Kay's Yummerz-Luv-Pack & 2nd Cozy Moments Haul

Mz.Kay from Bihada Diaries sent me a yum-yumz luv-pack!
She is so adorable- please go check out her blog!
She emailed me offering to get me some sweets from Japan!
This girl is the shizz-nit! I luv ya Kay!
Your package is on it's way!! Hope you like!

and Pucho (soda flavored)

Hi-Chew Blood Orange
yayyyy yummy!!!

Mango, Green Apple, Peach, & ???(is that a raspberry?) lol!

Soda Candy
I LOVE fizzies in my mouth!! LOOOVE FIZZY CANDY!

I think this is strawberry milky candy
I LOVE these!
I like the Milkita Strawberry Milk Candies too.

This is what I was LEMMMMMING for soo long
I got my first Flower's Kiss Candy from either Izumi or Steph (DSK)- can't remember which one, since they both hooked me up with candies- lol!
And these are my favorite hard candies to such on. YUM.

So I showed Joe (my bf) everything Kay sent me.
The first thing he spots is the Dessert Pocky.

He ate two packs of them in like 5 seconds!!!! grrrr
This was my first time eating dessert pocky- and WOW it's the shizz-nit. Seriously.


This is my 2nd haul from Cozy Moments on Etsy.
Check out her store HERE
She sent it out Monday & it got here on Wednesday.
Super fast shipping! Amazing Prices, and Unbelievable Customer Service!
Thanks Michelle!!

So last time I purchased the Pink Sugared Coconut Cream DEEP conditioner.
I absolutely LOVE the conditioner- it makes my hair feel so smooth and it detangles my hair too.
Because I was SOOOO obsessed with this scent:
I decided to buy a couple of other items in the same scent.

Pink Sugared Coconut Cream
Protein Hair Mist
I put it on after I towel-dry my hair
It helps keep the scent lasting longer
This is a scent I could BATHE IN ALL DAY LONG

Of course, I had to get this!
Pink Sugared Coconut Cream
Moisturizing Body Whip
It is sooo hydrating, not at all oily or slick.
And the scent is strong, which I prefer because scents always fade on me.

Michelle's business card

A little extra!


Anonymous said...

The last item of the gummy candy is not a raspberry LOL (Although I know where you are coming from) it's an Asian fruit called "Lychee" Anyways, all the candies look delicious!!

K said...

Glad you liked it! Yeah, those are lychee gummies!

izumi said...

daaaaaamn k hooked you UP! hhahaa :) aren't those flower candies the best? :D

Gennny_fromtheblock said...

wow. everything looks delicious!

Edna said...

OMG I was literally DROOLING when I was scrolling down your yummy snack pictures. MMMM ... makes me wanna goto the Japanese mart ASAP!

Jem said...

lots of sweet treats
i love pocky too!

i have tried goats milk
& i have to say that its great for the skin~!

Shizznizzle said...

I love Michelle's product!!! You need to try her Pink Lime Sugar & White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies scents.....they're absolutely a favorite =)

Anyway, enjoy everything...Japanese sweets are the best!

Unknown said...

OMG those goodies look soo darn good. I love HI-CHEWS!!! I can eat em' all...lol.

wuzzyangel said...

Kay is the SHIZZ-NIT!! Isn't she?! She totally hooked me up too when we swapped! I swear the HI-CHEWS from Japan taste sooo much better then the ones down here! ANd oooh the small strawberry milk candy!! Grew up on those!! DESSERT POCKY IS THE BOMB DIGGITY!!

Nice haul!! All that stuff sounds like it smells too darn good! :)

Chrissy said...

I saw your post and now my mouth is watering. :( I waaaant!! They all look soooo uber yummy. :D

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhhh Kay totally hooked you up! That is a sweet, sweet package!! Yum!

And cute Etsy haul too!

jenna said...

:::droooollllssss::: Umm the popping and especially the gummy candies - love! Those were all great candies!