
3rd pic

HK pencil
HK notepad
how cute is this hello kitty ring?!
HK yum yumz

So here is my FOTD.
I tried out a sample of Hourglass Foundation in light Beige- it wore pretty well all day! Except it's super expensive! DANG!
I dedicate this FOTD to Mel.
Without her, I would never be able to show you ladies my Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette or my Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek!
(I know some of you wanted to see what the blush looks like on the cheeks)


Anonymous said...

OMGee! Love the e/s swatches!! I'm gonna have to pick those up. Congrats on the giveaway, I looove the HK frame!!

* Jen * said...

I love all the stuff you got! Especially the eyeshadows! =) I will definitely be checking those out when the collection comes out here in the Philippines (which is about a couple of monthssss away. LOL!)

C. said...

hi whit! im jealous you got the honey collection already! haha can you please do some looks with the highlight powders? im contemplating whether to buy them or not at the moment...thanks!! and i love the lashes girl!

Lolita Riot said...

noooo why must you do this!! lol I love the highlight powders but unfort. I cannot buy any :( they look soooo gorgeous!
I love buckwheat after seeing you swatches! it looks gorgeous and the sheen is amazing!
love that HK package!!

lindah said...

hehe, I only only one thing from this collection! I'm damn proud of myself :) I just bought the honey highlight powder but I got it online because I saw popster tinted lip conditioner! I was super excited xD

MEii said...

omg i love ur mac hauls! so jealous u got them!!!!
i have a quick question for you which highlighter do you like better?! cuz i planning to get one of them but i haven't have the chance to get to the store to check them out yet.

Katrina said...

wow great haul! and the powder didn't have a label? haha it is weird. im jus curious what a shimmery over spray is. is it from mac also?

Edna said...

The naked honey collection looks so cute esp the highlighting powders!

Annnnd thats a lot of HK goodies :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Whit!

Girl..you take the most detail pictures ever, thank you!!! I was wondering when someone would post about the honey collection, I really like the imprinted combs!! SO cute, MAC is getting creative. I think I definitely will have to pick up at least one thing from this collection!


Anonymous said...

omg the Honey Collection looks sooo good!!
Lovin' the FOTD; what lashes do you use honey?

Dila said...

Naked Honey looks sooooooo delicious yummy yumm

Bijin Blair said...

Thanks for the swatches!!

Crystal said...

that looks good! the highlight powders look interesting.

Laura L said...

i love the Mac Naked honey, oh, it looks like bee hive. and the eye shadow, bukwheat is really <3 <3

Sofie said...

Gorgeous FOTD! Always so beautiful Whit :)

And I love the stuffs you got! Espeically Creme de Miel and the Buckwheat eyeshadow! beautiful colours XD Too bad I wont be getting my hands on any mac

HT said...

I got all three eyeshadows, too! Hahah. I only got the lighter beauty powder but looking at your post makes me want the other one too... :) I got the Naked Honey perfume. The other one was too strong of a scent for me. Both smelled really good, though!

sokpoprocks said...

i love all the things you got! and congrats on wining all the HK stuff, its all so super cute!!!

R.C. said...

yummmy honey collection.... :) Your skin looks amazing in the last pic P.S. :)

Love the look!

Jo said...

aww i was looking forward to a review and an opinion on the honey salve because i was thinking of getting it. and thats pretty unfortunate about the highlight powders. i'd assume that they were shimmery throughout :(

eki said...

wow great swatches! you look amazing and the photo of you and your man looks so CUTE!! ^__^

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Awesome collection and congrats for winning the HK giveaway!

PS: thanks for following my blog! ^-^

KRYSTAL said...

lol i like that - "TGTF (thank god tomorrow's friday)".haha i looove fridays too!

congrats on winning nee's giveaway! such cute stuff!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Those eyeshadows look so sweet! & I want one of those High-Light Powders so bad! Oh & nice lipglass!

izumi said...

i love you in purple! :) nice goodies-- you make me want to go check it out but i should waiiitttt til i have moneyyy.. sadness!

wuzzyangel said...

My gorgeous beauty in purples today!! Ohh... I was lemming some of the Naked Honey, but for some reason I now totally forgot what I was lemming! LOL! So ADD!

Thanks for all the swatchies!! And letting us know about the shimmer overlay! :) I've never smelled any of the fragrances from MAC, but maybe I'll check out the flowery one!

Nee's prize pack is amazing!! Look at all the KAWAII HK stuff!! OMG!! Congrats again on winning! :)

Audrie said...

nice haul!! The eyeshadows look sooo pretty, I want them all! hehe.

Love the gorgeous look you did as well! :)

Unknown said...

great haul...I wasn't to impressed with this collection but ended up getting an e/s. I might go back for a highlighter cuz they look soo nice!!! BTW, you look fantabulous!!!

Tricia said...

what a great giveaway pack to get and the shadows look great such a pretty FOTD! i am loving the buckwheat shadow!

Annie said...

Wow! Great blog! and I'm so jealous of your haul!

Thank you for being my first follower!! he he!


Iyah Love said...

OMGOSH girl! I am drooling at your haul! ahahahah! I love the highlighting powder and I must get it :)

kmorganx said...

i love the eyeshadows soooo much!!

acutelife said...

Nice MAC hauls!! esp the e/s, the colours are so very pretty *Droll* and the HK ring lolz...Im still waiting for my HK parcel *agitate*

Nampo said...

So jealous I want me some of that honey. Been off here so forgive me *off to check your other posts*...

Shortiee31 said...

Wow :o Such a fab haul you've got there!!

Vanessa M. said...

nice haulage!!!
your look is love!

Sandy said...

thank you for tagging me.
ive never done any swaps before. ive never send anything overseas lolz. such a newbie... but i'd be glad to send you some products :) im going tomorrow. im not really sure what kind of products you like, lippie? lipgloss? what colour shadows you like?? tell me :)

nice to meet you too x

em said...

everything about this post is great! amazing haul, awesome prizes you won & really pretty FOTD. I really need creme de miel & pollinator. thanks for the swatches!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

damn MAC has another collection out??? Theyve barely released the romance collection here hahaha.. ohh the orange/peachy e/s reminds of a nars colour i have!!! great mac haul!

love the fotd!

Anonymous said...

cuteeeee. i need to stay away from buying things for a while hahaha it is hard though.
i've never smelled any of mac's fragrances, maybe i should take a whiff hehe
cute prizes from nee, very adorable indeed!

fuzkittie said...

Nice hauls girl!! <3

Unknown said...

you are so adorable whit!!! i cant believe theres another collection already lol. they look really cute though.

✿Ji✿ said...

Huuuge haul!!!
Love the colours!^^

noone said...

oooh I love the golden shimmer from the naked honey highlight... Actually I love their whole collection, it's great for work cuz it's shimmering and not "too much"! I'm going to go to MAC this weekend and check it out, thanks so much for the review!!

Bombchell said...

wow I've never checked out MAC's perfumes but next time i stop by I'll check time out cause of your post :)

Distinque said...

I love the hi-light powders too. The texture is extremely soft, very impressed. Congratulations on winning the HK contest.

Lush19 said...

The Highlight Powders are awesome I love them!!! My Golden Nectar powder had the label on! Hmmmmm WEIRD! xx