More Asian-Brand-Cosmetic Haulingz

Hey, thanks so much for everyone's kind words, thoughts, and prayers.
God only gives us as much as we can handle.
I am a firm believer in that.
I want to just share my appreciation to my readers; you all keep me going through tough times.
Writing and blogging, about my passion for cosmetics, really helps me- it's very therapeutic!
So thank you for reading what I write, and listening to what I have to say.
It means alot!

Anywayzzz- I wanted to clarify that the reason I show my hauls, is MAINLY because of swatches for all of YOU. It's not a bragging-game, like some of you may think.
Before I buy ANY product online, I always look for swatches on google.
Sometimes I can never find anything, so I think it's very helpful to post swatches.

I hauled these two packages off of ebay.

1st Haul.

Ebay Store Name: Fantastic Wonderland
Ebay Name: koreacreed26
Awesome ebayer! Fast shipping- AMAZING prices, sent extras!!!

ETUDE V.I.P. Girl Dear Darling Lips (Lipsticks)
I have been lemming these for months now!!

Left: PK007 & Right: PK006
Pk007 is a lighter, nude, yellow-tone pink
Pk006 is a brighter, blue-tone pink

On the Lips: PK007



After reading Kathi's (aka LotusPalace) Review on Skinfood's Sugar Bloom Shadow Box #2, I knew I had to get it. Such a pretty palette. Great for travel. And I got it at a great price, IMO, from ebayer: koreacreed26.

The first shade is a frosty-peachy-pink (reminds me of MAC e/s in JEST).
The second shade is a metallic-purple-taupe (somewhat like MAC e/s in Satin Taupe).
The third shade bums me out :( It's soo chalky & blends horribly. Bummer.

I've been lemming this for a lonnng time.
Skinfood's Rose Cheek Chalk #1 (Rose Pink).
I don't know why it's called a "chalk," because this is a cream blush.
It's soooo gorgeous, I highly recommend this.
Cream blushes look so much more natural, and this shade of pink is pretty universal!

Only let down is the size (of course), very tiny- however, I am confident my MAC #109 will fit perfectly in the jar.


Skinfood T & I Zone Powder Highlighter
This reminds me of MAC's pigment in Pink Opal (one of my all-time favorite piggies!!)

Domed-shape insert
Peel-off the sticker- and this is how it keeps the product from getting messy.
Eh, I would have preferred a sifter.
pictures do not do this justice!
the pink duo-chrome is soooo gorgeous.

2nd Haul.

Ebay Store Name: HannasBeauty
Ebay Name: hannasbeauty
I am so happy with this seller. She doesn't list everything that she can get. So if you are looking for something in particular, just shoot her an email on ebay. Speedy shipping, great communication, the BEST customer service, & GREAT prices!!

Canmake Four Shiny Eyes

The colors are nice, but I have so many of these colors already! lol
Email me if you want to buy this. Whitneykrainock@gmail.com

The number 4 is my lucky number!! I like this palette- great for creating a soft-smokey-purple look.

Canmake Glitter Eyes in 03

The shade on the left is VERY glittery (kind of like Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy).
The other two shades are soft and a little frosty.

Fasio Palettes
These are my first, Fasio palettes.


The first two colors are pretty similar, one is just more gray-toned than the other.
I love the violet-purple shade (because you know how much I love PURPLES!)
The last shade is more matte... kind of reminds me of MAC's e/s in Shadowy Lady.


I do prefer this one, to I-7.
These glide on smoother and are more pigmented (for some reason).

KATE Diamond Cut Eyes

This is my favorite purchase out of the ENTIRE LOT-
go get this right now!!!


Majolica Majorca Lash Expander/Frame...er...the new one! (whatever it's called)- lol!
Anyone ever tried this mascara?

Missha Perfect Cover #23 BB Cream Samples! Since I have 2 whole tubes, I'll just throw these in with my swaps (Mel, I hope you don't already have this! lol).


Anonymous said...

Your haul was super! The packaging of all the asian beauty products are so cute lol!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I can't wait to see them on you!

P.P.S. You remind me of barbie!! So cute!

izumi said...

i think TONS of people use MM mascara.. including jenn (beeyoutiful7) and fuz (fuzkittie). i know fuz definitely has some tuts up for how to use it since it's a different wand and all.

nice haul! :) very pretty palettes.

Jem said...

oh,i gotta agree
that kate shadow looks great!

I have heard lots of people liking Majolica Majorca. They said that it really lengthens their lashes

great haul!
thanks for the swatches


donnarence said...

i am loving your asian brand cosmetics haul.. i love the skinfood cream blush.. it looks really nice,,

izumi said...

i was totally looking at the koreacreed seller.. does she do combined shipping? i would ask her but i don't have money to buy anytime soon ><;

sanniet said...

agghhh lovely haul!!! I would love to try out more asian brands...But for some reason I always end up buying MAC lol >_< I guess its 'cause I can't wait!!! I want it now now now...But I also do love to open packages <3 lol

Man those palettes are pretty! That black diamond one is HOTT! and those lippies are pretty! <3

Unknown said...

i love ur haul and the lippies look SUPER cute!

