Contest Reminder, Ebay Haul, FOTD, & Nana's 80th!

Hello luvahs!
How was everyone's weekend?
Saturday I worked at Ulta in Tustin; Joe drove up with me so I could have some company :)
I haven't been to Orange County in like over a month.
We went to Mitsuwa where I got my Ramune beverage, & Naive makeup wipes.
Sunday, we celebrated Nana's 80th birthday!!
We ate at the Brigantine & boy, was it yummy.
Mum made a Lemon-cello cake that was to die for.
Nana received many luv-packs! The best one was a photo album filled with old photos.
Scroll to the end to see some photos.


*My first giveaway ends this Thursday!! So if you haven't entered, go HERE!! There will be 5 winners! Please post the contest on your blog, those who don't will be disqualified.

*Also, I have only received 2 contest entries for my GOLD DIGGA' contest. If you haven't entered yet, please do so HERE. Contest ends June 25th (it's open to international readers as well).

I received my order from KOREACREED26, who is sponsoring my giveaway & my contest.
Visit koreacreed26's ebay store HERE!!

Skinfood's Rice Concealer Pen #23 Natural Beige
Buy it HERE
I am usually all about pink-undertone concealers, however, this color is perfect for the FACE; especially for touching up blemishes. It dries down to more of a matte/satin finish which is nice.

blended in:

Skinfood's Lime Secret Glow Pact #3 Natural Glow
Buy it HERE
I've been looking for a good powder lately, since I've already hit pan on my MUFE Duo Mat Powder. What I really like about this powder, is that it has a slight glow- so it's not so mattifying. I'm really looking forward to using this with my BB creams.

Swatch (hopefully you can see the slight "glow")

Etude House Cute & Sexy Eyes #6 Smokey
Buy it HERE
This is my first time playing with Etude House shadows. I really like the color-scheme of this palette (reminds me somewhat of MAC's Shadowy Lady quad from Cult of Cherry).
The only gripe is the white shade, which is super chalky- blends like crap. The other shades are smooth and gorgeous!

Such cute packaging.

LIOELE BB Cream & Marbling Blusher #2 Shiny Pink
Buy it HERE
Ever since I saw the Lioele BB Cream on Sarah (aka Izumi), I wanted to try it for myself. It looked UH-mazing on her! It DOES have a little grayish-cast to it, which I am terrified of; however, it might look completely different on my skin... we'll see.
Also, I read about the Lioele Marbling Blusher on LotusPalace's Blog HERE. This girl makes everything soooo tempting!!! lol
The marbling blusher is definitely NOT a blush, but more of a highlight; a BEAUTIFUL highlight, at that! Has anyone tried the Missha M Shimmering Oven Blushers?? I found them HERE and they look so yummy!

I looove Lioele Packaging!
BB cream swatch.
blended, see the slight grayish-cast?

Lioele Marbling Blusher #2 Shiny Pink
can't read it (lol)!
This smells like roses! Yummerz.

Koreacreed26 sends the BEST extras.
Since I am doing a PureDerm Collagen Eye Zone Mask Giveaway, she sent me 2 extras for myself to try! How sweet!
So I tried these out today for 15 minutes, and it added a great deal of moisture under my eyes. I really needed this! lol- I would purchase these any day.
What's amazing is, in each pack there are 30 sheets. So that's 15 times usage!
You can get your own just by entering the giveaway! Wooplah!

Other extras:
*Mini Samples of Etude House Orgel White Skincare (anyone tried this yet?)
*Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask- I tried this today and it's super super fragrant!! (made me nervous putting it on my skin). I just prefer Cosmedicine's Medi-Morphosis exfoliator because there is no fragrance and it really just does that job for me.
*Etude House mini nail files in a cute little matchbook.
*Mini Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss (smells yummy)- pretty light peachy shade.

MY FOTD (from the other day).
Many of you were wondering about the new MAC High-Light Powders.
In these pics, I am wearing Golden Nectar as a bronzer & Honey Light as a highlighter.
Honey Light is very "yellow-y". It would look PERFECT on asian-skin-tones.
For BLUSH, I am wearing MAC's Fun & Games (from HK).
For my eyes:
Lid- MAC Grand Entrance e/s
Crease- Urban Decay Illegal e/s & MAC Haux e/s
Liner: MAC Penultimate Liner in Rapidblack

Lips: MAC Big Bow Lipstick (HK) & Love Knot Lustreglass

hellloooo whitey! haha

Nana got lots of love notes, flowers, & a cookie jar full of $80 dollars- in one-dolla bills yo!

The best gift of all, my mum's cousin Marissa & Cici Pasquale (Uncle Pat in Italian), put together a beautiful photo album for Nana.

What a beauty!

