Luv Pack from Mel!!

So, after, my freak-out "OMG where's my package? Fedex said it was delivered yesterday!!"-
LOL sorry Mel! I found it by the garage, opened!! grrr- who would have done something like this? No one has ever done this before- and I've gotten PLENTY of packages.
Anyway, Melanie, you really out-did yourself- I think i might have to send you a whole other package to make up for it- because WOW girl, you know how to SWAP! lol
Luv ya and thank you sooo much babe!

first time I've tried these- soooo delicious!

hello kitty stickers & the fringe/hair holder I've been lemming!

yay for masks!!

melty blend- have never tried these!

Mel, do you make your own soap??

HK pen- sooo cute!

shisem falsies! I have GOT to know where I can buy more! I love these Mel!

omg I almost bought this!
Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek

My first Koji Lash Curler- look, it's foldable!
How cool is that?

Another item I was so close to buying!!
Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes in VI782
Melanie you're the BESTTTTTT!



KRYSTAL said...

omg! amazing package!! that Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek is too freakin cute!! ur so lucky girl, u have love packages coming all the time!! lol

Anonymous said...

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes in VI782 !!!EXCITED!!!

Marietta said...

I'm drooling for all of them!!Lucky girl!
How do you enter the Blogger Swap? Do you need an invite? I'm jealous and it's interesting,everyone does. :)

Sugar Bunnie said...

lol, I wonder who opened your package.
she did a great job on this swap
I am so jealous, hehe
I must have that hello kitty pen♥

Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful palette!! cute stuff!

justltee said...

Great swap!

mszcheysser said...

That's alot of great stuff! It's so cute :) I'm so envious, teehee.

Edna said...

WTF, someone opened your package?!! Looks like everythings in place! The Pu Pu blush looks so cute!

hairmonic.beauty said...

great goodies. the falsies look very very nice. actually everything looks very nice :]

Anonymous said...

WoW! Niiice package!

noone said...

wowwww what a nice package!! I love the Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek omg! The packaging says it all :D

Anonymous said...

wonderful package! :) shes so generous, what a nice swap

fuzkittie said...

Aw that sweet Mel~~~ :D

Audrie said...

awesome swap!!! You got soo many goodies, can't wait to see you do looks with the MJ palette :)

wuzzyangel said...

Great swap! Good thing you didn't buy all those things right?! LOL!

Gawd you've never had the HK YanYans! Aww. Whit them things are soo good! ANd Meltyblends! HEAVEN!! :)

Anonymous said...

Drool... this is such a gorgeous swap! Love all the goodies Mel gave you (hair holder sheets, Love Pu Pu blush, MM palette... wow!). She is in deed amazing!

Was it a blind swap?

Looking forward to seeing you using the MM palette! I know the purple colors will suit your eyes perfectly ;)

FuN and MakeUp said...

omg i want that blush tooo!! swatches plz!! try them on ur cheeks too n show us! hehe i wonder how much those cost.. i really want them.. how pink is it? u r soo loved n lucky! ur becoming an asian gurl haha

Joyce said...

LOVE all the HK stuff!!

~Mel said...

ur very welcome! that's so nerve-wrecking to find the box like that! weird!! haha.. and the soap i got from sabon in nyc - sabonnyc.com it's kiwi mango and smells sooo good! hehe.

Kelly said...

i hate when i get a package it i find it open too! how annoying!!! however, i think the contents make up for it! such a awesome package!!!

thanks for entering my giveway! i love how you do your eyeliner...jealous!! good luck my dear!

aileen said...

what a lovely package! Mel knows how to spoil :
You've got to do a review on Beautymaker's pu pu cheek!

(pupu means rabbit in Finnish, how cute! :D)

lindah said...

OMG! You found it OPENED?! But Mel's so sweet to send you all that :D super cute swap though :)