LipStick Staiin said...

damn gurl thats a lot of hauling!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging of the l/s!! ima check out the site!


lindah said...

lippies reminds me of some mac ones I got! For some reason, I keep buying almost the exact same shades xD

sokpoprocks said...

and you're definetly my FAVORITE blog, because you ALWAYS swatch!!!(^-^)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

great haul! the pink lipsticks looks like a lot of fun and cute!!

i think you got the normal lash expander because the brush looks different, and the packaging is slightly different but i love the normal lash expander anyway. be sure to wear primer, it really sticks onto the lash - you might experience some fall out and use a good eye MU remover!! lol

Jasmin said...

awesome haul ! cute new products !

Catherine said...

Awesome hauls! Thanks so much for the swatches and the recommendations of ebayers - I'm always so lost looking for things online lol. :D Looking forward to FOTDs to come! :D

Unknown said...

I always enjoy seeing other people's makeup hauls and i never think people are bragging especially you whit. I enjoy reading about your hauls and seeing swatches or reviews.

The things you got are super cute. Im only familiar with the Kanebo brand for i know they have a whitening soap which a lot of my family members uses. They all want to be white lol.


KRYSTAL said...

omg girl. i loooooooooove ur hauls!! that vip listick is just too freakin cuuute!!

LoveLipstickandLime said...

OMG i need to get my hands on the skinfood cream blush and highlighter. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw those swatches. No glitter just sheen which is what I like. I have to have them, thanks!! Great buys. xxNadia

Lolita Riot said...

omg those lipsticks look amazing! and that blush looks so flattering!
bad thing is that its so expensive here!

Jennnyy. said...

it'd be awesome if you did a review on that mascara! :) i've been told it's really good!!!

wuzzyangel said...

Of course we care about you and your fam. It's such a hard situation to go through.

DANG WOMAN! You HAULED ASS! LOL! And I love seeing the stuff you buy! ANd you ALWAYS put soo much work into the swatchies you give us. Who said it was bragging?! O_o

DluxEdition.com said...

Cool stuff and i absolutely love those lipsticks!!! <3

birkinbagbeauty said...

That is an awesome haul. The Etude lipsticks are real Witney colours, they will look fab on you.

I love that you included your experience with the ebay sellers. I love finding a seller who gives you that extra bit of service. I am going to check them out for sure.

Oh, I have the Majolica Frame expander (bla bla) mascara and it is my current favourite. I love giving my lashes that extra length and the fibres do that, and the curl I created with my lash curler stays put with the mascara...bonus

Edna said...

OMG so many eyes shadow palettes! :P I'm waiting for looks !!!!

miRaCLe said...

GREAT haul!! hahas :D
the lippies packaging are soooo cute!! :D

and you make me wanna get that KATE pallete :p

thanks for the great swatches!!

Rai said...

I totally agree with the beginning part.

And did someone claim that you were bragging? I never thought that about you. I do think some people do it though (blog, youtube).

Love your haul! I'm in love with the lipstick packaging, super cute!

Kimberly said...

Ohhhhhhhhh my god that is the sickest haul I've seen in the longest time!!!

Im beyonddddddddd envious. BEYOND.
and I'm so excited for you!!

Yoselin said...

I have a question regarding the lipsticks. Would you say that PK006 would be a dupe for St. Germain, or is PK006 a bit lighter? I really like both lippys but I'm indecisive about which color to get! Please help me...

Gaby Fauchon said...

Nice hule! Those Skinfood products look so cute! & nice swatches!

dodo said...

Great Haul!! Great swatches! 4 has always been my lucky number too!! it's gonna take you ages to finish those eyeshadow palettes..haha

fuzkittie said...

LOVELY haul! Who thinks haul posts are for bragging?! That's just nonsense.. ahaha. We appreciate all swatches and reviews and the looks you do!

I LOVE that lipstick in PK007, and the packaging is to die for, haha.

KillaCamilla said...

nice haul! i love those pink lippies. nice find!

i've never tried korean procucts before but i think i may just browse around for some now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, all the stuff you got looks great! I especially like the lippies, they look so pretty! And I understand about the haul posts. Personally, I LOVE hauls because it gives me an idea of what to get and others opinion on it. I never looked at it as "bragging" or what not, the only thing I brag about is if I get items for SUPER SUPER SUPER cheap! Hey, that something to brag about, right? haha

Joyce said...

wow! lots of stuff here. Very pretty eye shadows makes me want to put on some even though i am just working at home today :)

Vanessa M. said...

ooo i like those lippie!

Sofie said...

Super awsome haulage! O.O You got alots of VERY nice stuffs~ I really like the Pk007 lippie! I am alfraid I cannot pull of such a colour haha~

And very sorry to hear about you loss~ It's good that he does not need to suffer anymore~
Take care babe

hairmonic.beauty said...

these are REALLY nice buys. the skin food products seem very , very interesting. again, too bad that we don't have them here in Germany. I woild likte to test or at least see the products in real before I buy them. oh, well...

♥sormui♥ said...

OMG! i luv ur haul!!!!!! Im sooo jealous! All the stuff looks awesome!!! and the packaging is to die for!!! :D!!

Irisa Xiong said...

....oh my goodness. your lips and that shimmer.


Sofia said...

u have like the most awesome haulz!!!

Cristina. said...

omg!!! i LOVE the two lippies in the first haul they r gorgeous!!!!!