DeSimone Family
My great grandfather Carmine, great grandmother Rosa, Vincent (or the late Cici Jimmy), Cici Pasquale, Angeline (Nana as a youngin), & the late Cici Josie.

My Nana's aunts & her grandmother (whom she never got to meet).

OMG love the 70's! My dad and mum are on the right (he's holding her). weird! haha

Mum's fro! lol and Mum as a youngin'- sooo cute!

Nana on her wedding day- no longer a DeSimone, but now a Coleman...

Nana at the beach (she's the one in the middle).

My Bisnonno (my great grandfather) sitting in his favorite rocking chair. He dressed up every sunday, no occasion, that's just what he did. :)

Nana- what a babe!


Unknown said...

Yay for ebay! My love hahah :)
I can't wait to see you try those amazing products on your face.. Hopefully the BB cream will look nice despite the grayish cast that you are scared of. Happy Bday to your Nana! I'm loving the old family pics~

C. said...

very nice! happy belated bday to your nana and thanks for sharing all the photos :) i love looking at pictures especially the classic glamourous ones. Also thanks for the tip on the highlight powders :) much appreciated!

KRYSTAL said...

wow love the haul! happy birthday to your nana!

fuzkittie said...

Great hauls Whit!! The Lioele BB cream looks super grey! I hope it works out for you tho.. I guess I won't be trying that one hahahaa. Love the blusher!!

izumi said...

i love old fam pics :D your nana was a baaabe! hahaha :) and i love your buys! YAYY LIOLE! hope it's not greyish on your pretty face!

wuzzyangel said...

Happy Birthday to Nana!! :) Those old pics are a great gift! I love the one of everyone on the beach! Such a retro pic! :)

ANd great FOTD Whit! You make it look so good everytime!

Thanks for all the swatchies again! And I LOVE LIOELE BB CREAM!!! I like more then my Skinfood Mushroom, but I wish the LIOELE had SPF in it. I know they make one with it, but I haven't found it yet! LOL!

Anastacia said...

What a great haul!
All stuffs MMM!
And I really like the Lioele BB cream as well :)

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Hiya, I do have Pupa around here, but I am actually in Hong Kong! The postage would be hell if we send stuff to each other....:P

Anonymous said...

Nice haul! Everything has such cute packaging!!

lindah said...

your nana is a beauty!

I have big bow but I've noticed every time I wear it it irritates my lips.. I think I get a slight allergy :/ Maybe I should sell it? lol

lindah said...

OOOOps, I forgot to say, your makeup looks great :D and asian products has such cute packaging.. LOL

Mona said...

i gotta go checkup some of these goods when i'm in asia :D

your nana is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Aaaw, happy 80th, Nana!! She sure is a beautiful woman, my favorite pic is the very last one :) The quality of those photos are amazing, since you're restoring old film pictures; it probably took some effort. I like your FOTD, simple eyes and bright lips, the cool colors really go well with your platinum blonde hair.

Edna said...

Your nana + mommy are beautiful. That's how you are so pretty :) I wish I knew more about my family background, but it's too complicated to ask :(

Wow, look at all your new goodies! I wanna see your makeup collection!

FuN and MakeUp said...

i wanna try that touch up concealer thingie! soo much hauling.. soo much goodies! lucky you! hehehe

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oOoh, what great prizes!! ^__^

& omg photo albums are the best

Anonymous said...

Ohh... the Cute & Sexy e/s palette looks so nice! Absolutely love the colors!

Your FOTD is again beautfiul! I like how oyu lined your eyes... so precise! ;)

Bijin Blair said...

I like your Korean goodies!!! Can you tell me more about pink or yellow based concealers? If I'm a MAC NC25, I should use a concealer in NW20 or NC20?

Happy Belated Birthday to your Nana! She's gorgeous!!!

* Jen * said...

Great haul Whit! =) The blush looks so pretty.

I saw that concealer in Skin Food last time I went to their store, but I didn't try it. Tsk! I will have to wait until I'm through with Project 10 Pan to check it out again because I might be tempted to buy it!

Love the pictures! Such classic beauties. =D Happy birthday to your Nana!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

happy bday to your Nana!! lovely haul and pretty fotd :)

Unknown said...

I just love giveaways! I have one on my blog too you just might want. Check it out!!!
{Flowers in your hair}

cavogue said...

im broke..blaming ebay now!haha..btw, im so gettin the SkinFood concealer & the BB cream..hehe

tks for sharing.


Anonymous said...


look at all those goodies you have! & i should think about joining your contest lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. (:
I recently got mine also! Hehe. I totally love it.

Oi. & I'm amazed! You know Skinfood and Missha! x] I haven't talked to anyone that isn't asian that knows about them. Total props.

Anyway, if you need any of the products talk to me! I'm in Korea for the next 2 weeks on vacation so yep. (:

- Hime