Contest ideas? Dogs, Fotd, G-pa's Memorial Service.

So as you can see on your right, the GIVEAWAY won for the poll.
Some of you would just rather not put the work into huh? lol just kiddin!
So I thought, maybe I will do a TINY giveaway.
And then either do a Kim Kardashian inspired contest OR the Gold Digga' contest.
(because those two came close in second- with only a couple of votes away)
What do all of you think? I'd love to know your thoughts!
Orrrr should I do both ideas, and Kim Kard. & Gold Dig.???

Dolce and Bubba got summer hair cuts.
They look so goofy. haha.
Looks like Dolce's ears shrunk, but she had some realllly bad mattes!
Joe got her a new collar and dog tag (it has rhinestones on it! so cute.)
Her mouth looks dirty- sorry about that haha- it's a dog people come on!

Bubba (Joe says he looks like Bozo the clown) lol!

Aww I love you tubberz.

My little feisty one (totally opposite of mellow Bubba).

Dolce the Spaz. haha!

I look a little dreary in these photos- sorry- it was right before Grandpa's memorial.
But I wanted to show you guys more pictures of NYX felt tip liners, and NYX cream blush in Glow.
My foundation was CoverFX in E40 mixed with Skinfood Aloe BB Pact.
I used a couple of Majolica Majorca shadows from the Trick on palette.
I also used MAC's Wedge and Espresso eyeshadows in the crease.
And of course, my favorite Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara.
For my bottom liner, I used the brown MM Neo Automatic Liner.
For my cheekbone Highlight I used Mac Lustre Drops in Sun Rush.
My eyes are sooo dry lately so I used MAC's Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW25, and it wasn't enough coverage so I also used MAC's Studio Stick Concealer in Nw25.
For my brows, I used MAC's Lingering Brow Pencil, and Omega eyeshadow.
For some reason, NYX Felt Tip Liner in Extreme Black turned more of a navy blue shade.

The Memorial was so beautiful.
So many people came to express their condolences- and it meant alot to my family.
Here's the pamphlet. I thought it was lovely.
Also, my dad and my step mom made a video/picture slide show- I think I'll try to post it on youtube so you can all see it. It was awesome- and very touching.
He was a swim coach, a basketball coach, a baseball coach, a P.E. coach- you name it, he coached it. Touched so many kids lives. People will never forget him.

(you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

I broke down during my cousin Cody's speech.
Grandpa was basically his Dad.
I also broke down during my Dad's speech- and Joe did too.

They got married in San Fran., just a small little service- nothing fancy.

This is a list of the 10 kids Grandpa and Grandpa had.
(and their kids, my cousins, underneath)
My dad was #2

Love this prayer.

So true, this is what Grandpa lived by.
(loved his fishin')


lindah said...

awh I hate funeral related services, they make me so sad :( What kind of dog is dolce? She looks like my sisters dog sorta lol. You should do a really tiny giveaway BUT do the gold digger contest and then for your next contest if you have one do the kim kardashian look :D So you don't have to think of another theme LOL!

Lolita Riot said...

ooohh I need those nyx's blushes! so gorgeous! Have you tried the BB pot rouge? those are great!! I hear they are being d/ced though!! lol Dolce looks like she ate someone's meal

Unknown said...

I'm glad the funeral service went well. Your grandpa was a cutie :)

Btw that nyx liquid liner is pretty black huh. I use the Almay liquid liner and it always comes off gray in photos.

Im looking forward to another contest...the spice girls one was pretty cool and orginal :)

Curvy Petite said...

I must try those NYX blushes now because it looks gorgeous on you!

Jem said...

im sorry for your loss,hun
but then, im pretty sure your grandpa is already put there & is looking down at you & guiding you
*hugs again*

i prefer a contest!
how about you do both...
one kim k & one gold digga...
i think the gold one would be really challenging!

you look so pwetty!
i remember ginger spice all of a sudden!

eki said...

aww your puppy are uber cute!! love the names dolce and bubba LOLz XD

your nyx look is so pretty I like the felt liners too but seem to dry out :P Im happy you are loving majo mascara!!

KRYSTAL said...

cute lil puppy! and i love your look, u have such great skin =]

Anonymous said...

that was lovely, the pamphlet. it makes me wish i had known him :) it seems like it was really a great guy, very late condolences to you & your family.
in light of that the comment i wanted to leave earlier just seems insignificant now.
but i can't go w/out saying your dogs are ADORABLE!

noone said...

do you wear falsies?? your eyelashes go on for like miles! <3 I envy you! hahaha gold digga or Kim Kardashian... They could both be fun, you can expect an ass shot from me if you're doing Kim Kardashian. LOL kidding! or....

izumi said...

that sounds like a beautiful service. may he rest in peace!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

a beautiful service, you look like your holding up strong, stay strong! your dogs are very cute :)

Jennnyy. said...

your puppies are so cute :D

and my condolences to your family about your grandpa. i love the words he lived by!

Latinminx79 said...

The blush looks amazing!!!!

HT said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad the service was nice, though. :)

Dolce is adorable!!

Rai said...

LOL. People just love freebies I guess. And I say do something different, do the Gold Digga Contest. I think it will be fun.

And aww your dogs are adorable.

Aw, may your Granpa RIP.

justltee said...

Whit, I'm so sorry to hear of your grandpa's passing. :-(

What a great pamphlet of your Grandpa's life with all his loved ones! So touching

As for your doggies, they are so adorable!

Love the Glow on your cheeks and the NYX felt tip liner looks mahvelous.

fuzkittie said...

May your grandpa rest in peace! Your simple lined eyes are so nice! :]

Eleganteve said...

My condolences to you and your family. Your grandpa was really handsome!

Your skin look so gowy..

sokpoprocks said...

im glad the service for ur granpa went well.

your skin looks amazing! whats your cleaning/moisturizer regimen?

and you should totaly do a KIM K contest,she has so many looks!

~Mel said...

ur doggie's soooo cute! glad the memorial service went well.. =) i'm sure he'll be missed. =/

Edna said...

Wow, your grandparents had 10 kids? And I thought my parents had big families (my mom is the youngest and #7 and my dad is the 5th and 2nd to the youngest)

Your puppies are sOoooooo cute!!!

Krasey Beauty said...

That is so touching, thanks for sharing. My condolences to you and your family.

wuzzyangel said...

Grandpa Krainock's service sounds like it was beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pamphlet with us. I love how they tell the story of him & your Gma too. *BIG HUGS*

You look great in your FOTD! You have great brown eyes! :) GOrgeous as ever!! :)

Awww Dolce & Bubba!! It's soo hard to keep their eyes and mouths from turning brown/red isn't it?! LOL! Unless you wipe the area after everytime the drink water or something!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I'm always such a mess at services, I'm always the one who's sobbing their eyes out no matter what - I'm an extremely emotional person.

Saimese said...

I'd like a contest better. Makes people work for the great prizes that you're handing out.

Melissa Joy said...

hun, your grandpa sounds like a wonderful man...the pamphlet looks beautiful. Your dogs are so cute, the one with fluffy ears made me giggle!

Lovevashares said...

WHiT! u're pups are soooo cuuuute! specially Dolce! she is soo adorable. what is she? Maltese mixed with poodle? looks kinna like it ^.^ LOOOVE the looks btw! so pretty as usual.