Review Revlon ColorStay Foundation & EOTD

Hey Ladies, sorry for my lack of posts!
Once again, I am not a huge fan of drugstore cosmetics. However, after hearing all of the raves about this foundation, I had to give it a shot myself.
I am pretty pleased :)
I put it on yesterday which was a hot sweaty day, and it stayed put (except for my nose; it sweated off immediately which is normal for me).
I like the finish as well, think MAC's Studio Fix Fluid, but a little less coverage and a little less of a matte-finish.
I bought the color 250 Fresh Beige which is the best color for those in between MAC NW20-NW25.


What I used:

Majolica Majorca Palettes
MAC Gilded Ash (base)
JW Cosmetics Indellible Creme Shadow (underneath bottom lashes)
Revitalash Mascara (love this stuff- review coming soon)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero

see how red my right eye is?
I think it might be allergies- I really want to try those Rhoto Eye Drops!!
Which one is best for non-contact lense?


Randomness & My June Beauty Favorites

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So this is just a random post of some of my favorite products I've been using (for the month of June)

Ultra-Rich Body Lotion
Apricots & Cream

Since, my mum's a hair stylist, I get to try tons of different hair care products.
Also, the good and the bad is that I color my hair alot!
I am really enjoying ENJOY (haha)
The shampoo is the thickest/creamiest shampoo I have ever used.
My hair is color-treated so I need tons of moisture.
These definitely make my hair soft and shiny.

I shower with this everyday!
I use it as a shaving gel.
And I use this to clean my brushes (they smell sooo good afterward)

After I wash my face with Healthy Cleanse, I use Cosmedicine's Speedy Recovery Exfoliating Cleanser.
It has DEFINITELY been helping fight my breakouts!!

I LOVE using makeup wipes, and lately I've been using these to remove my makeup before using my Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse.
I bought these at Mitsuwa.

I use a Deep Conditioner a couple times a week.
This is my favorite lately.
If you like Pink Sugar by Aquolina- you'll love this even more- because of the coconut cream scent in it. Plus it's only $6 and a little goes a LONG way!!

Trying to save money on my starbucks, so I've been using my Nespresso machine alot lately! lol

So, you know how it gets so hot and sweaty in the summer?
Sometimes, if you sweat-off your sunscreen, it will burn your eyes (if the sweat get in them).
Well, with Cosmedicine's Global Health SPF30, this won't happen.
And many people are allergic to sunscreen, but this is for super sensitive skin-types, so practically anyone can use this.
What I like most about it is the BALM-feeling texture- it isn't liquidy and this STAYS ON, no matter how much you sweat!
Also, it feels just like a primer and it makes an amazing primer as well!
Highly recommended.

So, I rarely EVER buy drugstore brand cosmetics.
But, IZUMI (sarah) says she uses the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, and I've heard from others that it's pretty friggin awesome.
So I decided to give it a shot.
It also came with a dream matte mousse foundie (that is WAY to dark for me)- let me know if anyone wants to buy/swap this- I only swatched it once.
I bought this at Walmart.

let me know if you think this color will match you!
i just won't use it.
hey, it might make a good bronzer too!

Oh and I did my nails!
MAC's Violet Fire Nail Lacquer from Style Warriors.
The lighting was off because I took this with no flash as the sun was setting, outside.
Oh, and I topped it with MAC reflects blue glitter.

See? I told you I wash my brushes with Philosophy's Amazing Grace...

Ahhh clean, fresh brushes- there's nothing like it! lol