Gold Digga Contest Entries (CONTEST CLOSED)

So here are the Gold Digga Ladies... so far...
who's entering next??
Link for the contest/rules is a the top of my blog.





















Here are a few ideas:

lookin' cheezy-snaz in my apple bottom jacket

I'm too sexy for my shades

I made these watches.
I miss making rhinestoned, blinged-out watches!

I need to get back into making watches :(
This pic does NOT do it justice

vegas baby
gold diggin' all night long


MAi . said...

love the looks! i'm deff entering! :D

izumi said...

oOoooo nice :) i'll get an entry in soon! i hope :P

Unknown said...

im gonna join your contest, i promise. i missed the spice girls one so i wont miss this one.

Also, you look so skinny in the photos. i envy you.

Unknown said...

everyone looks gorgeous!!! and the watches are hella cute!!! make some more. lol

lindah said...

oohhh I love the eyeshadow! I tried doing that type of look one time lol, it turned out okay.. but yours looks awesome! :)

I absolutelyyyy adore the pictures of you outside! You have this glow to youuu that I can't explain! lollll, I guess it's the "no flash" glow :D

Anonymous said...

You can really rock GOLD TONES!! Maybe it's your blonde hair and tanned skin. They go well together with gold. Omg, I know what I should do with my look, but it's going to be weird cos I don't have the right hair color or hair style haha

wuzzyangel said...


All those pics of you are gorgeous!! I don't think you could be anything less woman! Everytime!!

FriendzCentury said...

Loving the Bling you've created and the pics of you are gorgeous!!

Irisa Xiong said...

oh. my. god. that purple smokey eye is AMAZING.

Rai said...

I plan on joining the contest!! =D
Hopefully I can do my entry sometime this weekend because I loved the theme. lol

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

you are gawjuss whit with golds! you look thin hun, please don't get me wrong... :)

will join too! :) i love the theme!

Roseilee said...

hi whit!
this is such a wonderful contest! i love the theme! you look gorgeous here too hehe.

thank you so much for commenting on my blog i really appreciate it! sorry for taking so long to get back to you.... i was so stressed out from studying haha.

~Mel said...

you are too sexy for ur shades!! haha.. and i need those gold chain necklaces for pink's pow wow in nyc! =D

noone said...

sweet entries!! I bought some gold make up yesterday so I'm going to do an entry soon! :)

also I gave you an award!!

KRYSTAL said...

wooo!! u are hot, girl! love the "shades" pic. im going to join ur contest. cant wait to do a "gold" look. so yay!

Joyce said...

Ooo everyone looks so good I may try to throw something together this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

i just email you my entry! ^^
hurray! lol
& the ladies did great!

Sonya said...

You look gorgeous! Good luck to the contestants. Some of them are so artistic with their photography!!

AbbieAndBrian said...

thank you for following my blog :)

Wake up 2 Make up said...

I entered too.. check out my blog:

I going to email you my pictures

thank you for holding this contest

Sandy said...

if only i have the confidence to post my makeup pics.. i would so do it lol :P

Yan Tan said...

hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting...we love it : )



Lush19 said...

Lurveeeee the watches.... Thanks for following my blog! xoxo

acutelife said...

woooww...the candidates look awesome!! :D it's a nice contest!!I wish I can join it but im travelling light so not much make up on the suitcase T-T

Isamaur said...

Thanks for the comment back to us, a kiss from Italy
Isa ^_^

Miss Yaya said...

every1 did a great job - so many entries!

i love the necklace in your pics - did u make that too you creative girl u?

Jem said...

everyone looks great!
but for me pop champagne really stands out

im pretty sure you'll have a hard time deciding who the winner will be

Dila said...

ohh nooooooo I missed it :(

Miranda said...

I think number 18 is the best (:

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I have to agree with ~tHiAmErE~ Pop Champagne's entry really stands out!