Whitz BB Cream Review

So, right now, I am using self-tanner (I am usually an NW20)- but I could pass for an NW30.
These BB Creams look very light on me right now- but during winter (when I am lighter- some are just right).
I tried my first BB Cream (Skinfood's Aloe BB Cream) over a year ago- and I fell in love.
I love the multiple benefits of BB cream: cover, treat, protect.
If anyone knows of a DARKER BB Cream- PLEASE let me know!!

Dr.Jart BB Cream
Rejuvenating Blemish Base (Silver Label)

I LOVE the almost-full coverage of Dr.Jart's Rejuvenating BB Cream, however, it has a really bad GRAY-cast to it (*not as bad as Skin79 Gold Label).
So I must mix this with a darker foundation- yet it still always ends up looking really WHITE on my face. It does not dry down to a matte finish, so I recommend this for normal to dry skin-types.

Missha BB Cream

The Missha BB Cream is about medium coverage (it's buildable). However, what's nice is it dries down to a more matte finish (so you don't look greasy). It's great for normal to oily/combo skin. As you can see, this looks the least "cakey" or should I say more natural?! I love this one- especially in hotter weather.

Skinfood Gingko BB Cream

This is by far the best smelling one! However, it dries down horribly. It looks greasy on my face, and I think it may have made me itch. Has this happened to anybody else? It's a good coverage. I recommend this for very dry skin-types.

Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream

Skinfood's Mushroom BB Cream is my HG. I always go back to this one! It's about a medium-to-full coverage. I gave one to my mum as well, and she loves mixing it with her MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation. This doesn't dry down to a matte finish, but it also doesn't look greasy- leaves you with a nice dewy glow. This is definitely a BB cream everyone should check out.


ectini said...

I'm using the Ginko Green one right now and I'm pretty much in love with it (: it works fine for me (never made me itch) but is a bit hard to blend at first. Want to try the mushroom one! Thanks for the good review!

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you! I was going to get the dr.jart silver since i have oily skin but dang that is TOO light! I will still to my legere and skinfood aloe! bb cream is THE secret ;-)

Edna said...

YAY to BB creams :)

Wow, yours are so light! I think the Legere Multiwhite BB cream is ideal for NC25-30. Try it out !

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

gtreat review whit! :) I really wanted to try bb cream, but I don't know what product to start. I might try Skinfood's Mushroom BB Cream first. thanks for the review!!

Anonymous said...

i wish i can try other BB creams but i'm too tan for it. i'm stuck w/Legere bb cream. i can't even use that one too because i got darker already!

anywho, great review whit!

LipStick Staiin said...

it takes forever to dry huh? too bad im not light skinned! =[


Laura L said...

i think Missha works better for you
not sure with the other, but i think the skinfood mushroom is a bit cakey and too fair? hmm, i hope u will get a bb cream that u love 100%

have a great day!

KRYSTAL said...

oooOO great reviews and swatches! u can really tell the color difference! =]

beeyoutiful7 said...

I think Missha is the one for you. And that's what I want to check it out myself LOL.

Great review babe *


A. Rose said...

Great review! The swatches really helped. I've heard that there's a L'Egere BB cream that's darker than all the others. Not sure of the name though. I REALLY wish there was a BB cream for the medium to tan ladies out there!

izumi said...

i love using mushroom bb :) though i want to try others.. i think even shade 2 of the bb is slightly too light but i set it with maybelline dream matte pwoder and it looks OK to me. trying to find new darker bb's too!

♥KiMMiE said...

i hear all the goodies about this product... i def need to try it out. Looks beautiful and smooth on ur skin

Bijin Blair said...

L'egere Water Drop is dark, you can try it out ^^

Crystal said...

thanks for reviewing these! btw, what is your skin type? i'm interested in the SF mushroom but i'm not sure if it will be goodm me since i'm oily.

fuzkittie said...

Thanks for the comparisons!! So helpful.

Janelle said...

BB creams! :)

I'm currently using Missha M Perfect Cover in No. 23. It's the darkest shade of two. You should try that! I'm NC42 so I HAVE to mix it with my foundation, but I still love it.

Thanks for the swatches & comparisons. I really want to try the Skinfood Mushroom one now.

Unknown said...

ey thanks for the swatches. i'll try out the missha (my skin's oily-combo) and i would prefer the matte finish.

you could try out the face shop (available at walgreens) they have two kinds the quick and clean which can be used on darker skin tones and their lighter one with spf called skin extra.

thanks again >__<

Emily said...

great bb cream review!!

check out this other bb cream on my blog :] http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2009/07/beauty-product-review-shills-perfect.html#comments

s_a_n said...

oh...i'd love to buy BB cream but im not really sure which one will fit my skin color...do you have any idea what BB cream would be good for yellow undertone? thanks a lot...^_^

h3alingforce said...

Hello there, thanks for this great review. It'll help me decide on what to buy. May I ask what shade of skinfood you have there? thanks very much!