Whitz 2nd Makeup Contest!!!


*must be a follower
*must link this contest to your blog
*MUST email me your top 5 photos (no tutorials, no need to include products you used):

I'm not looking for anything specific.
Interpret the theme, "Gold Digga" in your own way/style
gold makeup, bling, etc.-
it's about you and your creativity
However, this IS a makeup contest
(just keep that in mind)

There will only be 1 winner.
This winner will receive a $25 credit to shop in
koreacreed26's ebay store:
(i might add in some prizes too, depending on how many entries I receive)

contest ends:
June 25th (3 weeks from today- so get your brushes and bling ready!!)


lindah said...

*cheers* yay my vote won! LOL :)

Katrina said...

Very creative contest!! Great theme!!

Lulu said...

Hey girl, thanks for visiting my blog :) I haven't started selling jewelries yet, I was experimenting and making them as a hobby. But if you are interested, I can post some pictures later and we could work something out :) Thanks hon!

CherryColors said...

Ohh.. I will def try to do something for your contest! Seems like fun!

wuzzyangel said...

haha! I love this song! LOL!

Hrmm... time to finally use my MAC piggie samples!! :) I hope I can get my laptop fixed in time!

KRYSTAL said...

yay! my vote wonnn.. lol. we'll see if i come up with a look that i actually like. lol

noone said...

ohhh fun!! I guess I can't do my butt shot after all HAHAHA!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

another great contest whit!

Rai said...

I will try to make sure I enter this. I just love the theme of this.

Semi Permanent said...
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Sofie said...

Fab contest! I will try and enter for sure! ^__^

ghreizy said...


i joined your contest!

Wake up 2 Make up said...

is it internationally open?

Whitney & the full effect said...

yes it's open to everyone!!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

i wanna join again.. can i? :) but it's really okay if not.. :))

Sherry said...

just email you :)

I am beginner but I love try your contest.

Camille Santos said...

hi whit do i still have to post the pics on my blog or i just have to link the contest

Stephie said...

aw i so want to join in! i don't think i can make a new look by this thursday though :(

can i use an old fotd? hehe jk :) good luck to everyone!